Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008



           Chapter 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Purpose of Act and its achievement
   4.      Definitions
   5.      Act binds all persons

           Chapter 2--Infrastructure and service

           Part 1--Preliminary

   6.      Application of ch 2 to local governments
   7.      Sections 7–9 not used

           Part 2--The regulator

   10.     Who is the regulator
   11.     Regulator's general functions
   12.     Register of service providers
   12A.    Register of registered recycled water schemes
   13.     Requirement for responsible entity to give information
   14.     Reports and other publications by regulator
   15.     Delegation by regulator
   16.     Sections 16–19 not used

           Part 3--Service providers

           Division 1--Registration of service providers
           Subdivision 1--Application for registration

   20.     Who must apply for registration as a service provider
   21.     Applying for registration as a service provider
   22.     Registration as a service provider
           Subdivision 2--Changing registration details
   23.     Applying to change service provider's details of registration
   23A.    Reviewing and changing service provider registration details
           Subdivision 3--Transferring registration
   24.     Definitions for sdiv 3
   25.     Application of sdiv 3
   25A.    Notice of transfer
   25B.    Registering new service provider for transferred service
   25C.    Compliance notice taken to have been given to new service provider
           Subdivision 4--Cancelling registration other than for transfer
   26.     Notice of intention to stop operating as a service provider
   27.     Cancellation of registration if service provider stops supplying service
   28.     Applying for cancellation of registration as service provider
           Subdivision 5--Other matters
   29.     Registration as a service provider is not a right to water entitlement or resource operations licence
   30.     Operation of infrastructure by prescribed related entity
   30A.    Ownership and operation of service provider's infrastructure that is part of land

           Division 2--General powers of service providers and authorised persons

   31.     Definition for div 2
   32.     Application of div 2
   33.     Power to disconnect unauthorised connections
   34.     Power to direct remedial work
   35.     Power to install meters
   36.     Power to enter places for restricted purposes
   37.     Power to enter place to read, check, maintain or replace meter
   38.     Notice of damage
   39.     Compensation
   40.     Recovery of costs

           Division 3--Power to restrict water supply

   41.     Restricting water supply
   42.     Regulator may direct restriction
   43.     Notice of service provider water restriction must be given
   44.     Temporary interruptions to water supply

           Division 4--Authorised persons

   45.     Appointing authorised persons
   46.     Authorised person's identity cards
   47.     Failure to return identity card
   48.     Producing and displaying identity card

           Division 5--Liability of service providers

   49.     Liability of service providers and others for particular events or circumstances

           Division 6--Water efficiency management plans

   50.     Purpose of div 6
   51.     Application of div 6
   52.     When water efficiency management plan may be required
   53.     Content of water efficiency management plan
   54.     Approving water efficiency management plan
   55.     Complying with water efficiency management plan
   56.     Reporting under water efficiency management plan
   57.     Amending or replacing water efficiency management plan by chief executive direction
   58.     Amending or replacing water efficiency management plan by water service provider direction
   59.     Amending or replacing water efficiency management plan by request
   60.     Notice to comply with water efficiency management plan
   61.     Reviewing water efficiency management plans

           Division 7--Miscellaneous

   62.     No charge for water in rainwater tank
   63.     Sections 63–69 not used

           Part 4--Service provider obligations

           Division 1--Drinking water quality management
           Subdivision 1--Offences

   92.     Offence to carry out drinking water service without approved drinking water quality management plan
   93.     Offence about compliance with drinking water quality management plan
           Subdivision 2--Drinking water quality management plans
   94.     Purpose of drinking water quality management plan
   95.     Preparing drinking water quality management plan
   96.     Additional information may be required
   97.     Regulator may obtain advice about application
   98.     Consideration of application
   99.     Notice of decision
   99A.    Amendment of drinking water quality management plan—agreement
   100.    Amendment of drinking water quality management plan—application
   101.    Amendment of drinking water quality management plan—requirement of regulator
           Subdivision 3--Reporting requirements
   102AA.  Application of sdiv 3
   102.    Notice of noncompliance with water quality criteria
   102A.   Notice of prescribed incident
   102B.   Self-incrimination not a reasonable excuse for sdiv 3
           Subdivision 4--Miscellaneous
   103.    Requirement about giving water quality information
   104.    Requirement about operation of drinking water service

