Queensland Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


           Part 1--Introduction

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Act binds all persons
   3A.     Notes in text

           Part 2--Objects

   4.      Objects of Act
   5.      Workers' compensation scheme
   6.      Administration

           Part 3--Definitions

   7.      Definitions

           Part 4--Basic concepts

           Division 1--Accident insurance, compensation and damages

   8.      Meaning of accident insurance
   9.      Meaning of compensation
   10.     Meaning of damages

           Division 2--Workers

   11.     Who is a worker

           Division 3--Persons entitled to compensation other than workers
           Subdivision 1--Volunteers etc.

   12.     Entitlements of persons mentioned in sdiv 1
   13.     Particular persons under Disaster Management Act 2003
   14.     Rural fire brigade member
   15.     Volunteer firefighter or volunteer fire warden
   16.     Local government, statutory or industrial body member
   17.     Honorary ambulance officers
   18.     Person in voluntary or honorary position with religious, charitable or benevolent organisation
   19.     Person in voluntary or honorary position with non-profit organisation
           Subdivision 2--Persons performing community service etc.
   20.     Entitlements of persons mentioned in sdiv 2
   21.     Persons performing community service or unpaid duties
           Subdivision 3--Students
   22.     Students
           Subdivision 4--Eligible persons
   23.     Meaning of eligible person
   24.     Eligible person may apply to be insured
   25.     Entitlements of eligible persons
           Subdivision 5--Other persons
   26.     Other persons

           Division 4--Spouses, members of the family and dependants

   27.     Meaning of dependant
   28.     Meaning of member of the family
   29.     Who is the spouse of a deceased worker

           Division 5--Employers

   30.     Who is an employer

           Division 6--Injuries, impairment and terminal condition
           Subdivision 1--Event resulting in injury

   31.     Meaning of event
           Subdivision 2--Injury
   32.     Meaning of injury
           Subdivision 3--When injury arises out of, or in the course of, employment
   33.     Application of sdiv 3
   34.     Injury while at or after worker attends place of employment
   35.     Other circumstances
   36.     Injury that happens during particular journeys
           Subdivision 3A--When latent onset injuries arise
   36A.    Date of injury
           Subdivision 3B--Injuries sustained by firefighters
   36B.    Definitions for sdiv 3B
   36D.    Presumption of injury
   36E.    Deciding number of years
           Subdivision 4--Impairment from injury
   37.     Meaning of impairment
   38.     Meaning of permanent impairment
           Subdivision 5--Terminal condition
   39A.    Meaning of terminal condition

           Division 7--Rehabilitation

   40.     Meaning of rehabilitation
   41.     Meaning of rehabilitation and return to work coordinator
   42.     Meaning of suitable duties
   43.     Meaning of workplace rehabilitation
   44.     Meaning of workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures
   45.     Meaning of accredited workplace

           Part 1--Employer's legal liability

   46.     Employer's legal liability
   47.     WorkCover's liability confined to compensation

           Part 2--Employer's insurance requirements

           Division 1--General obligations

   48.     Employer's obligation to insure
   49.     Exemption if employer has other insurance

           Division 2--Contravention of employer's general obligation and associated provisions

   50.     When an employer contravenes the general obligation to insure
   51.     Offence of contravening general obligation to insure
   52.     Offence to charge worker for compensation or damages for injury
   53.     Recovery of unlawful charge for compensation or damages for injury

           Part 3--Insurance under WorkCover policies generally

           Division 1--Premium setting generally

   54.     Setting of premium
   55.     Setting premium on change of ownership of business
   56.     Reassessment of premium for policy

           Division 2--Assessments on contravention of general obligation to insure

   57.     Recovery of compensation and unpaid premium
   58.     Default assessment on reasonable suspicion
   59.     Further assessment and recovery after payment of default assessment
   60.     Employer's separate liabilities for 1 period of default

           Division 3--Additional premiums

   61.     Additional premium payable if premium not paid
   62.     Further additional premium payable after appeal to industrial magistrate
   63.     Additional premium for out-of-State workers
   64.     WorkCover may waive or reduce additional premium

           Division 4--Employer's liability for excess period

   65.     What is the excess period
   66.     Employer's liability for excess period
   67.     Employer may not insure against payment for the excess period

           Part 4--Employer's self-insurance

           Division 1--Preliminary

   68.     What is self-insurance

           Division 1A--Local government self-insurers

   68A.    Self-insurance for local governments
   68B.    Entitlements of local government councillors
   68C.    Local government self-insurer's liability for injury to councillors

           Division 2--Issue and renewal of self-insurer's licence

   69.     Who may apply to be a self-insurer
   70.     How the application is made
   71.     Issue or renewal of licence to a single employer
   72.     Issue or renewal of licence to a group employer
   73.     Calculation of the number of full-time workers
   73A.    Calculation of the number of full-time workers for local government self-insurers
   74.     Workers employed in Queensland
   75.     Whether applicant fit and proper
   76.     Audit of self-insurer
   77.     Decision on application for the issue of a licence
   78.     Duration of licence
   79.     Renewal of licence
   80.     Refusal of application for renewal of a licence
   81.     Annual levy payable
   82.     Additional amount payable if levy not paid
   83.     Conditions of licence
   84.     Bank guarantee or cash deposit
   85.     Investing cash deposit
   86.     Reinsurance
   87.     Self-insurer replaces WorkCover in liability for injury
   88.     Liability of group employers

