Queensland Consolidated Acts

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South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009


           Long Title


           Chapter 1--Preliminary

           Part 1--Introduction

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement

           Part 2--Purposes and application of Act

   3.      Purposes of Act
   4.      Achievement of purposes

           Part 3--Interpretation

           Division 1--Key definitions

   5.      Who are a distributor-retailer's participating local governments
   6.      What is a distributor-retailer's geographic area

           Division 2--Dictionary

   7.      Dictionary

           Division 3--Functions

   7A.     References to functions

           Chapter 2--New authorities for water distribution and retailing

           Part 1--Establishment, functions and powers

   8.      Establishment
   9.      Legal status
   10.     Expiry
   11.     Functions
   12.     Powers
   13.     Functions

           Part 2--Application of particular other Acts to distributor-retailers

   14.     Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982
   15.     Financial Accountability Act 2009
   16.     Crime and Corruption Act 2001
   17.     Right to Information Act 2009
   17A.    Information Privacy Act 2009
   18.     Land Act and Land Title Act
   18A.    Penalties and Sentences Act 1992
   18B.    Joint government activity power for LGA 2009 and CBA 2010
   19.     Deletion of commercially sensitive matters from annual report

           Part 3--Participation agreements for distributor-retailers

   20.     Requirement for agreement
   21.     Planning and reporting requirements
   22.     Particular matters agreement may provide for
   23.     Minister's default power to make agreement
   24.     When agreement takes effect
   25.     Tabling of agreement
   26.     Effect as a contract
   27.     Act prevails over agreement
   28.     Power to amend by agreement
   29.     Ministerial approval required for change in particular matters
   30.     Tabling of amended agreement
   30A.    Publication of participation agreement etc.

           Part 4--Boards of distributor-retailers

           Division 1--Establishment, membership and related matters

   31.     Requirement to have board
   32.     Role of boards
   33.     Membership in general
   34.     Councillor-members
   35.     Independent members
   36.     Disqualifications for independent member
   36A.    Terms of membership
   36B.    Chairperson

           Division 2--Business

   37.     Conduct of business
   38.     Time and place of meetings
   39.     Presiding at meetings
   40.     Conduct of meetings
   41.     Minutes
   42.     Disclosure of interests

           Division 3--Financial management

   43.     Approval required for profit distribution

           Part 5--Chief executive officer

   44.     Appointment of chief executive officer
   45.     Term of appointment
   46.     Conditions of appointment
   47.     Qualifications for appointment
   48.     Chief executive officer's responsibilities

           Part 6--Reserve powers of participating local governments

   49.     Group directions
   49A.    Individual directions
   50.     Publication of directions
   51.     Compliance with directions

           Part 7--Miscellaneous provisions

   52.     Authentication of documents
   52A.    Relationship between councillor-member functions and councillor functions
   53.     Delegation

           Chapter 2A--General provisions for distributor-retailers as service providers

           Part 1--Provisions for distributor-retailers to become service providers

           Division 1--General provisions

   53AA.   Distributor-retailers become service providers
   53AB.   Participating local governments cease being service providers
   53AC.   Notice to regulator not required for transfer under transition document
   53AD.   Existing customers

           Division 2--Existing trade waste approvals

   53AF.   Existing trade waste approvals
   53AG.   Power to amend existing trade waste approvals for particular purposes
   53AH.   Requirements for making consistency amendment

           Division 3--Provision of information

   53AI.   Authorised exchange of information

           Part 2--Application of particular Water Supply Act provisions to distributor-retailers

           Division 1--Preliminary

   53AJ.   Purpose of pt 2
   53AK.   Application of pt 2

           Division 2--Application of provisions

   53AL.   Provision about plans under the Water Supply Act—generally
   53AM.   Provision about strategic asset management plan
   53AN.   Provision about system leakage management plan
   53AO.   Provision about drinking water service
   53AP.   Provision about service areas—before water netserv plan is in effect
   53AQ.   Provision about service areas—after water netserv plan is in effect
   53AR.   Provision about recycled water management plan

           Part 3--Overdue charges for water services and wastewater services

   53AS.   Application of pt 3
   53AT.   Interest
   53AU.   Overdue charge is owing by any owner of the premises
   53AV.   Charge on premises for overdue charge, CPI indexation and costs ordered
   53AW.   Quarterly CPI indexation for distributor-retailer's charge
   53AX.   Registration of charge and effect of registration

           Part 3A--Personal details requirements

   53AXA.  Application of pt 3A
   53AXB.  Power to require name and residential address
   53AXC.  Power to require evidence of name or residential address
   53AXD.  Exception if infringement notice offence not proved