           Division 2--Audit reports and reviews

   106.    Reviewing plans
   107.    Changing plans following review
   108.    Ensuring audits of drinking water quality management plan
   108A.   Ensuring audits of particular performance reports
   109.    Declarations about reports under this division
   110.    Spot audits of plans
   111.    Declarations about spot audit report
   112.    Access for conducting audit reports

           Division 3--Customer service standards

   113.    Purpose of div 3
   114.    Application of div 3
   115.    Preparing customer service standards
   116.    Content of customer service standard
   117.    Complying with customer service standard
   118.    Customer complaints
   119.    Revising customer service standard
   120.    Reviewing customer service standard

           Division 4--Other service provider obligations
           Subdivision 1--Residential premises

   137.    Application of sdiv 1
   138.    Guidelines for rate notice or account for supply of water to residential premises
           Subdivision 2--Premises with more than 1 sole-occupancy unit
   140.    Service provider to give information about water usage

           Division 5--Reporting for particular financial years

   141.    Notices about reports
   142.    Drinking water quality management plan reports
   142A.   Performance reports
   142B.   System operating plan reports
   142C.   Common provisions for reports
   142D.   Application of division to chief executive

           Division 6--Water for fire fighting

   143.    Application of div 6
   144.    No charge for water for firefighting purposes
   145.    Water to be used only for firefighting purposes

           Part 5--Service areas

           Division 1--Preliminary

   160.    Application of pt 5

           Division 2--Service areas

   161.    Declaration of service area
   162.    Notice of declaration of service area
   163.    Map of service area

           Division 3--Access to services in service areas

   164.    Access to service in service area
   165.    Recovering cost of giving access to registered service
   166.    When service provider not required to supply water in service area

           Division 4--Connecting to particular registered services

   167.    Owner may ask for connection to service provider's infrastructure
   168.    Notice requiring connection to registered service

           Division 5--Restricting domestic water supply

   169.    Restricting domestic water supply in particular circumstances

           Division 6--Water approvals under 2009 restructuring Act

   170.    Definitions for div 6
   171.    Water approvals—generally
   172.    Water approvals—staged water connections
   173.    Deemed consent or approval for water approvals
   174.    Sections 174–179 not used

           Part 6--Trade waste and seepage water approvals

   180.    Approvals for discharge of trade waste and seepage water
   181.    Approval may be conditional
   182.    Criteria for suspending or cancelling trade waste approval or seepage water approval
   183.    Suspending or cancelling trade waste approval or seepage water approval
   184.    Immediate suspension or cancellation
   185.    Amending trade waste approval or seepage water approval
   186.    Sections 186–189 not used

           Part 7--Offences

   190.    Supplying unauthorised services
   191.    Connecting to or disconnecting from service provider's infrastructure without approval
   192.    Interfering with service provider's infrastructure
   193.    Discharging particular substances
   194.    Polluting water
   195.    Taking water without approval

           Chapter 3--Recycled water management

           Part 1A--Recycled water schemes

           Division 1--Registration

   196AA.  Requirement to seek registration
   196AB.  Registration application
   196AC.  Registration of recycled water scheme

           Division 2--Changing registration details

   196AD.  Applying to change details of registration
   196AE.  Applying to cancel registration

           Part 1--Particular offences

   196.    Offence about supplying recycled water without approved recycled water management plan
   197.    Offences about compliance with recycled water management plan

           Part 2--Recycled water management planning

   200.    Purpose of recycled water management plan
   201.    Content of particular plans
   202.    Application for approval of recycled water management plan
   203.    Additional information may be required
   204.    Regulator may obtain advice about application
   205.    Consideration of application
   206.    Notice of decision
   207.    When regulator must not approve recycled water management plan
   208.    Statutory condition of approved recycled water management plans
   209.    Amending recycled water management plan by agreement
   210.    Amendment of recycled water management plan for single-entity recycled water scheme—requirement of regulator
   211.    Amendment of recycled water management plan for multiple-entity recycled water scheme—requirement of regulator
   212.    Amendment of recycled water management plan—application
   213.    Suspending or cancelling recycled water management plan if regulator is satisfied about particular matters
   214.    Suspending recycled water management plan if production or supply of recycled water stops
   215.    Application to resume supply
   216.    Sections 216–229 not used