           Division 3--Change to membership of self-insurer

   89.     Change in self-insurer's membership
   90.     Consequences of change in self-insurer's membership
   91.     Continuation of membership in particular circumstances

           Division 4--Powers, functions and obligations of self-insurers

   92.     Powers of self-insurers
   92A.    Powers of local government self-insurers
   93.     Documents that must be kept by self-insurer
   93A.    Documents that must be kept by local government self-insurers
   94.     Documents must be given to Regulator on request

           Division 5--Cancellation of self-insurer's licence

   95.     When licence may be cancelled
   96.     Procedure for cancellation
   97.     Self-insurer may ask for cancellation
   98.     Premium payable after cancellation
   99.     Transfer to WorkCover after cancellation
   100.    Certain functions and powers may be held by former self-insurer after cancellation
   101.    Recovery of ongoing costs from former self-insurer
   102.    Assessing liability after cancellation
   103.    Return of bank guarantee or cash deposit after cancellation
   104.    Contingency account

           Division 6--Self-insurers who become non-scheme employers

   105.    Application of div 6
   105A.   Non-scheme employer must give notice to Regulator
   105B.   Non-scheme employer continues to be self-insurer for 12 months
   105C.   Non-scheme employer continues to have obligation for rehabilitation
   105D.   Regulator may impose conditions on continued licence
   105E.   Cancellation of continued licence
   105F.   Transfer to WorkCover after cancellation
   105G.   Particular functions and powers may be held by non-scheme employer after cancellation
   105H.   Recovery of ongoing costs from non-scheme employer
   105I.   Assessing liability after cancellation
   105J.   Return of bank guarantee or cash deposit after cancellation

           Division 7--Member of a group who becomes non-scheme employer

   105K.   Application of div 7
   105L.   Self-insurer must give notice to Regulator
   105M.   Non-scheme member continues as member of self-insurer for 12 months
   105N.   Non-scheme member continues to have obligation for rehabilitation
   105O.   Consequences of member becoming non-scheme member

           Part 1--Interpretation

   106.    Meaning of normal weekly earnings
   107.    Meaning of QOTE

           Part 1A--Entitlements to compensation under industrial instruments

   107A.   Definitions for pt 1A
   107B.   Meaning of amount payable under an industrial instrument
   107C.   Meaning of usual employment
   107D.   Entitlements to compensation under industrial instrument generally prohibited and void
   107E.   Regulator may approve amount payable under industrial instrument

           Part 2--Compensation entitlements of workers generally

           Division 1--General statement of entitlement

   108.    Compensation entitlement
   109.    Who must pay compensation
   109A.   When an employer contravenes obligation not to pay compensation payable by WorkCover
   110.    Compensation entitlement can not be relinquished, assigned or subject to execution
   111.    Public trustee may act for claimant
   112.    Public trustee may receive payments for minors

           Division 2--Entitlement according to jurisdiction

   113.    Employment must be connected with State
   114.    Recognition of determination of State of connection in another State

           Division 3--Overseas arrangements

   115.    Overseas arrangements

           Division 4--Relationship of entitlement to other compensation

   116.    Entitlement ends if compensated under corresponding laws
   117.    Compensation recoverable if later paid under corresponding laws
   118.    Condition on compensation application if compensation available under this Act and corresponding law
   119.    Entitlement to compensation ends if damages claim is finalised

           Division 5--Compensation and leave entitlements

   119A.   Compensation entitlement does not restrict taking or accrual of leave

           Part 3--Compensation entitlements of particular workers

           Division 1--Workers on ships

   120.    Application of div 1
   121.    Payment on account of workers on ships

           Division 2--Miners

   122.    Application of div 2
   123.    Entitlements of miners

           Division 3--Workers with industrial deafness

   124.    Application of div 3
   125.    Entitlements for industrial deafness
   126.    Further application for compensation for industrial deafness

           Division 4--Workers with latent onset injuries that are terminal conditions

   128A.   Application of div 4
   128B.   Entitlements of worker with terminal condition
   128C.   Reduction of amount payable
   128D.   Worker's dependants
   128E.   To whom payments made for death of worker

           Part 4--Compensation affected by workers' conduct

   129.    Self-inflicted injuries
   130.    Injuries caused by misconduct

           Part 5--Compensation application and other procedures

   131.    Time for applying
   132.    Applying for compensation
   132A.   Applying for assessment of DPI if no application made for compensation
   132B.   Applying for certificate of dependency
   133.    Employer's duty to report injury
   133A.   Employer's duty to tell WorkCover if worker asks for, or employer makes, a payment
   134.    Decision about application for compensation
   135.    Examination by registered person
   136.    Worker must notify return to work or engagement in a calling
   137.    Suspension of compensation during term of imprisonment
   138.    Compensation not payable during suspension

           Part 6--Maximum statutory compensation

   139.    Application of pt 6
   140.    Maximum entitlement

           Part 7--Payment of compensation

   141.    Time from which compensation payable

           Part 8--Compensation for day of injury

   142.    Application of pt 8
   143.    Definition for pt 8
   144.    When employer must pay worker for day of injury

           Part 8A--When entitlement to compensation stops

   144A.   When weekly payments of compensation stop
   144B.   When payment of medical treatment, hospitalisation and expenses stops

