Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Water Act 2000



           Chapter 1--Preliminary

           Part 1--Introduction

   1.      Short title
   2.      Purposes of Act and their achievement
   3.      Act binds all persons

           Part 2--Interpretation

   4.      Definitions
   5.      Meaning of watercourse
   5AA.    Watercourse etc. may be mapped
   5A.     Meaning of outer bank
   5B.     Declaration of outer bank
   6.      Meaning of domestic purposes
   7.      Meaning of principles of ecologically sustainable development

           Chapter 1A--Water supply emergencies and restrictions

           Part 1--Water supply emergencies

           Division 1--Preliminary

   25A.    Meaning of water supply emergency

           Division 2--Water supply emergency declaration and regulation

   25B.    Declaration of water supply emergency
   25C.    Contents of water supply emergency declaration
   25CA.   Amendment of water supply emergency declaration
   25D.    Measures mentioned in a water supply emergency declaration
   25E.    Requirement to comply with water supply emergency declaration
   25F.    Regulation about water supply emergency
   25FA.   Amendment of water supply emergency regulation
   25G.    Measures mentioned in a water supply emergency regulation
   25H.    Requirement to comply with water supply emergency regulation
   25I.    Approval of, or change to, response
   25J.    When water supply emergency ends

           Division 3--Carrying out measures and achieving outcomes

   25K.    Supply arrangements
   25L.    Relationship with State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971
   25M.    Appointment of person to carry out measures or achieve outcomes
   25N.    Effect of appointee carrying out measures or achieving outcomes

           Division 4--Recovery of costs

   25O.    Recovery of costs incurred
   25P.    Recovery of contributions by the State
   25Q.    Queensland Competition Authority

           Division 5--Compensation

   25R.    Applying for compensation
   25S.    When compensation is not payable
   25T.    Requirement for further information
   25U.    Deciding application
   25V.    Notice about decision
   25W.    Protection of State and Minister from liability
   25X.    Protection of service provider from liability

           Part 2--Obtaining information

   25Y.    Obtaining information from a service provider

           Part 3--Restrictions on use of subartesian water

   25ZA.   Application for approval to restrict use of subartesian water
   25ZB.   Deciding application
   25ZC.   Notice about decision to give approval
   25ZE.   Restriction of subartesian water by water service provider

           Chapter 2--Management and allocation of water

           Part 1--Water rights

           Division 1--Ownership of water

   26.     Rights in all water vests in the State

           Division 2--Allowing use of water

   27.     State may allow the use of water

           Division 3--Restricting use of water
           Subdivision 1--Restrictions for contamination and water shortages

   28.     Limiting or prohibiting taking, or interfering with, water during contamination or water shortages
   29.     Limiting water taken under water licence, water permit or water allocation
           Subdivision 2--Moratorium notices
   30.     Moratorium notices
   31.     Effect of moratorium notice
   32.     Offence to contravene moratorium notice
   33.     Application to vary effect of moratorium notice
   34.     Reviewing and replacing moratorium notices

           Division 4--Collecting information about water

   35.     Obtaining water information
   36.     Notice of works and water use

           Part 2--Water planning

           Division 1--Planning by the State

   37.     Planning for the management of water
   38.     Information for planning

           Division 2--Matters for and related to regulation

   39.     Matters for regulation
   40.     Chief executive may release unallocated water

           Division 3--Water plans

   41.     What is a water plan
   42.     Minister may prepare a water plan
   43.     Contents of a water plan
   44.     Preliminary public consultation
   45.     Making draft water plan
   46.     Publishing draft water plan
   47.     Decision about finalising water plan
   48.     Effect of a water plan
   49.     Report on water plan
   50.     Amending or replacing a water plan
   51.     Preparing an amendment or replacement of water plan
   53.     Expiry of water plan
   54.     Postponement of expiry of water plan if water plan is not being replaced
   55.     Postponement of expiry of water plan while water plan is being replaced
   56.     Publication of new expiry date for plan

           Division 4--Water use plans

   57.     Minister may prepare water use plan
   58.     What is a water use plan
   59.     Contents of water use plans
   60.     Making draft water use plan
   61.     Publishing draft water use plan
   62.     Decision about finalising water use plan
   63.     Effect of water use plan
   64.     Public notice of content of water use plan
   65.     Amending or replacing a water use plan
   66.     Preparing an amendment or replacement of a water use plan

           Division 5--Water management protocols

   67.     What is a water management protocol
   68.     Making a water management protocol
   69.     Amending or replacing a water management protocol

           Division 6--Water entitlement notice

   70.     What is a water entitlement notice
   71.     Making a water entitlement notice
   72.     Draft water entitlement notice
   73.     Additional requirements for notices for draft water entitlement notices that establish water allocations
   74.     Reviewing submissions about draft water entitlement notice
   75.     Finalising water entitlement notice
   76.     Effect of water entitlement notice
   77.     Publication of approved water entitlement notice
   78.     When water entitlement notice ceases to have effect

           Part 3--How State authorises take or interference with water

           Division 1--Statutory authorisation to take or interfere with water
           Subdivision 1--Authorisations that may not be limited by water planning instrument

   93.     General authorisations to take water
   94.     General authorisations to interfere with water
   95.     Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parties
   96.     Land owners may take water for stock or domestic purposes
   97.     Environmental authorities
   98.     Resource activities
   99.     Constructing authorities and water service providers
           Subdivision 2--Authorisations that may be limited by water planning instrument or regulation
   100.    How this subdivision applies
   101.    Authorisation that may be altered or limited by water planning instrument
   102.    Authorisations under water plans or regulation
   103.    Authorisation to take water for stock or domestic purposes may be limited