           Part 4--Miscellaneous provisions

   53AY.   Authority to acquire land
   53BA.   Ownership of water infrastructure that becomes part of land

           Chapter 2B--Water infrastructure provisions for distributor-retailers

           Part 1--Preliminary

   53BB.   What is water infrastructure and water infrastructure work
   53BC.   What is a public entity
   53BD.   Publicly-controlled places and their public entities
   53BE.   What is a road and a State-controlled road
   53BF.   What are road works
   53BG.   Meaning of location on a road

           Part 2--Carrying out water infrastructure work on publicly-controlled places

           Division 1--When work may be carried out

   53BH.   Right to carry out work on publicly-controlled place
   53BI.   Requirements for carrying out work
   53BJ.   Obtaining public entity's approval or entering consent arrangement
   53BK.   Conditions of approval or arrangement

           Division 2--Obligations in carrying out work

   53BL.   Application of div 2
   53BM.   Guarding
   53BN.   Warning signs on roads
   53BO.   General obligations in carrying out work
   53BP.   Maintenance

           Division 3--Work directions

   53BQ.   Power to give work direction
   53BR.   Compliance with work direction
   53BS.   Costs of carrying out directed work

           Part 3--Public entity work

   53BT.   Application of pt 3
   53BU.   Requirement to consult if water infrastructure affected
   53BV.   Power to require consequential work
   53BW.   Compliance with consequential work requirement
   53BX.   Costs of carrying out required consequential work

           Part 4--Water infrastructure interfering with publicly-controlled place

   53BY.   Application of pt 4
   53BZ.   Remedial action by public entity in emergency
   53CA.   Power to require remedial action
   53CB.   Compliance with remedial action requirement
   53CC.   Costs of taking required remedial action

           Part 5--Water infrastructure work and roads

   53CD.   Application of pt 5
   53CE.   Record obligation
   53CF.   Obligation to give public entity information
   53CG.   Exclusion of liability for particular damage by public entity to water infrastructure
   53CH.   Liability for additional public entity road work expenses
   53CI.   Distributor-retailer and public entity may share costs

           Part 6--Miscellaneous provision

   53CJ.   Compensation

           Chapter 2C--Discharge officers and water connection officers

           Part 1--General provisions about discharge officers and water connection officers

   53CK.   Appointment and other provisions
   53CL.   Functions of a discharge officer
   53CLA.  Functions of a water connection officer

           Part 2--Powers of discharge officers

           Division 1--General powers for entering places

   53CM.   General powers of entry

           Division 2--Entry to take discharge compliance action

   53CN.   Power to enter

           Division 3--Approved inspection programs

   53CO.   Power to enter place subject to approved inspection program
   53CP.   Approving an inspection program
   53CQ.   Content of public notice and access requirements

           Division 4--Obtaining warrants

   53CR.   Application for warrant
   53CS.   Issue of warrant
   53CT.   Application by electronic communication and duplicate warrant
   53CU.   Defect in relation to a warrant

           Division 5--Procedure for entries

   53CV.   Entry with consent
   53CW.   Entry under warrant
   53CX.   Other entries

           Division 6--Powers after entry

   53CY.   Application of div 6
   53CZ.   General powers after entry
   53DA.   Failure to help discharge officer

           Division 7--Personal details requirements

   53DB.   Application of div 7
   53DC.   Power to require name and residential address
   53DD.   Power to require evidence of name or residential address
   53DE.   Exception if discharge offence not proved

           Division 8--Safeguards

   53DF.   Duty to avoid damage
   53DG.   Notice of damage
   53DH.   Content of notice of damage
   53DI.   Compensation from distributor-retailer to owner or occupier

           Part 3--Discharge compliance notices

   53DJ.   Who may give a discharge compliance notice
   53DK.   Requirements for discharge compliance notice
   53DL.   Offence to contravene discharge compliance notice
   53DM.   Action distributor-retailer may take if discharge compliance notice contravened
   53DN.   Recovery of costs of discharge compliance action

           Part 4--Powers of water connection officers

           Division 1--General powers for entering places

   53DNA.  General powers of entry

           Division 2--Other powers of water connection officers

   53DNB.  Application of ch 2C, pt 2, divs 2 to 8

           Part 5--Show cause and water connection compliance notices

           Division 1--Show cause notices

   53DNC.  When show cause notice must be given before compliance notice

           Division 2--Water connection compliance notices

   53DND.  Who may give a water connection compliance notice
   53DNE.  Requirements for water connection compliance notice
   53DNF.  Offence to contravene water connection compliance notice
   53DNG.  Action distributor-retailer may take if water connection compliance notice contravened
   53DNH.  Recovery of costs of water connection compliance action