           Part 3--Notice about permanently stopping supply of recycled water

   230.    Notice about permanently stopping supply of recycled water
   231.    Cancelling recycled water management plan on receipt of notice under s 230
   232.    Sections 232–234 not used

           Part 4--Validation programs

   235.    Application of pt 4
   236.    Preparing validation program
   237.    Application for approval of validation program
   238.    Additional information may be required
   239.    Regulator may obtain advice about application
   240.    Consideration of application
   241.    Notice of decision
   242.    Amendment of validation program
   243.    Sections 243–249 not used

           Part 6--Reviews and audits of recycled water management plans

   258.    Reviewing recycled water management plans
   259.    Changing plan after review
   260.    Providing internal audit reports
   261.    Providing regular audit reports
   262.    Spot audits
   263.    Auditor's responsibility to inform regulator
   264.    Declarations about audit reports
   265.    Access for conducting audits
   266.    Sections 266–269 not used

           Part 7--Reporting requirements

           Division 1--Notices to be given

   270AA.  Application of div 1
   270.    Notice of noncompliance with water quality criteria
   271.    Notice of prescribed incidents
   272.    Self-incrimination not a reasonable excuse for div 1

           Division 2--Annual reports

   273.    Annual reporting requirement

           Division 3--Public reports

   274.    Public reporting requirement
   275.    Sections 275–299 not used

           Part 8--Declaration of critical recycled water schemes

   300.    Meaning of scheme manager for a recycled water scheme
   301.    Making declaration
   302.    Regulator may request information about a recycled water scheme
   303.    Notice of regulator's intention to make declaration
   304.    Notice of declaration
   305.    When declaration has effect
   306.    Review of declaration on request
   307.    Requirement to advise regulator about scheme manager
   308.    Sections 308–314 not used

           Part 9--Dispute resolution process for particular critical recycled water schemes

   315.    Definitions for pt 9
   316.    Application of pt 9
   317.    Dispute resolution process

           Part 10--Miscellaneous

   330.    Notice to sewerage service provider
   331.    Report about compliance with notice
   332.    Particular requirement about production or supply of recycled water
   333.    Requirement for certain entities to give information to scheme manager
   334.    Sections 334–339 not used

           Chapter 4--Referable dams and flood and drought mitigation

           Part 1--Referable dams

           Division 1--Preliminary

   340.    Ch 4 does not apply to particular dams
   341.    What is a referable dam
   342.    What is failure impact assessment

           Division 2--Failure impact assessing dams

   343.    When dam must be failure impact assessed
   344.    Process for failure impact assessment
   345.    Requirement for other failure impact assessments
   346.    Failure impact ratings for dams
   347.    Offences about failure impact assessments
   348.    Cost of failure impact assessment
   349.    Decision about failure impact assessment
   350.    Notice accepting failure impact assessment
   351.    Reviewing failure impact assessment
   352.    Rejecting failure impact assessment

           Division 2A--Emergency action planning and reporting
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   352A.   Definitions for div 2A
   352B.   What is a dam failure hazard
   352C.   What is a downstream release hazard
   352D.   What is the relevant disaster management group for an emergency action plan
           Subdivision 2--Requirements for emergency action plans
   352E.   Requirement for approved emergency action plan
   352F.   Requirement to prepare emergency action plan
           Subdivision 3--Preparation of emergency action plans
   352G.   Disaster management review of plan
   352H.   Content of plan
           Subdivision 4--Approving emergency action plans
   352I.   Chief executive to consider plan
   352J.   Criteria for approving plan
   352K.   Approval of plan
   352L.   Refusal to approve plan
           Subdivision 5--Keeping and publishing emergency action plans
   352M.   Register of approved emergency action plans
   352N.   Dam owner must ensure particular individuals have access to plan
           Subdivision 6--Reviewing emergency action plans
   352O.   Review by chief executive and direction to prepare and submit new plan
   352P.   Review by dam owner
           Subdivision 7--Amending emergency action plans
   352Q.   Amending plan by agreement
   352R.   Substantive amendment of plan
           Subdivision 8--Renewing emergency action plans
   352S.   Renewal of plan
           Subdivision 9--Emergency event reporting
   352T.   Preparation and submission of emergency event report
   352U.   Preparation and submission of emergency event interim report
   352V.   Content of report