           Division 2--Water licences
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   104.    Definitions for div 2
   105.    Purpose of div 2
   106.    What is a water licence
           Subdivision 2--Obtaining a water licence
   107.    Applying for a water licence
   108.    Applying for transmission water licence
   109.    When application may not be made
   110.    When application may be made
   111.    Additional information may be required
   112.    Public notice of application for water licence
   113.    Criteria for deciding application for water licence
   114.    Deciding application for water licence
   115.    Effect of disposal of part of land to which application for water licence relates
   116.    Granting a water licence under a process in a plan or regulation
           Subdivision 3--Contents, terms and conditions of water licences
   117.    Contents of water licence
   118.    Conditions of water licence
   119.    Where water under certain licences must be used
           Subdivision 4--Dealings with water licences
   120.    What are dealings with water licences
   121.    Who may apply for dealing with water licence
   122.    How to apply for dealing with water licence
   123.    Application to amend water licence to add or remove land
   124.    Water licence remains in force until application for renewal decided
   125.    Application to reinstate expired water licence
   126.    Application to relocate water licence etc.
   127.    Application for a seasonal water assignment
   128.    Additional information may be required for application for dealings
   129.    When chief executive must refuse application
   130.    When dealing must be assessed as if it were a new water licence
   131.    Recording other dealings
   132.    Actions chief executive may take in relation to water licences
   133.    Actions chief executive must take in relation to water licences
   134.    Amendment of water licence after show cause process
   135.    Cancellation of water licence
   136.    Surrender of a water licence

           Division 3--Water permits

   137.    Applying for water permit
   138.    Criteria for deciding application for water permit
   139.    Deciding application for water permit
   140.    Contents of water permit
   141.    Conditions of water permit
   142.    Cancelling water permit

           Division 4--Water allocations
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   143.    Meaning of element of a water allocation
   144.    Meaning of maximum rate for div 4
   145.    Meaning of volumetric limit for div 4
           Subdivision 2--Converting water entitlements and granting water allocations
   146.    Converting water entitlements
   147.    Granting water allocations under a process in a plan
   148.    Relationship between water plans and water allocation
   149.    Security for supply and storage of water allocation
   150.    Amending water allocations
   151.    Correcting water allocation when recording the granting or amending
   152.    Registration details for water allocations
   153.    Water allocations to which a distribution operations licence applies
   154.    Preservation of obligation in particular circumstances
   155.    Disclosure to proposed transferee or lessee of water allocation to which distribution operations licence applies
           Subdivision 3--Dealings with water allocations
   156.    Meaning of water allocation dealing
   157.    Transfers or leases of water allocations not managed under a resource operations licence
   158.    Water allocation dealing rules
   159.    Applying for water allocation dealing consistent with water allocation dealing rules
   160.    Form and validity of certificate
   161.    Registering approved application for a water allocation dealing
   162.    Water allocations may be surrendered
   163.    Cancelling water allocations
   164.    Water allocations may be forfeited
   165.    Dealing with water allocations granted or dealt with through fraud
   166.    Priority for applying proceeds of sale of water allocations under a power of sale
           Subdivision 4--Registering interests and dealings for water allocations
   167.    Registrar
   168.    Water allocations register
   169.    Form of register
   170.    Interests and dealings that may be registered
   171.    Effect on priority of notices given under s 73(1)(b)
   172.    Effect on priority of notices given under s 73(1)(c)
   173.    Application of Land Title Act 1994 to water allocations register
   174.    Application of other Acts to the water allocations register
   175.    Searching water allocations register

           Division 5--Resource operations licences and distribution operations licences
           Subdivision 1--Nature and content of resource operations licences and distribution operations licences

   176.    What is a resource operations licence
   177.    What is a distribution operations licence
   178.    Nomination and approval of entity as distribution operations licence holder
   179.    Content of a resource operations licence or distribution operations licence
           Subdivision 2--Granting or amending resource operations licence or distribution operations licence
   180.    Chief executive may grant a resource operations licence or distribution operations licence without application
   181.    Application for resource operations licence or distribution operations licence
   182.    Deciding application for resource operations licence or distribution operations licence
   183.    Chief executive must amend a resource operations licence or distribution operations licence for consistency with water plan
   184.    Holder may apply to amend resource operations licence or distribution operations licence
   185.    Chief executive may amend resource operations licence or distribution operations licence in an emergency
   186.    Minor, stated or agreed amendments of resource operations licence or distribution operations licence
           Subdivision 3--Transferring, amalgamating and cancelling resource operations licences or distribution operations licences
   187.    Applying for transfer of licence
   188.    Additional requirements for transfer of distribution operations licence to nominee
   189.    Additional information may be required
   190.    Deciding application to transfer licence
   191.    Approving application to transfer licence
   192.    Refusing application to transfer licence
   193.    Amalgamating licences
   194.    Cancelling licence
   195.    Procedure for cancelling licence
   196.    Cancelling licence no longer required
           Subdivision 4--Operations manuals
   197.    Requirement to have an operations manual
   198.    Approval of operations manual
   199.    Resolving disputes about approval of operations manual
   200.    Application to amend or replace operations manual
   201.    Operations manual must remain consistent with water plan, resource operations licence and distribution operations licence
           Subdivision 5--Audit reports
   202.    Preparing regular audit reports
   203.    Access for conducting a relevant audit

           Division 6--Operations licences
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   204.    Purpose of div 6
   205.    Application of div 6
           Subdivision 2--Granting operations licences
   206.    Applying for operations licence
   207.    Additional information may be required
   208.    Criteria for deciding application for operations licence
   209.    Deciding application for operations licence
   210.    Conditions of operations licence
           Subdivision 3--Dealings with operations licences
   211.    Amending operations licences on application of licensee
   212.    Giving show cause notice about proposed amendment of operations licence
   213.    When chief executive must amend operations licence
   214.    Minor amendment of operations licence
   215.    Transferring operations licence
   216.    Surrendering operations licence
   217.    Cancelling operations licence

           Part 4--Riverine protection

           Division 1--Granting permits for excavating or placing fill in a watercourse, lake or spring

   218.    Applying for permit to excavate or place fill in a watercourse, lake or spring
   219.    Additional information may be required
   220.    Criteria for deciding application
   221.    Deciding application

           Division 2--Dealings with riverine protection permits

   222.    Amending conditions or cancelling permit
   223.    Deciding whether to proceed with proposed cancellation or amendment
   224.    Immediate suspension of riverine protection permit in exceptional circumstances

           Division 3--Notices

   225.    Notice to owner of land to remove vegetation etc.

           Part 5--Quarry materials

           Division 1--Preliminary

   226.    Ownership and management of certain quarry material

           Division 2--Granting and selling allocations of quarry material

   227.    Applying for allocation of quarry material
   228.    Additional information may be required
   229.    Criteria for deciding application for allocation of quarry material
   230.    Deciding application for allocation of quarry material
   231.    Selling allocation of State quarry material by auction or tender