           Part 9--Weekly payment of compensation

           Division 1--Application

   145.    Application and object of pt 9

           Division 2--Advances on weekly payments

   146.    Advances on account

           Division 3--Adjustment of entitlements under pt 9

   147.    Worker can not receive more than if injury had not been sustained
   148.    Regard to other benefits for workers

           Division 4--Entitlement for total incapacity
           Subdivision 1--Application of div 4

   149.    Entitlement to weekly payments
           Subdivision 2--Workers
   150.    Total incapacity—workers whose employment is governed by an industrial instrument
   151.    Total incapacity—workers whose employment is not governed by industrial instrument
   152.    Total incapacity—certain contract workers
   153.    Total incapacity—casual or part-time workers
   154.    Total incapacity—workers receiving certain benefits under Commonwealth law
   155.    Total incapacity—workers with more than 1 employer
           Subdivision 3--Persons entitled to compensation other than workers, students and eligible persons
   156.    Application of sdiv 3
   157.    Total incapacity
           Subdivision 4--Eligible persons
   158.    Application of sdiv 4
   159.    Total incapacity
           Subdivision 5--Reference to tribunal
   160.    Total incapacity—reference about impairment to medical assessment tribunal

           Division 5--Entitlement for partial incapacity
           Subdivision 1--Persons entitled to compensation other than eligible persons

   161.    Application of sdiv 1
   162.    Definitions for sdiv 1
   163.    Partial incapacity
           Subdivision 2--Eligible persons
   164.    Application of sdiv 2
   165.    Definitions for sdiv 2
   166.    Partial incapacity
           Subdivision 3--Requiring information
   167.    Insurer may require information from partially incapacitated worker or person

           Division 6--Review of compensation

   168.    Review of compensation and associated payments
   169.    Review of weekly payments—worker under 18
   170.    Recovery of compensation overpaid

           Division 7--Redemption of weekly payments

   171.    Redemption—worker receiving weekly payments for at least 2 years
   172.    Redemption—worker moves interstate
   173.    Redemption—worker moves abroad
   174.    Calculation of redemption payment
   175.    Review of redemption payment
   176.    No compensation after redemption payment made

           Part 10--Entitlement to compensation for permanent impairment

           Division 1--General statement

   178.    Entitlement to assessment of permanent impairment and lump sum compensation

           Division 1A--Advances on lump sum compensation

   178A.   Advances on account

           Division 2--Assessment of permanent impairment

   179.    Assessment of permanent impairment
   180.    Calculation of lump sum compensation
   181.    Regard to previous entitlement to lump sum compensation for injury other than industrial deafness
   182.    Regard to previous assessment for industrial deafness
   183.    Guidelines for assessing a worker's degree of permanent impairment and deciding DPI

           Division 3--Notification of assessment of permanent impairment

   184.    Application of div 3
   185.    Insurer to give notice of assessment of permanent impairment
   186.    Worker's disagreement with assessment of permanent impairment
   187.    Offer of lump sum compensation
   188.    Worker's decision about lump sum compensation—DPI 20% or more
   189.    Worker's decision about lump sum compensation—DPI less than 20% or no DPI
   190.    No further compensation after fixed time

           Division 4--Additional lump sum compensation

   191.    Application of div 4
   192.    Additional lump sum compensation for workers with DPI of 30% or more
   193.    Additional lump sum compensation for gratuitous care
   193A.   Additional lump sum compensation for particular workers

           Part 11--Compensation on worker's death

   194.    Application and object of pt 11
   195.    Definition for pt 11
   196.    To whom payments made for death of worker
   197.    Total and partial dependants
   198.    Dependant's compensation payable to public trustee
   199.    Medical and funeral expenses must be paid by insurer
   200.    Total dependency
   201.    Partial dependency
   201A.   Worker with non-dependent spouse, issue or next of kin
   202.    Workers under 21
   204.    Reduced compensation if dependant dies before payment made

           Part 12--Automatic variation of compensation payable

   205.    Variation of payments for injuries
   206.    Construing entitlements in light of variation
   207.    Application of part to existing benefits
   207AA.  Definition for ch 3A
   207A.   Insurer may recover costs of reports from third party
   207B.   Insurer's charge on damages for compensation paid

           Part 1--Application

   208.    Application and object of ch 4

           Part 2--Liability for medical treatment, hospitalisation and expenses

           Division 1--Application and general statement of liability

   209.    Application of pt 2
   210.    Insurer's liability for medical treatment, hospitalisation and expenses

           Division 2--Medical treatment costs

   211.    Extent of liability for medical treatment
   212.    Extent of liability for prosthetic expenses
   213.    Accounts for medical treatment, certificate in approved form
   214.    Review of costs payable

           Division 3--Hospitalisation
           Subdivision 1--Interpretation

   215.    Definitions for div 3
           Subdivision 2--Private hospitalisation
   216.    Extent of liability for hospitalisation at private hospital
   217.    Cost of hospitalisation at private hospital
           Subdivision 3--Public hospitalisation
   218.    Extent of liability for hospitalisation in public hospital
   218A.   Cost of hospitalisation