           Division 3--Safety conditions for existing referable dams

   353.    Applying safety conditions for existing referable dams
   354.    Deciding safety conditions
   355.    Process after deciding safety conditions
   356.    Changing conditions
   356A.   Compliance with safety or development condition
   357.    Reassessing dams
   357A.   Chief executive may engage person to provide information

           Division 4--Emergency powers
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   358.    Application of div 4
           Subdivision 2--Chief executive may give direction or take action about failure of dam
   359.    Direction to owner of emergency part of land
   359A.   Taking immediate action about failure of dam
           Subdivision 3--Chief executive may recover expenses
   360.    Notice for recovering expenses
   361.    Notice in relation to land other than leased State land
   362.    Notice in relation to leased State land
           Subdivision 4--Miscellaneous
   363.    Form of notice if imminent danger of dam failure

           Division 5--General matters

   364.    Liability for loss or damage caused by failure of dam
   365.    Cancellation of development permit for decommissioned dam
   366.    Sections 366–369 not used

           Part 2--Flood mitigation manuals and reporting

           Division 1--Preliminary

   370.    Definitions for pt 2
   371.    What is a flood event
   371A.   Application of pt 2

           Division 2--Preparation of flood mitigation manuals

   371B.   Requirement for approved flood mitigation manual
   371C.   Requirement to prepare flood mitigation manual
   371D.   Content of manual

           Division 3--Approving flood mitigation manuals

   371E.   Minister to consider manual
   371F.   Criteria for approving manual
   371G.   Approval of manual
   371H.   Refusal to approve manual

           Division 4--Amending and reviewing flood mitigation manuals

   372.    Amending flood mitigation manual
   373.    Regular reviews of flood mitigation manual

           Division 5--Renewing flood mitigation manuals

   374.    Preparation and submission of new manual

           Division 6--Annual preparedness reports

   375.    Dam owner must prepare and submit report
   376.    Content of report

           Division 7--Qualifications, experience and training for responsible persons

   377.    Chief executive may require dam owner to ensure responsible person has qualifications etc.

           Division 8--Authorising alternative operational procedures

   378.    Application of div 8
   379.    Dam owner must seek authorisation for alternative procedure
   380.    Chief executive must decide whether or not to authorise alternative procedure
   381.    Authorisation to observe alternative procedure if chief executive can not be contacted
   382.    End of authorisation of alternative procedure

           Division 9--Flood event reporting

   383.    Preparation and submission of flood event report
   384.    Preparation and submission of flood event interim report
   385.    Content of report

           Division 10--General matters

   386.    Protection from liability under pt 2
   387.    Protection from liability for complying with flood mitigation manual

           Part 3--Declaring temporary full supply levels to mitigate flood or drought

           Division 1--Preliminary

   388.    Definitions for pt 3
   389.    Application of pt 3

           Division 2--Obtaining information and advising Minister

   390.    Minister must require information about impacts of proposed temporary full supply level
   391.    Chief executive must issue notice for information about impacts of proposed temporary full supply level
   392.    Chief executive must consult with dam owner
   393.    Chief executive must give feasibility advice to Minister
   394.    Chief executive may give later feasibility advice

           Division 3--Declaring temporary full supply level

   395.    Minister may declare temporary full supply level

           Division 4--Reviewing safety requirements for temporary full supply level

   396.    Chief executive must review safety requirements
   397.    Changing safety conditions in response to review
   398.    Amending flood mitigation manual in response to review

           Division 5--Miscellaneous provision

   399.    No compensation payable

           Chapter 5--Investigations and enforcement matters

           Part 1--Authorised officers

           Division 1--Authorised officers' functions and powers generally

   400.    Functions
   401.    Powers generally

           Division 2--Appointment of authorised officers

   402.    Appointment and qualifications
   403.    Appointment conditions and limit on powers
   404.    Issue of identity card
   405.    Production or display of identity card
   406.    When authorised officer ceases to hold office
   407.    Resignation
   408.    Return of identity card

           Part 2--Powers of authorised officers

           Division 1--Entry of places

   409.    Definition for pt 2
   410.    Power to enter land to monitor compliance
   411.    Power to enter land in relation to information collection
   412.    Power to enter places for other purposes