           Division 3--Content and conditions of allocation notices

   232.    Content of allocation notices
   233.    Conditions of allocation notices
   234.    Financial assurance for allocation of quarry material

           Division 4--Dealings with allocations of quarry material

   235.    Transferring allocation of quarry material
   236.    Renewing allocations of quarry material
   237.    Amending, suspending or cancelling allocation notice
   238.    Deciding whether to proceed with proposed amendment, suspension or cancellation of allocation notice
   239.    Surrendering allocation notice

           Division 5--General

   240.    Royalty or price for State quarry material

           Part 6--Miscellaneous

   241.    Referral panels
   242.    Minister may direct chief executive to establish referral panel

           Chapter 2A--Water supply and demand management

           Part 1--Preliminary

   340.    Main purpose of ch 2A and its achievement
   341.    What is the SEQ region

           Part 2--Water security planning

           Division 1--Designation of regions and nomination of water service providers

   342.    Designation of regions
   343.    Nomination of water service providers

           Division 2--Desired level of service objectives

   344.    Desired level of service objectives
   345.    Public notice about proposed desired level of service objectives
   346.    Chief executive must consider properly made submissions
   347.    Report on desired level of service objectives
   348.    Review of desired level of service objectives

           Division 3--Water security program
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   349.    Definition for div 3
           Subdivision 2--Requirement for water security program
   350.    Bulk water supply authority to have water security program
   351.    Nominated water service providers to have water security program
   352.    Particular water service providers to have water security program
   353.    Content of water security program
           Subdivision 3--Preparing and finalising water security program
   354.    Preparing draft water security program
   355.    Consultation for draft water security program
   356.    Chief executive to review draft water security program
   357.    Special procedures for draft water security program if changes recommended
   358.    Finalisation and publication of water security program
           Subdivision 4--Review and amendment of water security program
   359.    Review of water security program
   360.    Amendment of water security program
   360A.   Procedure for amending water security program
           Subdivision 5--Miscellaneous provision
   360B.   Designated water security entity not required to prepare drought management plan under Water Supply Act

           Part 3--Arrangements for SEQ region

           Division 1--Preliminary

   360C.   Definitions for pt 3
   360D.   Operation of pt 3
   360E.   Application of pt 3
   360F.   Obtaining information

           Division 2--Bulk water supply agreements

   360G.   Making agreement
   360H.   Bulk water party may amend non-mandatory terms of agreement
   360I.   Minister's direction about agreement amendment
   360J.   Offence to fail to comply with Minister's direction about agreement amendment
   360K.   Record of bulk water supply agreements
   360L.   Liability of bulk water parties

           Division 3--Bulk water supply code
           Subdivision 1--General provisions about code

   360M.   Minister's power to make code
   360N.   Content of code—costs and prices
   360O.   Content of code—general
   360P.   When code takes effect
   360Q.   Tabling of code
   360R.   Publication of code
   360S.   Compliance with code
   360T.   Civil liability not affected by code
           Subdivision 2--Process for making or amending code
   360U.   Consultation for code

           Division 4--Supply of bulk services

   360V.   Supply under bulk water supply agreement
   360W.   Minister may decide cost or price
   360X.   Amended cost or price
   360Y.   Limitation of review
   360Z.   Minister's direction about bulk services supplied by SEQ service provider

           Chapter 3--Underground water management

           Part 1--Preliminary

           Division 1--Interpretation

   361.    Purpose of ch 3
   362.    Definitions for ch 3
   363.    Water bores to which ch 3 applies
   364.    References in ch 3 to resource tenures and holders of resource tenures if the tenure ends

           Division 2--Cumulative management areas

   365.    Declaring cumulative management areas

           Division 3--General obligations of resource tenure holders

   366.    Obligation to use best endeavours to obtain approvals
   367.    Obligation to use best endeavours to obtain information

           Part 2--Reporting

           Division 1--Preliminary

   368.    Who is a responsible entity
   369.    Who is a responsible tenure holder
   369A.   Application of pt 2

           Division 2--Underground water impact reports

   370.    Obligation to give underground water impact report
   370A.   When obligation to give underground water impact report does not apply—exemption for low risk resource tenures
   370B.   When obligation to give further underground water impact report does not apply
   371.    When obligation to give underground water impact report does not apply—notice of closure

           Division 3--Notices of closure and final reports

   372.    Obligation to give notice of closure—general
   373.    Obligation to give notice of closure—relevant events
   374.    Obligation to give final report
   375.    When obligation to give final report does not apply

           Division 4--Requirements for underground water impact reports and final reports
           Subdivision 1--Content

   376.    Content of underground water impact report
   377.    Content of final report
   378.    Content of water monitoring strategy
   379.    Content of spring impact management strategy
   380.    Identifying responsible tenure holders for cumulative management areas
           Subdivision 2--Consultation by responsible entity
   381.    Requirement for consultation
   382.    Public notice and copies of report
   383.    Submissions summary

           Division 5--Approval of report by chief executive

   384.    Modifying report before approval
   385.    Decision on report
   386.    Publishing approval and making report available

           Division 6--Provisions about approved reports

   387.    Approved underground water impact report or final report establishes immediately affected and long-term affected areas
   388.    Effect of approved underground water impact report
   389.    Effect of approved final report
   390.    Compliance with approved reports

           Division 7--Amending approved reports

   391.    Minor or agreed amendments of approved report
   392.    Direction to propose amendment and consult on proposal
   393.    Other amendments

           Part 3--Baseline assessments

           Division 1--Preliminary

   394.    What is a baseline assessment
   394A.   Application of pt 3
   395.    Chief executive may make guidelines
   396.    Method of undertaking baseline assessment

           Division 2--Preparing and approving baseline assessment plans

   397.    Obligation to prepare baseline assessment plan
   398.    Requirements for baseline assessment timetable
   399.    Approval of baseline assessment plan
   400.    Compliance with approved baseline assessment plan