           Division 4--Travelling expenses

   219.    Extent of liability for travelling expenses

           Part 3--Responsibility for rehabilitation

           Division 1--Responsibility for rehabilitation

   220.    Insurer's responsibility for worker's rehabilitation

           Division 2--Insurer's liability for rehabilitation fees and costs

   222.    Liability for rehabilitation fees and costs
   223.    Extent of liability for rehabilitation fees and costs

           Division 3--Caring allowance

   224.    Liability for caring allowance
   225.    Extent of liability for caring allowance

           Part 4--Employer's obligation for rehabilitation

   226.    Employer's obligation to appoint rehabilitation and return to work coordinator
   227.    Employer's obligation to have workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures
   228.    Employer's obligation to assist or provide rehabilitation
   229.    Employer's failure in relation to rehabilitation

           Part 5--Worker's mitigation and rehabilitation obligations

   230.    Application of pt 5
   231.    Worker must mitigate loss
   232.    Worker must participate in rehabilitation

           Part 6--Protection for injured workers

   232A.   Definitions for pt 6
   232B.   Dismissal of injured worker only after 12 months
   232C.   Replacement for injured worker
   232D.   Reinstatement of injured worker
   232E.   Application to industrial commission
   232F.   Powers of industrial commission
   232G.   Preservation of worker's rights

           Part 1--Interpretation and application

   233.    Definitions for ch 5
   235.    Requirements of chapter to prevail and are substantive law
   235A.   Date of relevant health practitioner consultation taken to be date of injury
   236.    Period of limitation under Limitation of Actions Act 1974 never affected
   236A.   Application of ch 5 to specified volunteer firefighter

           Part 2--Entitlement conditions

           Division 1--Limitations on persons entitled to seek damages

   237.    General limitation on persons entitled to seek damages
   238.    Worker with terminal condition
   239.    Worker who is required to make election to seek damages
   239A.   Worker with more than 1 injury from an event

           Division 2--Consequences, to costs, of seeking damages

   240.    Consequences, to costs, of seeking damages

           Division 3--Urgent proceedings

   241.    Application of div 3
   242.    Need for urgent proceedings

           Division 4--Review of worker's decision to accept payment of lump sum compensation for injury—DPI of less than 20%

   265.    Application of div 4
   266.    Decision not to seek damages reviewable in certain circumstances

           Part 3--Mitigation of loss and rehabilitation

   267.    Mitigation of loss
   268.    Provision of rehabilitation
   269.    Costs of rehabilitation

           Part 4--Reduction of recoverable damages

   270.    When damages are to be reduced
   271.    Assessment by court of total liability for damages

           Part 5--Pre-court procedures

   273.    Object of pt 5
   274.    Overriding obligations of parties
   275.    Notice of claim for damages
   276.    Noncompliance with s 275 and urgent proceedings
   277.    Claimant to tell insurer of change to information in notice of claim
   278.    Response to notice of claim
   278A.   Insurer may add other person as contributor
   278B.   Contributor's response
   279.    Parties to cooperate
   280.    Employer to cooperate with WorkCover
   281.    Parties to attempt to resolve claim
   282.    Worker to undergo medical examination
   283.    Joint expert reports
   284.    Nondisclosure of certain material
   285.    Consequence of failure to give information
   286.    Privilege and duties
   287.    Court's power to enforce compliance with chapter

           Part 6--Settlement of claims

           Division 1--Compulsory conference

   288.    Application of div 1
   289.    Compulsory conference
   290.    Procedure at conference
   290A.   Exchange of material for compulsory conference
   291.    Information to be given by party's lawyer before other type of settlement attempted
   292.    Parties to make written final offers if claim not settled at compulsory conference

           Division 2--Settlement before court proceedings

   293.    Settlement of claim for damages

           Part 7--Start of court proceedings

           Division 1--When claimant can start court proceedings

   294.    Application of div 1
   295.    Compliance necessary before starting proceeding
   296.    Claimant to have given complying notice of claim or insurer to have waived compliance
   297.    Court to have made declaration about noncompliance
   298.    Court to have given leave despite noncompliance
   299.    Other provision for urgent proceedings

           Division 2--Court proceedings

   300.    Carriage of proceedings
   301.    Exclusion of jury trial
   302.    Alteration of period of limitation
   303.    Court may have regard to claimant's noncompliance with s 275 in relation to costs and interest
   304.    Court may have regard to compulsory conference

           Part 8--Civil liability

           Division 1--Interpretation

   305.    Definitions for pt 8
   305A.   Provisions not to apply to particular injuries

           Division 2--General standard of care

   305B.   General principles
   305C.   Other principles

           Division 3--Causation

   305D.   General principles
   305E.   Onus of proof

           Division 4--Contributory negligence

   305F.   Standard of care in relation to contributory negligence
   305G.   Contributory negligence can defeat claim
   305H.   Contributory negligence
   305I.   Meaning of obvious risk for s 305H
   305J.   Presumption of contributory negligence if person who suffers injury is intoxicated

           Part 9--Assessment of damages

           Division 1--Interpretation

   306.    Definitions for pt 9
   306A.   Provisions not to apply to particular injuries

           Division 2--Exemplary damages

   306B.   Exemplary damages

           Division 3--Assessment of damages
           Subdivision 1--No right to damages for particular services