           Division 2--Procedure for entry

   413.    Entry with consent
   414.    Application for warrant
   415.    Issue of warrant
   416.    Application by electronic communication and duplicate warrant
   417.    Defect in relation to a warrant
   418.    Warrants—procedure before entry

           Division 3--Powers after entry

   419.    General powers after entering places
   420.    Failure to help authorised officer
   421.    Failure to give information

           Part 3--Power to seize evidence

   422.    Seizing evidence
   423.    Securing seized things
   424.    Tampering with seized things
   425.    Powers to support seizure
   426.    Receipts for seized things
   427.    Forfeiture by authorised officer
   428.    Forfeiture on conviction
   429.    Dealing with forfeited things
   430.    Return of seized things
   431.    Access to seized things

           Part 4--Power to require information

   432.    Power to require name and address
   433.    Failure to give name or address
   434.    Power to require information or documents

           Part 5--Particular enforcement provisions relating to drinking water and recycled water

           Division 1--Preliminary

   435.    Application of pt 5

           Division 2--Enforcement provisions

   436.    Power about preventing or minimising adverse effects—general
   437.    Offence to fail to comply with direction
   438.    Particular powers of regulator or authorised officer
   439.    How powers may be exercised
   440.    Regulator's powers not affected

           Division 3--Cost recovery

   441.    Definitions for div 3
   442.    Who is a prescribed person for a water supply incident
   443.    Regulator may give notice for recovery of costs
   444.    Regulator may recover costs

           Part 5A--Particular provisions to monitor relevant service providers

           Division 1--Investigations

   445.    When regulator may investigate and recover costs

           Division 2--Improvement plans

   446.    Regulator may require an improvement plan
   447.    Offence to contravene improvement notice

           Division 3--Directions for water security or continuity of supply

   448.    Power to give direction for water security or continuity of supply
   449.    Offence to contravene direction

           Part 6--Other matters

   450.    Notice of damage
   451.    Compensation
   452.    Sections 452–459 not used

           Part 7--Obtaining criminal history reports

   460.    Purpose of pt 7
   461.    Chief executive's power to obtain criminal history report
   462.    Criminal history is confidential document

           Part 8--Notices and cost recovery

           Division 1--Show cause notices

   463.    General requirements for show cause notices
   464.    Show cause notice must be given

           Division 2--Compliance notices

   465.    Who may give compliance notice
   466.    Compliance notice
   467.    Chief executive or regulator may take action and recover costs

           Division 3--Cost recovery

   468.    Regulator may engage expert and recover costs
   469.    Sections 469–474 not used

           Part 9--Enforcement proceedings

   475.    Starting proceeding for enforcement order
   476.    Proceeding started in a representative capacity
   477.    Starting proceeding for enforcement order without notice
   478.    Making interim enforcement order
   479.    Making enforcement order
   480.    Effect of enforcement order
   481.    Powers about enforcement orders
   482.    Parties to pay own costs for proceedings

           Chapter 6--Offences, evidentiary matters and legal proceedings

           Part 1--General offences

   483.    False or misleading statements
   484.    False or misleading documents
   485.    Obstructing an authorised officer
   486.    Impersonation of an authorised officer
   487.    Liability of executive officer—particular offences committed by corporation
   487A.   Executive officer may be taken to have committed offence

           Part 2--Evidentiary matters

   488.    Application of pt 2
   489.    Appearance
   490.    Appointments and authority
   491.    Evidentiary aids

           Part 3--Proceedings for offences

   492.    Indictable and summary offences
   493.    Proceedings for indictable offences
   494.    Limitation on who may summarily hear indictable offence proceedings
   495.    Limitation on time for starting proceeding for summary offence
   496.    Notice of proceedings for offences
   497.    Limitation on who may bring particular proceedings
   498.    Proceeding brought in a representative capacity
   499.    Orders Magistrates Court may make in offence proceeding
   500.    Offence to contravene Magistrates Court order

           Part 4--Miscellaneous provisions

   501.    Chief executive's and regulator's power to remedy stated public nuisance
   502.    Responsibility for acts or omissions of representatives
   503.    Sections 503–509 not used