           Chapter 3--Transfer from local governments to distributor-retailers

           Part 1--Transfer schemes

           Division 1--Making of transfer schemes

   54.     Power to make transfer scheme
   56.     Particular matters scheme may provide for
   56A.    Period of transfer schemes

           Division 2--Approval of transfer scheme

   57.     Request for approval
   58.     Requirements for certification statement
   59.     Deciding request
   60.     Notice and taking effect of approved scheme

           Division 3--Miscellaneous provision

   61.     Discharge of liabilities by transfer scheme

           Part 2--Ministerial powers for transition

   62.     Transfer notice
   63.     Period of transfer notices
   64.     Effect of transfer notice
   65.     Transfer direction

           Part 3--Provisions facilitating transition

           Division 1--General provisions

   66.     Chapter applies despite other laws and instruments
   67.     Decisions not reviewable
   68.     Effect on legal relationships
   69.     Disclosure and use for transition of information
   70.     Registering authority to register or record transfer
   71.     Non-liability for State taxes, charges or fees

           Division 2--Provisions for other laws and instruments
           Subdivision 1--Acquisition of Land Act

   72.     Existing acquisitions
   73.     Acquisitions interrupted by transfer scheme or notice
   74.     Provisions for distributor-retailer becoming constructing authority
           Subdivision 2--Land Act
   75.     Terminating trust land and granting freehold interest
   76.     Granting Land Act lease
           Subdivision 3--Infrastructure agreements
   77.     Application of sdiv 3
   77A.    Novation for unbundled agreements
   77B.    Bundled agreements—terms relating solely to water aspects
   77C.    Bundled agreement—mixed rights
   77D.    Bundled agreement—mixed liabilities
   77E.    Negotiation about mixed rights and liabilities
   77F.    Other necessary changes to be made for transition
   77G.    Other party's rights and liabilities not affected
   77H.    Provision for things done under agreement before the transfer
           Subdivision 3A--Other matters under Acts about planning
   77I.    Application of sdiv 3A
   77J.    Transfer of liability in particular circumstance
   77K.    Provisions for sharing benefit of liability not solely for water infrastructure
   77L.    Changes in references under relevant action
           Subdivision 4--Reconfigurations
   78.     Reconfiguring a lot after transfer scheme or notice takes effect
           Subdivision 5--Planning schemes and declared master planned areas
   78A.    Application of planning schemes for development in SEQ region
   78B.    Distributor-retailer is participating agency

           Part 4--Workforce provisions—preservation of rights of employees

   81.     Application of pt 4
   82.     Continuity of employment

           Part 5--Provisions for separate transfers of land and attached assets

   84.     Application of pt 5
   85.     References to land with asset attached
   86.     Entry to and use of land and structures by asset owner
   87.     Compensation to landowner for entry and use
   88.     Landowner's obligations for asset
   89.     Registration of information about asset

           Part 6--Provisions for easements

   90.     Application of pt 6
   91.     Rights, liabilities and obligations under easement
   92.     Registration of information about easement

           Chapter 3A--Replacement of Allconnex by councils

           Part 1--Preliminary

   92AA.   Application of ch 3A
   92AB.   What is Allconnex
   92AC.   What is a withdrawn council
   92AD.   What is Allconnex's successor

           Part 2--General provisions for retransfer to withdrawn councils on 1 July 2012

           Division 1--Preliminary

   92AE.   Application of pt 2

           Division 2--General service provider provisions

   92AF.   Allconnex ceases to be service provider
   92AG.   Withdrawn councils become service providers
   92AH.   No notice to regulator required
   92AI.   Withdrawn council's initial service area
   92AJ.   Creation of commercial business units for withdrawn councils
   92AK.   Migration of customers
   92AL.   Migration of appointments and delegations

           Division 3--Transfer of Allconnex's trade waste and seepage water functions under Water Supply Act

   92AM.   Application of particular provisions of ch 2C
   92AN.   Other functions not affected

           Division 4--Allconnex's status, functions and board

   92AO.   Legal status unaffected until dissolution
   92AP.   Residual functions
   92AQ.   Board