   306C.   Application of sdiv 1
   306D.   Definitions for sdiv 1
   306E.   Paid services provided to worker before injury
   306F.   Worker performed services before injury
   306G.   Gratuitous services provided to worker before injury
   306H.   Services not required by or provided to worker before injury
           Subdivision 2--Other provisions
   306I.   Damages for loss of earnings
   306J.   When earnings can not be precisely calculated
   306L.   Discount rate to be applied in calculating the present value of future loss
   306M.   Damages for loss of consortium or loss of servitium
   306N.   Interest
   306O.   Assessment by court of injury scale
   306P.   Calculation of general damages

           Division 4--Structured settlements

   306Q.   Definition for div 4
   306R.   Court required to inform parties of proposed award
   306S.   Court may make consent order for structured settlement
   306T.   Obligation of legal practitioners to provide advice
   306U.   Offer of structured settlement—legal costs

           Division 5--Indexation provisions

   306V.   Indexation of particular amounts

           Part 12--Costs

           Division 1--Costs applying to worker with DPI of 20% or more, worker with terminal condition, or dependant

   310.    Application of div 1
   311.    Principles about orders as to costs
   312.    Costs if written final offer by claimant
   313.    Costs if written final offer by insurer
   314.    Interest after service of written final offer

           Division 2--Costs applying to worker who does not have a terminal condition and has DPI of less than 20%

   315.    Application of div 2
   316.    Principles about orders as to costs

           Division 2A--Costs when offers made for a contribution claim

   316A.   Principles about order as to costs

           Division 3--Costs generally

   318.    Costs if proceeding could have been brought in a lower court
   318A.   General application of costs provisions in part
   318B.   Court may make an alternative order in particular circumstances
   318C.   Costs order under div 2 for an interlocutory application
   318D.   Order for costs if more than 1 person liable for the same costs
   318E.   Order for costs if an entity was not a party at the compulsory conference

           Part 13--Excess damages awarded in another jurisdiction

   319.    Application of pt 13
   320.    No liability for excess damages

           Part 1--Application of chapter 6

   321.    Claims to which chapter applies

           Part 2--Interpretation

   322.    Meaning of substantive law
   323.    What constitutes injury and employment and who is employer

           Part 3--Substantive law that governs claim

   324.    The applicable substantive law for work injury claims
   325.    Availability of action in another State not relevant

           Part 1--Office and appointment

   326.    Establishment of office and appointment of Regulator

           Part 2--Functions and powers

   327.    Functions of the Regulator
   328.    Powers of the Regulator
   329.    Delegation by the Regulator

           Part 3--Authorised persons

           Division 1--Appointment of authorised persons

   330.    Appointment of authorised persons
   331.    Accountability of authorised persons
   332.    Suspension and ending of appointment of authorised persons

           Division 2--Identity cards

   333.    Identity cards
   334.    Production or display of identity card
   335.    Return of identity card

           Division 3--Functions of authorised persons etc.

   336.    Functions of authorised persons
   337.    Conditions on authorised persons' compliance powers
   338.    Authorised persons subject to Regulator's directions
   339.    Protection from liability

           Part 1--Establishment

   380.    WorkCover is established
   381.    WorkCover is a body corporate etc.
   382.    Relationship with State

           Part 2--Functions and powers

           Division 1--Functions and insurance business

   383.    General statement of WorkCover's functions
   384.    WorkCover's insurance business
   385.    WorkCover as the exclusive provider of accident insurance
   386.    WorkCover's offices

           Division 2--Powers generally

   387.    Objects of div 2
   388.    WorkCover's general powers
   389.    General restriction on WorkCover's powers
   390.    Disposal of main undertakings
   391.    Acquiring and disposing of subsidiaries
   392.    Protection of persons who deal with WorkCover
   393.    Reserve power of Minister to direct that asset not be disposed of

           Part 3--Obligations

           Division 1--Corporate plan

   394.    WorkCover must have corporate plan
   395.    Guidelines in relation to corporate plans
   396.    Draft corporate plan
   397.    Special procedures for draft corporate plan
   398.    Corporate plan on agreement
   399.    Corporate plan pending agreement
   400.    Changes to corporate plan

           Division 2--Statement of corporate intent

   401.    WorkCover must have statement of corporate intent
   402.    Statement of corporate intent must be consistent with corporate plan
   403.    Matters to be included in statement of corporate intent
   404.    Additional matters to be included in statement of corporate intent
   405.    Draft statement of corporate intent
   406.    Special procedures for draft statement of corporate intent
   407.    Statement of corporate intent on agreement
   408.    Changes to statement of corporate intent

           Division 3--Community service obligations

   409.    Meaning of community service obligations
   410.    Community service obligations to be specified in statement of corporate intent

           Division 4--Reports and other accountability matters

   411.    Quarterly reports
   412.    Matters to be included in annual report
   413.    Deletion of commercially sensitive matters from annual report etc.
   414.    Board to keep Minister informed

           Division 5--Duties and liabilities of directors and other officers of WorkCover

   415.    Disclosure of interests by director
   416.    Voting by interested director
   417.    Duty and liability of certain officers of WorkCover
   418.    Prohibition on loans to directors
   419.    WorkCover not to indemnify WorkCover officers
   420.    WorkCover not to pay premiums for certain liabilities of WorkCover officers
   421.    Examination of persons concerned with WorkCover
   422.    Power to grant relief
   423.    False or misleading information or documents