           Division 3--Amending approved baseline assessment plans

   401.    Application to amend

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   402.    Direction by chief executive to undertake baseline assessment
   403.    Notice of intention to undertake baseline assessment
   404.    Bore owner must give information
   405.    Notice of outcome of baseline assessment

           Part 4--General agreements about water bores

   406.    Obligation to negotiate general agreement
   407.    Effect of an agreement under this part

           Part 5--Make good obligations for water bores

           Division 1--Preliminary

   408.    Definition for pt 5
   409.    Make good obligations for water bores
   410.    Who must comply with make good obligations

           Division 2--Bore assessments
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   411.    What is a bore assessment
   412.    When does a water bore have an impaired capacity
   413.    Chief executive may make guidelines
   414.    Method of undertaking bore assessment
           Subdivision 2--Obligations relating to bore assessments
   415.    Notice of intention to undertake bore assessment
   416.    Bore owner must give information
           Subdivision 3--Obligations to undertake bore assessments
   417.    Obligation to undertake bore assessment of immediately affected area bore in particular circumstances
   418.    Direction by chief executive to undertake bore assessment
   419.    Notice of outcome of bore assessment

           Division 3--Make good agreements
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   420.    What is a make good agreement for a water bore
   421.    What is a make good measure for a water bore
   422.    Persons bound by make good agreement
           Subdivision 2--Requirements to enter into make good agreements
   423.    Requirement to enter into make good agreement and reimburse bore owner
   423A.   Termination of make good agreement during cooling-off period
           Subdivision 3--Obligation to negotiate variation of make good agreements
   424.    Negotiating variation of make good agreement

           Division 4--Disputes about make good obligations
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   425.    Application of div 4
   426.    Parties may seek conference or independent ADR
   427.    Duration of conference or ADR
           Subdivision 2--Calling conference and attendance
   428.    Calling conference
   429.    Who may attend conference
   430.    What happens if a party does not attend
           Subdivision 3--Conduct of conference
   431.    Authorised officer's role
   432.    Statements made at conference
   433.    Negotiated agreement
           Subdivision 4--Land Court decision on dispute
   434.    Deciding dispute through Land Court after unsuccessful conference or ADR
   435.    Provisions for making decision
   436.    Provisions for deciding any compensation
   437.    Land Court's decision binds successors and assigns

           Part 6--End of tenure provisions

   438.    Application of make good obligations to particular bores
   439.    Continuation of underground water obligations
   440.    Resource tenure holder may start complying with make good obligations before final report approved
   441.    Right of entry after resource tenure ends to comply with particular obligations

           Part 8--Directions by chief executive

           Division 1--Direction to undertake water monitoring activities

   448.    Application of div 1
   449.    Chief executive may direct resource tenure holder to carry out water monitoring activities

           Division 2--Emergency directions

   450.    Application of div 2
   451.    Power to give direction
   452.    Offence to fail to comply with direction
   453.    Chief executive may take action and recover costs

           Division 3--Other directions

   454.    Directions to resource tenure holders and bore owners to give information

           Chapter 3A--Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment

           Part 1--General provisions about the office

           Division 1--Establishment

   455.    Establishment

           Division 2--Functions and powers

   456.    Functions of office
   457.    General powers of office
   458.    Advice to chief executive
   459.    Office to keep and maintain database
   460.    Obtaining information about underground water from resource tenure holders
   461.    Advisory bodies

           Division 3--Membership of the office

   462.    Membership of office

           Division 4--Staff of the office
           Subdivision 1--Manager of the office

   463.    Manager of the office
   464.    Appointment of manager
   465.    Eligibility for appointment
   466.    Term of appointment
   467.    Functions of the manager
   468.    Powers of the manager
   469.    Independence in performing functions
   470.    Manager not to engage in other paid employment
   471.    Vacancy in office of manager
   472.    Termination of appointment
   473.    Delegation
   474.    Preservation of rights as public service officer
   475.    Superannuation if previously a public service officer
           Subdivision 2--Other staff of the office
   476.    Office staff
   477.    Alternative staffing arrangements

           Part 2--Funding for office

   478.    Groundwater Impact Assessment Fund
   479.    Annual levy for underground water management
   479A.   Recovery of levy
   480.    Payment of amounts into Groundwater Impact Assessment Fund
   481.    Payment of amounts from Groundwater Impact Assessment Fund
   482.    Administration of Groundwater Impact Assessment Fund

           Part 3--Miscellaneous provisions

   483.    Public access to database
   484.    Resource tenure holder access to information
   485.    Chief executive's access to information

           Chapter 4--Water authorities

           Part 1--Preliminary

   542.    Purposes of ch 4

           Part 2--Water authorities

           Division 1--General

   548.    Establishing water authorities
   549.    Categories of water authorities
   550.    Water authority is a body corporate etc.
   551.    Application of particular Acts to a water authority

           Division 2--Procedure

   556.    Amending establishment regulation
   557.    Considering submissions on amending establishment regulation

           Part 3--Functions and powers of water authorities

           Division 1--Functions

   569.    Main function of water authority
   570.    Other functions of water authority
   571.    Establishment as a water authority is not a right to water entitlement or resource operations licence

           Division 2--Powers
           Subdivision 1--Rates and charges

   572.    Power to make and levy rates and charges
   573.    Exemption from rates
   575.    Discount for payment of rates and charges
   576.    Recovering rates and charges
           Subdivision 2--Taking land
   577.    Power to take land
   578.    Purposes for which land may be taken
           Subdivision 3--General
   579.    Delegation

           Division 3--Reporting requirements

   580.    Notice of proposed significant action
   581.    Minister may require information
   582.    Statement of operations
   583.    Identification and disclosure of cross-subsidies

           Division 4--Work performance arrangements

   584.    Water authority may enter into work performance arrangements

           Division 5--Water authority officers' duties and responsibilities

   585.    Duties and liabilities of water authority officers

           Part 4--Board of directors

           Division 1--Appointment etc. of board of directors

   597.    Board of directors
   598.    Composition of board for water authorities
   598A.   Changing the composition of a board
   600.    Appointment of directors
   601.    Chairperson
   602.    Administration of water authority
   603.    Eligibility for appointment as director
   603A.   Investigations about eligibility for appointment
   603B.   Criminal history is confidential document
   604.    Term of office for directors of water authorities
   604A.   Special provision for director nominated by local government
   606.    Resignation
   607.    Termination of appointment as director
   608.    Casual vacancy
   609.    Removal of board