           Chapter 7--Reviews, appeals and arbitration

           Part 1--Preliminary

   510.    Who is an interested person

           Part 2--Review of decisions

   511.    Appeal, arbitration or external review process starts with internal review
   512.    Who may apply for review
   513.    Requirements for making internal review application
   514.    Review decision
   515.    Notice of review decision
   516.    Stay of operation of original decision

           Part 3--Appeals and external reviews

   517.    Who may appeal or apply for an external review
   518.    Starting an appeal to Planning and Environment Court
   519.    Stay of operation of review decision
   520.    Hearing procedures
   521.    Assessors
   522.    Powers of court on appeal
   523.    Appeal costs

           Part 4--Arbitration

   524.    Who may apply for arbitration
   524A.   Stay of operation of review decision
   525.    Acknowledging dispute notice
   526.    Withdrawing dispute notice
   527.    Parties to arbitration
   528.    Decision by authority
   529.    Conduct of arbitration

           Chapter 8--Miscellaneous

           Part 1--Appointment of administrator and emergency powers for particular infrastructure

           Division 1--Appointment of administrator

   530.    Governor in Council may appoint administrator to operate infrastructure
   531.    Effect of administrator operating infrastructure
   532.    Effect of appointment of administrator
   533.    Withdrawing appointment of administrator

           Division 2--Emergency powers for operating particular infrastructure

   534.    Regulator or other person may operate infrastructure for drinking water—regulator's notice
   535.    Regulator or other person may operate infrastructure for recycled water—regulator's notice
   536.    Effect of operating infrastructure

           Division 3--Other matter

   537.    Corporations legislation displacement provision
   538.    Sections 538–558 not used

           Part 2--Relationship with Planning Act

   559.    Definition for pt 2
   560.    Codes for Planning Act
   561.    Development applications for relevant operational work
   562.    When applicant may appeal to Land Court
   563.    Sections 563–569 not used

           Part 3--Other miscellaneous provisions

   570.    Advisory councils
   571.    Regulator may make guidelines
   572.    Chief executive may make guidelines
   573.    Water service provider may make guidelines
   574.    Documents regulator and chief executive must keep available for inspection and purchase
   575.    Documents service provider must keep available for inspection and purchase
   575A.   Documents service providers must publish
   576.    Documents recycled water provider and scheme managers must keep available for inspection and purchase
   576A.   Documents recycled water provider and scheme managers must publish
   577.    Records to be kept in registries
   578.    Protecting officials from liability
   578A.   Chief executive may prepare and publish comparative reports
   578B.   The chief executive may share information in particular reports etc.
   579.    Regulator may share particular information
   579A.   Chief executive may share particular information
   580.    Non-disclosure of commercially sensitive information
   581.    Delegation by Minister
   582.    Delegation by chief executive
   583.    Fees and charges payable to chief executive and regulator
   584.    Non-payment of fees or charges
   585.    Approved forms
   586.    Regulation-making power

           Chapter 9--Transitional and savings provisions for Act No. 34 of 2008

           Part 1--Purposes, definitions and general approach

   587.    Main purposes of ch 9
   588.    Definitions for ch 9
   589.    Authorised actions and documents etc. under previous provision
   590.    Things continued in force under Water Act
   591.    Terminology in things mentioned in s 589(1)
   592.    Period stated in previous provision
   593.    Period or date stated in document given under previous provision
   594.    Act or omission happening before commencement may be relevant to proceeding for particular acts or omissions
   595.    Acts Interpretation Act 1954, s 20 not limited

           Part 2--Transitional provisions relating to particular provisions of the Water Act

           Division 1--Transitional provisions relating to the Water Act, chapter 3
           Subdivision 1--Examples for chapter 2

   596.    Examples for ch 2 of things under s 589
   597.    Examples for ch 2 of obligations under s 589
   598.    Examples for ch 2 of protections under s 589
           Subdivision 2--Service providers and service provider obligations
   599.    Existing service providers
   600.    Water efficiency management plans
   601.    Approved strategic asset management plans
   602.    Approved system leakage management plans
   603.    Audit reports
   604.    Customer service standard
   605.    Drought management plan
   606.    Application of provision about guidelines for rate notice or account for water supply
   607.    Application of provision about water advices
   608.    Service areas
   609.    Existing trade waste approvals
           Subdivision 3--Referable dams and flood mitigation
   610.    Examples for ch 4 of things under s 589
   611.    Referable dams and failure impact assessment
   612.    Hazardous dams
   613.    Approved flood mitigation manuals