           Part 4--Board of directors

           Division 1--Establishment of WorkCover's board

   424.    Establishment of board
   425.    Appointment of chairperson and deputy chairperson
   426.    Regard to particular ability in appointment of directors
   427.    Role of board
   428.    Delegation by board

           Division 2--Meetings and other business of board

   429.    Meaning of required minimum number of directors
   430.    Conduct of meetings and other business
   431.    Times and places of meetings
   432.    Presiding at meetings
   433.    Quorum and voting at meetings
   434.    Participation in meetings
   435.    Resolutions without meetings
   436.    Minutes

           Division 3--Other provisions about directors

   437.    Term of appointment of directors
   438.    Terms of appointment not provided for under Act
   439.    Appointment of acting director
   440.    Resignation
   441.    Termination of appointment as director

           Part 5--The chief executive officer

   442.    WorkCover's chief executive officer
   443.    Duties of chief executive officer
   444.    Things done by chief executive officer
   445.    Delegation by chief executive officer
   446.    Additional provisions relating to chief executive officer

           Part 6--Other employment provisions

   447.    Appointment of senior executives
   448.    WorkCover may enter into work performance arrangements
   449.    Superannuation schemes
   451.    Employment and industrial relations plan
   452.    Application of equal opportunity provisions under Public Service Act 2008

           Part 7--Financial provisions

   453.    WorkCover's capital adequacy
   454.    Application of financial legislation
   455.    Liability for State taxes
   456.    Liability for Commonwealth tax equivalents
   457.    Funds and accounts
   458.    Reserves
   459.    Procedures for borrowing
   460.    Payment to consolidated fund
   461.    Additional financial reporting requirements

           Part 8--Authorised persons

           Division 1--General

   462.    Function of authorised person
   463.    Authorised person subject to WorkCover's directions
   464.    Powers of authorised persons
   465.    Limitation on powers of authorised person

           Division 2--Appointment of authorised persons and other matters

   466.    Appointment of authorised persons
   467.    Authorised person's appointment conditions
   468.    Authorised person's identity card
   469.    Display of authorised person's identity card
   470.    Protection from liability

           Part 9--Other provisions about WorkCover

   471.    WorkCover's seal
   472.    Authentication of documents
   473.    Judicial notice of certain signatures
   474.    Giving of documents to board
   475.    Application of various other Acts

           Part 1--Establishment and functions of employing office

   475A.   Establishment of employing office
   475B.   Employing office represents the State
   475C.   Functions of employing office

           Part 2--Executive officer

   475D.   Appointment of executive officer
   475E.   Executive officer acting for employing office

           Part 3--Staff of employing office

   475F.   Employing office may employ staff
   475G.   Employing office may enter into work performance arrangements

           Part 4--Other provisions

   475H.   Employing office is statutory body
           THE MINISTER

           Part 1--The Minister and WorkCover

   480.    Reserve power of Minister to notify board of public sector policies
   481.    Reserve power of Minister to give directions in public interest
   481A.   Amounts payable by WorkCover on Minister's instruction
   482.    Additional power to direct WorkCover
   483.    Notice of suspected threat to full funding because of direction or notification
   484.    WorkCover and WorkCover's board not otherwise subject to government direction
   485.    Minister not director etc.
   486.    Monitoring and assessment of WorkCover

           Part 2--The Minister and codes of practice

   486A.   Code of practice
   486B.   Effect of code of practice
   487.    Establishment of committees
   488.    Membership of committee
   489.    Role of committee

           Part 1--Preliminary

   490.    Object of ch 11
   490A.   Application of ch 11
   491.    Interpretation

           Part 2--Tribunals

   492.    Medical assessment tribunals to be maintained
   493.    Panels for tribunals
   494.    Composition and constitution of tribunals
   495.    Conditions of appointment to tribunal
   496.    Proceedings of tribunals

           Part 3--Jurisdiction of tribunals

   499.    Definitions for pt 3
   500.    Reference to tribunals
   500A.   How to make a reference
   501.    Reference about application for compensation
   502.    Reference about worker's capacity for work
   504.    Reference about worker's permanent impairment
   505.    Reference about worker's permanent impairment
   506.    Reference about worker's level of dependency
   507.    Reference about review of worker's permanent impairment
   508A.   Reference for former Act
   509.    Limitation of tribunals' jurisdiction
   510.    Power of tribunal to examine worker

           Part 4--Proceedings for exercise of tribunals' jurisdiction

   510A.   Definitions for pt 4
   510B.   Tribunal may require insurer to give further information
   510C.   Exchange of relevant documents before tribunal
   511.    Right to appear and be heard before tribunal
   511A.   New medical information
   511B.   Record keeping by tribunal
   512.    Further reference on fresh evidence
   513.    Deferral of decisions
   514.    Tribunal may refer non-medical matters back to insurer
   515.    Finality of tribunal's decision
   516.    Decisions of tribunal
   517.    Protection from liability

           Part 1--Authorised persons and enforcement

           Division 1--Power to enter
           Subdivision 1--General powers of entry

   518.    Powers of entry
   519.    Notification of entry
   520.    Persons assisting authorised persons
           Subdivision 2--Search warrants
   521.    Search warrants
   522.    Electronic application
   523.    Entry procedure
   524.    Copy of search warrant to be given to person with management or control of place
           Subdivision 3--Limitation on entry powers
   525.    Places used for residential purposes

           Division 2--Specific powers after entry
           Subdivision 1--General

   526.    General powers
   527.    Power to require reasonable help
   528.    Offence to contravene help requirement
           Subdivision 2--Seizure
   529.    Power to seize evidence etc.
   530.    Receipt for seized things
   531.    Access to seized thing
   532.    Return of seized thing

           Division 3--Other powers of authorised person etc.