           Division 2--Directors' duties

   610.    Disclosure of interests
   611.    Declaration about duty to act in authority's interest
   612.    Prohibition on loans to directors
   613.    Water authority not to indemnify officers
   614.    Water authority not to pay premiums for particular liabilities of officers
   615.    Director's duty to prevent insolvent trading
   616.    Court may order compensation
   617.    Examination of persons concerned with water authorities
   618.    Power to grant relief
   619.    False or misleading information or documents

           Division 3--Board proceedings

   619A.   Application
   620.    Time and place of meetings
   621.    Conduct of proceedings
   622.    Participation in meetings by telephone etc.
   623.    Minutes

           Division 4--Directors' fees and allowances

   624.    Fees and allowances

           Part 5--Category 1 water authority matters

           Division 1--Commercialising category 1 water authorities
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   637.    Meaning of commercialisation
   638.    Key commercialisation principles
           Subdivision 2--Category 1 water authorities subject to commercialisation
   639.    Category 1 water authorities subject to commercialisation
   640.    Key objectives of category 1 water authority

           Division 3--Corporate plan for category 1 water authorities

   645.    Category 1 water authority must have corporate plan
   646.    Guidelines for corporate plans
   647.    Draft corporate plan
   648.    Special procedures for draft corporate plan
   649.    Corporate plan on agreement
   650.    Corporate plan pending agreement
   651.    Modifying corporate plan

           Division 4--Performance plan for category 1 water authorities

   652.    Category 1 water authority must have performance plan
   653.    Content of performance plan
   654.    Preparing draft performance plan
   655.    Special procedures for draft performance plan
   656.    Performance plan on agreement
   657.    Performance plan pending agreement
   658.    Modifying performance plan

           Division 5--Tax equivalents manual for category 1 water authorities

   659.    Treasurer may issue tax equivalents manual

           Division 6--Dividends payable by category 1 water authorities

   660.    Payment of dividends
   661.    Interim dividends

           Part 6--Reserve powers of Minister

   675.    Minister's power to notify water authority of public sector policies
   676.    Minister's power to give directions in public interest
   678.    Notice of suspected insolvency because of notice or direction

           Part 7--Amalgamating, dissolving and transferring functions of water authorities and authority areas

           Division 1--Amalgamating or dissolving water authorities and authority areas
           Subdivision 1--General procedure

   690.    Amalgamating water authorities and authority areas
   691.    Dissolution of water authority and authority area
   691A.   Distribution contract applying for particular water allocations
   692.    Public notice of proposed amalgamation or dissolution
   694.    Considering submissions on proposed amalgamation or dissolution
           Subdivision 2--Additional procedures for conversion to an alternative institutional structure
   695.    Water authority may request its dissolution
   695A.   Closed water activity agreement
   696.    Procedure before authority is dissolved to convert to alternative institutional structures
           Subdivision 3--Other matters
   697.    Recovering amalgamation or dissolution costs

           Division 2--Transferring water authority's functions to local government

   700A.   Process for transfer

           Division 3--Effect of amalgamating, dissolving, converting to alternative institutional structure and transferring functions

   701.    Definitions for div 3
   701A.   Notification for conversion to 2 or more alternative institutional structures
   702.    Vesting of assets, rights and liabilities
   703.    Continuing legal proceedings
   704.    Existing employees
   705.    State undertakes non-transferable civil liability
   706.    Non-liability for State taxes
   707.    Water authority to help local government for transfer

           Part 8--Miscellaneous

   717.    Recovering water authority's establishment costs

           Chapter 5--Investigations, enforcement and offences

           Part 1--Investigation matters

           Division 1--Authorised officers

   739.    Appointment and qualifications of authorised officers
   740.    Functions and powers of authorised officers
   741.    Conditions of appointment of authorised officers
   742.    Authorised officer's identity card
   743.    Failure to return identity card
   744.    Producing or displaying identity card

           Division 2--Powers of entry of authorised officers

   745.    Definition for div 2
   746.    Power to enter land to monitor compliance
   747.    Power to enter land in relation to information collection
   748.    Power to enter land to search for unauthorised activities
   749.    Power to enter places for other purposes

           Division 3--Procedure for entry

   750.    Entry with consent
   751.    Applying for warrant
   752.    Issue of warrant
   753.    Special warrants
   754.    Warrants—procedure before entry

           Division 4--Powers of authorised officers after entering a place

   755.    General powers after entering places
   756.    Failure to help authorised officer
   757.    Failure to give information

           Division 4A--Power to seize evidence

   757A.   Seizing evidence
   757B.   Securing seized things
   757C.   Tampering with seized things
   757D.   Powers to support seizure
   757E.   Receipts for seized things
   757F.   Forfeiture by authorised officer
   757G.   Forfeiture on conviction
   757H.   Dealing with forfeited things
   757I.   Return of seized things
   757J.   Access to seized things

           Division 5--Power to obtain information

   758.    Power to require name and address
   759.    Failure to give name or address
   760.    Power to require production of documents
   761.    Failure to certify copy of document
   762.    Failure to produce document
   763.    Power to require information

           Division 6--Compensation for damage caused when exercising power

   764.    Giving notice of damage
   765.    Compensation for damage

           Division 7--Obtaining criminal history reports

   766.    Purpose of div 7
   767.    Chief executive's power to obtain criminal history report
   768.    Criminal history is confidential document

           Part 2--Enforcement matters

           Division 1--Show cause and compliance notices

   779.    General requirements for show cause notices
   780.    Who may give a compliance notice
   781.    General requirements for compliance notices
   782.    Compliance with compliance notice
   783.    Chief executive may take action and recover costs

           Division 2--Enforcement orders

   784.    Proceeding for orders
   785.    Proceeding brought in a representative capacity
   786.    Making interim enforcement order
   787.    Proceeding for enforcement order without notice
   788.    Making enforcement order
   789.    Effect of orders
   790.    Court's powers about orders
   791.    Contributing to cost of bringing proceeding