           Division 2--Transitional provisions relating to the Water Act, chapter 5

   614.    Examples for ch 5 of things under s 589

           Division 3--Transitional provisions relating to the Water Act, chapter 6

   615.    Examples for ch 7 of things under s 589

           Division 4--Transitional provisions relating to the Water Act, chapter 7

   616.    Examples for ch 6 of things under s 589

           Division 5--Transitional provisions relating to the Water Act, chapter 8

   617.    Examples for ch 8 of things under s 589

           Division 6--Transitional provisions relating to the Water Act—general matters

   618.    Existing applications
   619.    Existing exemptions
   620.    Existing authorised officers
   621.    Guidelines
   622.    Internal review
   623.    Appeals
   624.    Arbitration
   625.    Legal proceedings
   626.    References in Acts and documents

           Part 3--Transitional provisions about outdoor water use conservation plans

   627.    Application of provision about outdoor water use conservation plan

           Part 4--Transitional provisions about drinking water

   628.    Application of particular provision
   629.    Notice requiring entity to have approved drinking water quality management plan
   630.    Provision about water quality monitoring and reporting

           Part 5--Transitional provisions about recycled water

   631.    Application of particular provisions—existing schemes
   632.    Application of particular provisions—schemes supplying recycled water for particular purposes
   633.    Application of particular provisions—other schemes
   634.    Notice requiring entity to have approved plan

           Chapter 10--Other transitional provisions

           Part 1--Transitional provision for Sustainable Planning Act 2009

   636.    Application of s 562

           Part 2--Transitional provision for South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009

   637.    Provision for recovery of costs for particular investigations

           Part 3--Transitional provisions for South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

   638.    Provision for carrying out particular failure impact assessments
   639.    Service provider water restrictions

           Part 4--Transitional provisions for Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

   640.    Definitions for pt 4
   641.    Conditions of particular CSG environmental authorities taken to be interim recycled water management plan
   642.    Transitional period for existing CSG recycled water schemes
   643.    Provision about water quality monitoring and reporting

           Part 5--Transitional provisions for Water Legislation (Dam Safety and Water Supply Enhancement) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012

   644.    Definitions for pt 5
   645.    Owner of existing dam must prepare and submit emergency action plan
   646.    Emergency event reporting for owner of existing dam
   647.    Particular safety conditions and development conditions taken to have been complied with
   648.    Continuation of existing flood mitigation manuals
   649.    Application of particular provisions to dam with existing flood mitigation manual
   650.    Reporting period for first annual preparedness report for dam with existing flood mitigation manual

           Part 6--Transitional provisions for Land, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013

           Division 1--Transitional provisions relating to incoming and outgoing service providers

   652.    Definitions for div 1
   653.    Application of div 1
   654.    Continuation of strategic asset management plan
   655.    Continuation of exemption from system leakage management plan
   656.    Continuation of exemption from drought management plan
   657.    Preparing relevant annual report
   658.    References to outgoing service provider

           Division 2--Other transitional provision

   659.    Application of particular provisions—relevant recycled water scheme

           Part 7--Transitional provisions for Water Supply Services Legislation Amendment Act 2014

           Division 1--Preliminary

   660.    Definitions for pt 7

           Division 2--Provisions for chapter 3 of amending Act

   661.    Customer service standards continue to apply
   662.    Exemptions from having a recycled water management plan are revoked
   663.    Particular approved recycled water management plans of no effect
   664.    Particular recycled water providers must apply for registration of recycled water scheme

           Division 3--Provisions for chapter 2 of amending Act

   665.    Continuation of requests for connection
   666.    Continuation of notices requiring connection

           Part 8--Transitional provisions for Electricity and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014

   667.    Definitions for pt 8
   668.    Continuation of recycled water management plan and exclusion decision
   669.    Continuation of interim recycled water management plan
   670.    Amending CSG environmental authority related to particular plan or decision
   671.    Amending other CSG environmental authorities

           Part 9--Transitional provision for Payroll Tax Rebate, Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2015

   672.    Authorised person's power to enter places

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