   532A.   Power to require name and address
   532B.   Offence to contravene personal details requirement
   532C.   Power to require information or documents from particular persons
   532D.   Keeping and inspection of particular documents

           Division 4--Damage and compensation

   532E.   Duty to avoid inconvenience and minimise damage
   532F.   Notice of damage
   532G.   Compensation

           Division 5--Offences in relation to authorised persons

   532H.   Offence to hinder or obstruct authorised person
   532I.   Impersonating an authorised person
   532J.   Giving authorised person false or misleading information

           Division 6--Recovery of costs

   532K.   Costs of investigation

           Part 2--Fraud and false and misleading statements

   533.    Offences involving fraud
   534.    False or misleading information or documents
   535.    Particular acts taken to be fraud
   536.    Duty to report fraud or false or misleading information or documents
   537.    Fraud and related offences end entitlement to compensation and damages

           Part 1--Internal review of proposed decisions

   538.    Internal review by insurer

           Part 2--Regulator's review of decisions

   539.    Object of pt 2
   540.    Application of pt 2
   541.    Who may apply for review
   542.    Applying for review
   543.    Right of appearance
   544.    Decision-maker must give information to Regulator
   545.    Review of decision or failure to make a decision
   546.    Notice of review decision
   546A.   Matter returned to decision-maker
   547.    Reimbursement of costs of examination and report

           Part 3--Appeals

           Division 1--Appeal to industrial magistrate or industrial commission

   548.    Application of div 1
   548A.   Meaning of appeal body
   549.    Who may appeal
   550.    Procedure for appeal
   551.    Appeal about amount of premium
   552.    Notice of time and place for hearing
   552A.   Conference
   552B.   Legal representation at appeal or conference
   553.    Application of Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 and Industrial Relations (Tribunals) Rules 2011
   554.    Exchanging evidence before hearing
   555.    Adjourned hearing
   556.    Additional medical evidence
   557.    Correcting defects in proceedings
   558.    Powers of appeal body
   559.    Decision of appeal body
   560.    Recovery of costs

           Division 1A--Appeal to industrial court

   560A.   Application of div 1A
   561.    Appeal to industrial court
   562.    Powers of industrial court
   563.    Costs of appeal to industrial court
   564.    Recovery of costs

           Division 1B--Provisions about particular appealed decisions under divs 1 and 1A

   565.    Decision about amount of premium
   566.    Decision about payment of compensation

           Division 2--Appeal to court of competent jurisdiction

   567.    Application of div 2
   568.    Who may appeal
   569.    Starting appeals
   570.    Powers of court on appeal
   571.    Effect of decision of court on appeal

           Part 1--Access to documents and information

           Division 1--Information and documents about pre-existing injuries and medical conditions of prospective worker

   571A.   Definitions for div 1
   571B.   Obligation to disclose pre-existing injury or medical condition
   571C.   False or misleading disclosure

           Division 2--Other documents and information

   572.    Claimant or worker entitled to obtain certain documents
   572A.   Access to particular documents for employment purposes prohibited
   573.    Permissible disclosure of information
   574.    Information from commissioner of police service
   575.    Information use immunity
   576.    Information not actionable

           Part 1A--Information provisions for building and construction industry

   576A.   Definitions for pt 1A
   576B.   Who is the principal contractor for a construction project
   576C.   Principal contractor may require relevant contractor to give document confirming insurance status
   576D.   Injury data for construction projects
   576E.   Restriction on disclosure by principal contractor of information obtained under this part

           Part 2--Audits

   577.    Audit of wages and contracts

           Part 3--Proceedings

   578.    Proceedings for offences against ch 8
   579.    Summary proceedings for offences other than against ch 8
   580.    Recovery of debts under this Act
   581.    Self-insurer recovery of debts
   582.    Powers of industrial magistrate
   583.    Evidence

           Part 4--Regulations

   584.    Regulation-making power

           Part 5--Other provisions

   584A.   Reviews of workers' compensation scheme
   585.    Entitlements to compensation under contract of employment prohibited and void
   586.    Approval of forms
   586A.   Entering into an agreement for transfer of employees to assist administration of compensation scheme
   586B.   Effect of transfer of employee
   587.    Service of documents
   588.    Repeal

           Part 1--Interpretation

   589.    Definitions for ch 15
   590.    Other savings preserved

           Part 2--Legal succession

   591.    Continuation of WorkCover Queensland
   592.    Authority is legal successor of Q-COMP

           Part 3--Transfer to the Authority

   593.    Transfer of general manager of Q-COMP
   594.    Transfer of staff of Q-COMP to Authority
   595.    Preserved employment conditions
   596.    Transferred persons' superannuation on becoming public service officers

           Part 4--Insurance

   597.    Merit bonuses and demerit charges
   598.    Other contracts of insurance
   599.    Previous non-policy compensation arrangement with State