           Division 3--Costs for proceedings under division 2

   792.    Parties to pay own costs for proceedings

           Part 3--Offences

           Division 1--Offences for chapter 2

   808.    Unauthorised taking, supplying or interfering with water
   809.    Using water contrary to water use plan
   811.    Tampering with devices
   812.    Contravening conditions of water entitlement, seasonal water assignment notice or water permit
   813.    Contravening licence condition
   814.    Excavating or placing fill without permit
   815.    Removing quarry material
   816.    Unauthorised water bore activities
   817.    Contravening requirements for mining and petroleum drilling
   818.    Contravening condition of water bore driller's licence
   819.    False or misleading advertising
   820.    Taking water without operations licence

           Division 3--General offences

   825.    False or misleading statements
   826.    False or misleading documents
   827.    Obstructing and impersonating authorised officers
   828.    Executive officer may be taken to have committed offence

           Chapter 6--Reviews and appeals

           Part 1--Interpretation

   851.    Who is an interested person

           Part 2--Internal review of decisions

   861.    Appeal or external review process starts with internal review
   862.    Who may apply for internal review
   863.    Applying for an internal review
   864.    Review decision
   865.    Stay of operation of original decision

           Part 3--Appeals and external reviews

   877.    Who may appeal or apply for external review
   878.    Starting an appeal to the Land Court
   879.    Staying operation of review decision
   880.    Hearing procedures
   881.    Assessors
   882.    Powers of court on appeal

           Chapter 7--Legal proceedings

           Part 1--Evidence

   918.    Application of pt 1
   919.    Appearance
   920.    Appointments and authority
   921.    Evidentiary aids

           Part 2--Proceedings

   931.    Proceedings for offences
   932.    Who may bring proceedings for offences
   933.    Proceeding brought in a representative capacity
   934.    Magistrates Court may make orders
   935.    Costs involved in bringing proceeding
   936.    Responsibility for acts or omissions of representatives

           Chapter 8--Miscellaneous

           Part 1--Appointment of administrator

   955.    Governor in Council may appoint administrator to operate infrastructure
   956.    Effect of administrator operating infrastructure
   959.    Displacement provision for Corporations legislation

           Part 2--Relationship with Planning Act

           Division 1--Development applications
           Subdivision 1--Additional provisions for making development applications

   966.    Applications for the removal of quarry material
   967.    Applications for levees
           Subdivision 2--Additional assessment criteria
   968.    Chief executive as assessing authority or advice agency
   969.    New or existing levee
   970.    Other assessment criteria and decision stage unaffected by subdivision
           Subdivision 4--Miscellaneous
   972B.   When an applicant may appeal to Land Court

           Division 2--Development permits and development approvals

   972C.   Offence to take or interfere with water if development permit required
   972D.   Additional rights for permits for operational work
   972E.   Restriction on development approval for operational work
   972F.   Allocation of quarry material is subject to approval under Planning Act

           Division 3--Directions by chief executive
           Subdivision 1--Direction powers

   972G.   Relationship with Planning Act
   972H.   Modification or removal of works
   972I.   Removal of quarry material
   972J.   Modification or removal of levees
           Subdivision 2--Effect of directions
   972K.   Application of sdiv 2
   972L.   Direction is a compliance notice
   972M.   When direction takes effect
   972N.   Effect on development permit
   972O.   Offence to fail to comply with direction

           Part 2A--Installing, maintaining and reading meters

   973.    Appointment and qualifications of metering contractors
   974.    Metering contractor's identity card
   975.    Failure to return identity card
   976.    Producing or displaying identity card
   977.    Power to enter places for stated purposes
   978.    Obstructing metering contractors
   979.    Giving notice of damage
   980.    Compensation for damage

           Part 2B--Water bore drillers

           Division 1--Granting water bore driller's licences

   981.    Applying for water bore driller's licence
   982.    Additional information may be required
   983.    Deciding application for water bore driller's licence
   983A.   Conditions of water bore driller's licence

           Division 2--Dealings with water bore driller's licences

   983B.   Applying to amend water bore driller's licence
   983C.   Giving show cause notice about proposed amendment of water bore driller's licence
   983D.   Deciding proposed amendment of water bore driller's licence
   983E.   Minor or stated amendments of water bore driller's licence
   983F.   Renewing water bore driller's licence
   983G.   Reinstating expired water bore driller's licence
   983H.   Suspending water bore driller's licence
   983I.   Cancelling water bore driller's licence

           Division 3--General

   983J.   Production of licence to authorised officer
   983K.   Failure to return suspended, cancelled or expired licence
   983L.   Records of water bores drilled
   983M.   Replacing lost or destroyed water bore driller's licence

           Part 3--Compensation

           Division 1--Preliminary

   984.    Definitions for pt 3
   985.    Application of pt 3

           Division 2--Particular water allocation owners

   986.    Particular reductions in allocation's value

           Division 3--Particular water access entitlement owners
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   986A.   Application of div 3
           Subdivision 2--Compensation for particular changes for the environmental update purpose
   986B.   Compensation entitlement
   986C.   Designated plans and replacements
   986D.   Prescribed area plans
   986E.   Interim water resource plans
           Subdivision 3--Compensation for particular policy changes
   986F.   Compensation entitlement
           Subdivision 4--Restrictions on compensation entitlement
   986G.   Restrictions

           Division 4--Miscellaneous provisions

   986H.   Regulation-making power
   986I.   Water plan to identify particular changes
   986J.   Making water management plans by declaration
   987.    Limiting compensation for reduced value of entitlement to water
   988.    Time limits for claiming compensation
   989.    Time limits for deciding and advising on claims
   990.    Deciding claims for compensation
   991.    Calculating reasonable compensation involving changes
   992.    When compensation is payable

           Part 3A--Authority held by Mount Isa Mines Limited

   992A.   Authority held by Mount Isa Mines Limited under special agreement Act

           Part 3B--SEQ Water

   992B.   Application of pt 3B
   992C.   Requirement for supply contract
   992D.   Chief executive may approve standard supply contract
   992E.   Customer of a service provider
   992F.   Cost of installing and maintaining meters

           Part 3C--Authorities under particular special agreement Acts

           Division 1--Particular authority for Wenlock Basin

   992G.   Definitions for div 1
   992H.   Application of div 1
   992I.   Continuation of authority and grant of water licence to replace authority
   992J.   Amendment of water licence that replaces authority