           Part 5--Self-insurance

   600.    Licences
   601.    Number of full-time workers

           Part 6--Injuries

   603.    Injury under former Act
   604.    Ex gratia payments

           Part 7--Injury management

   605.    Rehabilitation coordinators
   606.    Workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures

           Part 8--Medical assessment tribunals

   607.    Continuation of tribunals

           Part 9--Offences

   608.    Offences

           Part 10--Reviews and appeals

   609.    Decisions by WorkCover or self-insurer

           Part 11--Miscellaneous

   610.    Claim for loss of consortium
   611.    Spouse of worker dying before 1 April 2004
   612.    Definitions for ch 16
   613.    Workers, employers and injuries
   614.    Excess period
   615.    Employers who pay own claims
   616.    Entitlement to compensation
   617.    Decision about application for compensation
   618.    When entitlement to compensation stops
   619.    Weekly payment for total incapacity
   620.    Recovery of compensation claim costs from third party
   621.    Public hospitalisation
   622.    Damages for particular services
   623.    Review of decisions of insurer
   624.    Appeal of review decision
   625.    Appeals generally
   626.    Compensation under contracts of employment
   627.    Definition for ch 18
   628.    Latent onset injuries that are terminal conditions
   629.    Maximum statutory compensation
   630.    Weekly payment for total incapacity
   631.    Compensation on worker's death
   632.    Appointment of rehabilitation and return to work coordinator
   633.    Existing rehabilitation coordinators
   634.    Workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures
   635.    Medical assessment tribunals
   636.    Application of Industrial Relations (Tribunals) Rules
   637.    Incorrect reference in s 625
   638.    Definitions for ch 19
   639.    Meaning of reference
   640.    Reference to tribunal before commencement—worker scheduled to attend after commencement
   641.    Reference to tribunal before commencement—worker not yet scheduled to attend after commencement
   642.    Reference to tribunal after commencement
   643.    Existing decisions of tribunals
   644.    Rights and entitlements of particular employees
   645.    Application of industrial instruments
   646.    Amending Act does not affect particular powers of WorkCover
   647.    Continued application of repealed s 448
   648.    Definition for ch 21
   649.    Decision about application for compensation
   650.    Weekly payment for total incapacity
   651.    Additional lump sum compensation for certain workers
   652.    Reduction of amount payable on death
   653.    More than 1 injury from an event
   654.    Compensation claim costs and third parties
   655.    References in s 537 to Criminal Code offences
   656.    Validation of particular applications made by phone
   657.    Worker with terminal condition—application for compensation lodged on or after 28 October 2008
   658.    Worker with terminal condition—application for compensation lodged before 28 October 2008
   660.    Definition for ch 25
   661.    Matters published in industrial gazette
   663.    Definitions for ch 26
   664.    Existing excess period insurance protected
   665.    Reinsurance
   666.    Compensation on death of worker under 21
   667.    Responsibility for worker's rehabilitation
   668.    Provisions about conferences, offers and costs
   669.    Provisions about, civil liability and assessment of damages
   671.    Appeals commenced before amendment of s 548A
   672.    Provision for QWAs
   673.    Appeal of decision under s 561
   674.    Provision about workers and employers
   675.    Definition for ch 30
   676.    Application of s 71 to current applications by single employers
   677.    Application of s 72 to current applications by group employers

           Part 1--Amendments commencing on introduction of Bill

   678.    Injuries sustained before commencement

           Part 2--Amendments commencing on assent

           Division 1--Preliminary

   679.    Definitions for pt 2

           Division 2--Existing injuries

   680.    Injuries sustained before commencement

           Division 3--Abolition of former Authority and transfer of assets etc.

   681.    Abolition of former Authority etc.
   682.    Employees of former Authority to be employed by department
   683.    Continuation of former board until 30 June 2014 for particular purposes
   684.    State is legal successor
   685.    Assets and liabilities etc. of former Authority
   686.    Proceeding not yet started against former entity
   687.    Proceeding to which former entity was a party
   688.    Records of former entity
   689.    References to former entity
   690.    Offences relating to former entity
   691.    Existing applications and requests made to former entity
   692.    Table of costs
   693.    Cost of hospitalisation
   694.    Directions of Minister
   695.    Monitoring and assessment of former Authority
   696.    Other things done or started by the former entity
   697.    Other things required to be done by or in relation to the former entity
   698.    Evidentiary provisions

           Division 4--Other provisions

   699.    Insurer's responsibility for worker's rehabilitation
   700.    Disclosing pre-existing injury
   701.    Authorised persons
   702.    Requirement of authorised person under previous s 519
   703.    Requirement of authorised person under previous s 520
   704.    Existing warrants
   705.    Dealing with seized property
   706.    Protection from liability

           Part 1--Preliminary

   707.    Definitions for ch 32

           Part 2--Amendments commencing on 31 January 2015

   708.    Definitions for pt 2
   709.    Injuries sustained before 31 January 2015
   710.    Application under s 132A during transitional period
   711.    Decision under s 189 not affected

           Part 3--Amendments commencing on introduction

   712.    Firefighter diagnosed with specified disease before commencement
   713.    Particular WorkCover contracts covering volunteers

           Part 4--Amendments commencing on assent

   714.    Review or appeal of existing decisions
   715.    Existing applications under former s 571D
   716.    Saving of former s 571D(3)

           Part 5--Amendments commencing by proclamation

   717.    Application of s 193A

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