           Division 2--Particular authority for Alcan agreement Act and Comalco agreement Act

   992K.   Definitions for div 2
   992L.   Continuation of authority and grant of water licence

           Division 3--Other authorities

   992M.   Definitions for div 3
   992N.   Application of div 3
   992O.   Relevant company may request water entitlement
   992P.   Effect of grant of water entitlement on existing authority to take or interfere with water under the special agreement

           Part 4--Provisions about the corporatised entity

   993.    Power to collect drainage rates
   994.    Exemption from drainage rates
   995.    Interest on overdue drainage rates
   996.    Discount for payment of drainage rates
   997.    Recovering drainage rates
   999.    Minister's and Treasurer's power to give joint directions to corporatised entity

           Part 4A--Private water supply agreements for former water areas

   1000.   Entering private water supply agreements
   1001.   Registration of private water supply agreement
   1002.   When agreement has effect
   1003.   Amending a private water supply agreement
   1003A.  Chief executive may approve standard agreement

           Part 4B--Special provision for Condamine and Balonne Resource Operations Plan

   1003B.  Condamine and Balonne Resource Operations Plan amended

           Part 4C--Special provision for Gulf Resource Operations Plan

   1003C.  Gulf Resource Operations Plan amended

           Part 5--General provisions

   1005.   Advisory councils
   1006.   Declarations about watercourses
   1007.   Records to be kept in registries
   1009.   Public inspection and purchase of documents
   1009A.  Publishing under this Act
   1010.   Protecting officials from liability
   1010A.  Non-disclosure of commercially sensitive information
   1011.   Delegation by Minister
   1012.   Delegation by chief executive
   1013.   Approved forms
   1013AA. Acceptance of particular requests and applications not in the approved form
   1013A.  Fees and charges payable to the chief executive
   1013B.  Non-payment of fees or charges
   1013C.  Fees—payment methods
   1013CA. Fees—evidence and timing of payment
   1013D.  Minister's and Treasurer's power to give joint directions to bulk water supply authority
   1013E.  Advice to administering Minister about commission of particular offences
   1014.   Regulation-making power
   1014A.  Special regulation-making power to support outer bank identification

           Part 6--Murray-Darling Basin

   1015.   Particular documents to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly

           Chapter 9--Transitional provisions and repeals

           Part 1--Transitional provisions for allocation and sustainable management

   1037.   Local government authorities
   1037A.  Other continuing authorities
   1046.   Declared underground water areas
   1048.   Existing applications
   1048A.  Existing licences, permits and approvals
   1048B.  Existing trade waste approvals
   1057.   Reinstating particular expired licences
   1058.   Reinstating particular expired licences in former water areas

           Part 2--Transitional provisions for service providers, service areas, failure impact assessing of dams and flood mitigation

           Division 2--Failure impact assessing for dams
           Subdivision 1--Hazardous dams

   1065.   Application of sdiv 1
   1065AA. Additional ground for amending safety condition of environmental authority
   1065A.  Transitional provision for dams containing hazardous waste
           Subdivision 2--Other dams
   1065AB. Application of sdiv 2
   1066.   Application of ch 3, pt 6, div 1 to other dams
   1067.   Failure impact assessing existing unlicensed dams
   1068.   Failure impact assessing prescribed licensed dams
   1069.   Failure impact assessing licensed dams not prescribed
   1070.   Failure impact assessing small licensed dams

           Division 3--Flood mitigation

   1071.   Existing flood mitigation manuals

           Part 3--Transitional provisions for water authorities

   1083.   Continuing former water areas and former water boards—general
   1083A.  Former water areas without water boards
   1084.   Continuing Gladstone Area Water Board
   1087.   Existing employees of former water boards
   1088.   Authorised works in former water areas
   1089.   Existing authorities to take, or interfere with, water
   1089A.  Conversion of existing authorities to take water
   1090.   Existing contracts to supply water under repealed GAWB Act
   1091.   References to former water areas and former water boards

           Part 4--Transitional provisions about State Water Projects and its customers

           Division 1--State Water Projects before corporatisation

   1108.   Delegated powers taken to have been validly exercised

           Division 2--State Water Projects after corporatisation
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   1109.   Definitions for div 2
   1110.   Application of div 2
           Subdivision 2--Granting interim resource operations licences and interim water allocations
   1111.   Granting interim resource operations licence to corporatised entity
   1113.   Granting interim water allocations to customers under interim resource operations licences
   1114.   Authorities under pt 4 or 9 of the repealed Act
           Subdivision 3--Supply contracts
   1116.   Minister must approve standard supply contracts
   1117.   Supply under written agreements or orders in council

           Part 5--General

           Division 1--Miscellaneous

   1129.   References in Acts and documents
   1133.   References to water in a watercourse or lake

           Division 4--Transitional provisions for Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2005

   1136B.  Notices given under s 101(1)(b) and (1)(c)
   1136C.  Effect of disposal of part of land to which interim water allocation attaches
   1136D.  Effect of acquisition of part of land to which interim water allocation attaches

           Division 5--Transitional provisions for Water Amendment Act 2005

   1137.   Declaration for s 999
   1139.   Waiver of water meter charges

           Division 6--Transitional provisions for Water Amendment Act 2006

   1140.   Definitions for div 6
   1142.   Provision for particular existing licences

           Division 9--Transitional provisions for Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2007

   1151.   Applications for change to water allocation
   1153.   Application of provision about guidelines for rate notice or account for water supply
   1154.   Application of provision about water advices

           Division 11--Transitional provisions for Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008

   1165.   References to particular entities in relevant water resource plans

           Division 12--Transitional provisions for Water (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2008

   1168.   Existing draft resource operation plans
   1169.   Enactment of amendment of water resource plans does not affect nature of plan

           Division 13--Transitional provision for Sustainable Planning Act 2009

   1170.   Continuing application of ch 8, pt 2

           Division 14--Transitional provisions for Natural Resources and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

   1171.   Continuing application of s 21
   1172.   Transition for jurisdictional change for existing licence or permit

           Division 16--Transitional provisions for Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

   1179.   Definition for div 16
   1181.   Existing agreements between petroleum tenure holders and bore owners

           Division 17--Transitional provisions for Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2011

   1182.   Definitions for div 17
   1190.   Stated amendments of water resource plan
   1196.   Stated amendments of resource operations plan
   1197.   Existing draft water resource plans, draft amending water resource plans and draft new water resource plans to replace existing water resource plans
   1200.   Continuation of provisions relating to replacement of expired licence under old s 229(3)
   1201.   Application of s 289(6)
   1203.   Existing process to amend Water Resource (Condamine and Balonne) Plan 2004
   1207.   Particular notices are taken to be chief executive's or owners' notices

           Division 19--Transitional provisions for South East Queensland Water (Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   1210.   Definitions for div 19
           Subdivision 2--Provisions relating to annual levies
   1211.   Transfer of funds into Groundwater Impact Assessment Fund
   1212.   Notices to pay levy
           Subdivision 3--Transfer of particular authorities to bulk water supply authority
   1213.   Definitions for sdiv 3
   1214.   Application of sdiv 3
   1215.   Transfer scheme
   1216.   Transfer notice
   1217.   Process after transfer notice
   1218.   Continuing authorities
   1219.   References in supply agreements to particular transferring entities
           Subdivision 4--Provisions for ending the water market
   1220.   Definitions for sdiv 4
   1221.   Existing grid contracts
   1222.   Existing customer contracts
           Subdivision 5--Miscellaneous provisions
   1226.   Continuation of system operating plan
   1227.   Delayed application of ss 350–352
   1231.   Particular underground water impact reports taken to have been given by the office
   1232.   Expenditure Advisory Committee
   1233.   First manager of the office

           Part 6--Transitional and validation provisions for Land, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013

           Division 1--Miscellaneous transitional and validation provisions

   1235.   Term of existing water licence
   1236.   Continuation of existing water resource plans
   1237.   Land and water management plans
   1238.   Changes affecting category 1 water authority boards
   1239.   Validation relating to Mount Isa Water Board
   1240.   Removal of particular records from registries
   1242.   References to section 20 of this Act

           Division 2--Transitional provisions about the destruction of vegetation in a watercourse, lake or spring

   1243.   Definitions for div 2
   1244.   Existing applications
   1245.   Existing permits
   1246.   Destruction of vegetation carried out under guidelines

           Division 3--Transitional provisions for existing levees

   1247.   Existing levees
   1248.   References to particular provisions of this Act

           Part 8--Transitional and saving provisions for Water Reform And Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014

           Division 1--Preliminary

   1250.   Definitions for pt 8

           Division 2--Associated water licences
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   1250A.  Application of division
   1250B.  Definitions for division
   1250C.  Associated water licence
           Subdivision 2--Obtaining associated water licences
   1250D.  Applying for an associated water licence
   1250E.  Criteria for deciding application
   1250F.  Deciding application
   1250G.  Contents and conditions of associated water licence
           Subdivision 3--Dealings with associated water licences
   1250H.  Dealings
   1250I.  Application for dealings
   1250J.  Application to renew, or reinstate expired, associated water licence
   1250K.  Additional information may be required for application for dealings
   1250L.  When dealing must be assessed as if it were for a new associated water licence
   1250M.  Recording other dealings
   1250N.  Actions chief executive may take in relation to associated water licences
   1250O.  Amendment of associated water licence after show cause process
   1250P.  Cancellation or surrender of associated water licence
           Subdivision 4--Other matters
   1250Q.  Application for water licence made but not decided before commencement
   1250R.  Compliance with underground water rights on granting of licence
   1250S.  Associated water licence taken to be water licence for particular provisions
   1250T.  Consideration when making decisions about associated water licence
   1250U.  Agreement between holder of mining tenure and water bore

           Division 3--Other transitional provisions

   1251.   Existing authorisations continue to have effect
   1252.   Limitations and prohibitions relating to water in force before commencement
   1253.   Continuation under the amended Act of notices or documents published by Minister or chief executive
   1254.   Request or notice by chief executive under unamended Act
   1255.   Submissions made to Minister under unamended Act
   1256.   Water resource plans taken to be water plans
   1256A.  Deciding application for water licence under section 113
   1257.   References to water resource plans taken to be references to water plans
   1258.   Notices given, or submissions made, to chief executive under unamended Act
   1259.   Stated provisions of a resource operations plan are taken to be, or are included in, or to be read and construed with, other documents
   1260.   Provisions of resource operations plan taken to be included in a resource operations licence
   1261.   Provisions of a resource operations plan taken to be an operations manual
   1262.   Provisions of resource operations plan taken to be included in a distribution operations licence
   1263.   Provisions of resource operations plan taken to be included in a water licence
   1264.   Provisions of resource operations plan taken to be included in a water plan
   1265.   Provisions of Burnett water resource plan taken to be included in operations manual or resource operations licence
   1266.   References to resource operations plans
   1267.   Request to water infrastructure operators to provide proposed arrangements for management of water
   1268.   Applications made but not decided before commencement
   1269.   Applications decided but not given effect before commencement
   1270.   Certificates or notices about water allocations continue under the amended Act
   1271.   Interim resource operations licences and interim water allocations
   1272.   Applications about a water licence under unamended Act if required notice has not been published
   1273.   Notices published about an application under unamended Act
   1273A.  Application for reinstatement or replacement of particular water licences that expired under old ss 221 or 229 as previously in force or under the repealed Act
   1273B.  Particular water licences taken to be in force from day of initial expiry
   1274.   Show cause process started before commencement
   1275.   Referral panels continued under amended Act
   1277.   Special provision for particular petroleum tenure holders
   1278.   Provision for old s 365 (Declaring cumulative management areas)
   1279.   Provision for existing agreements between mining tenure holders and bore owners
   1280.   Continuation of effect of ss 812A and 812B
   1280A.  When reporting and monitoring requirements prescribed both by regulation and water planning instrument
   1280B.  Content of underground water impact report

           Division 4--Regulation-making power for transitional purposes

   1281.   Transitional regulation-making power

           Part 9--Validation provisions for Water Legislation Amendment Act 2016

   1282.   Validation of formation and actions of Lower Herbert Water Management Authority
   1283.   Validation of taking of, or interfering with, underground water by holders of particular mineral development licences and mining leases

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