           Part 3--Retransfer provisions

           Division 1--Retransfer scheme
           Subdivision 1--General provisions

   92AR.   Requirement to make scheme
   92AS.   Restriction on scheme taking effect
           Subdivision 2--Contents
   92AT.   Requirement to deal with proceedings and claims
   92AU.   Accounting for assets and liabilities
   92AV.   Requirement to retransfer particular land to same withdrawn council
   92AW.   Required transferee for after-acquired land
   92AX.   Particular matters scheme may provide for
           Subdivision 3--Certification statement
   92AY.   Requirement to give statement to Minister
   92AZ.   Content requirements
   92BA.   Ministerial notice of retransfer
           Subdivision 4--Miscellaneous provision
   92BB.   Discharge of liabilities

           Division 2--Ministerial functions for retransfer

   92BC.   Retransfer notice
   92BD.   Retransfer direction

           Division 3--Miscellaneous provisions for retransfer documents

   92BE.   Discharge of liabilities
   92BF.   Effect of retransfer document

           Part 4--General provisions facilitating retransfer

           Division 1--Preliminary

   92BG.   Application of pt 4

           Division 2--Default provisions
           Subdivision 1--General provisions

   92BH.   Allconnex's service charges
   92BI.   Allconnex's other assets and liabilities
   92BJ.   Allconnex's replacement for proceedings
   92BK.   Proceedings not started
           Subdivision 2--Provisions for infrastructure agreements and actions under Acts about planning
   92BL.   Application of sdiv 2
   92BM.   Novation if only 1 successor
   92BN.   Negotiation required if more than 1 successor
   92BO.   Effect of negotiated agreement or Minister's decision
   92BP.   Discharge of Allconnex
   92BQ.   Other necessary changes to be made for transition
   92BR.   Provision for things done before retransfer

           Division 3--Information provisions

   92BS.   Authorised exchange of information
   92BT.   Disclosure and use of information for retransfer
   92BU.   Provision for continued access to Allconnex's records
   92BV.   Relationship with Information Privacy Act 2009 and Right to Information Act 2009

           Division 4--Withdrawal costs
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   92BW.   What are withdrawal costs
           Subdivision 2--Entitlements
   92BX.   Gold Coast City Council bears its own withdrawal costs
   92BY.   Allconnex's withdrawal costs
   92BZ.   Other withdrawn councils
   92CA.   Claiming withdrawal costs
   92CB.   Duty to mitigate
   92CC.   Limitation period
   92CD.   Exclusions
           Subdivision 3--Arbitration
   92CE.   Application of sdiv 3
   92CF.   Referral to arbitrator
   92CG.   Conduct of arbitration
   92CH.   Ordinary protection and immunity allowed
   92CI.   Orders
   92CJ.   Order final
   92CK.   How order enforced

           Division 5--Other provisions

   92CL.   Application of Judicial Review Act 1991 to particular decisions
   92CM.   Effect on legal relationships
   92CN.   References to Allconnex
   92CO.   Registering authority to register or record transfer
   92CP.   Non-liability for State taxes, charges or fees
   92CQ.   Tax equivalents
   92CR.   Existing trade waste compliance notices

           Part 5--Provisions for other laws and instruments

           Division 1--Preliminary

   92CS.   Application of pt 5

           Division 2--Water Act

   92CU.   New grid contract documents for withdrawn councils
   92CUA.  Water efficiency management plans
   92CUB.  Migration of other actions

           Division 3--Water Supply Act
           Subdivision 1--Existing trade waste and seepage approvals

   92CV.   Existing trade waste and seepage water approvals
   92CW.   Power to amend existing trade waste approvals for particular purposes
           Subdivision 2--Other matters
   92CX.   Migration of applications
   92CY.   Migration of Allconnex's actions
   92CZ.   Compliance and other notices
   92DA.   Plans under the Water Supply Act—generally
   92DB.   Provision about service areas—after water netserv plan is in effect
   92DC.   Strategic asset management plan
   92DD.   Recycled water management plan
   92DE.   System leakage management plans
   92DF.   Drinking water quality management plan

           Division 4--Water EPP

   92DG.   Trade waste plans and managing wastewater services

           Division 5--Amending particular documents to reflect transition

   92DH.   Amendment power

           Division 6--Planning Act

   92DI.   Cessation of Allconnex's functions
   92DJ.   Continued effect of non-application of planning schemes under s 78A

           Division 7--Acquisition of Land Act

   92DK.   Existing acquisitions
   92DL.   Acquisitions interrupted by retransfer scheme or notice
   92DM.   Provisions for withdrawn council becoming constructing authority

           Division 8--Land Act

   92DN.   Provision for particular freehold land and Land Act leases

           Division 9--Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002

   92DO.   Cessation of functions and other matters

           Division 10--LGA 2009

   92DP.   LGA 2009 applies for particular debts to Allconnex

           Part 6--Provisions for separately retransferred land and attached assets

   92DQ.   Application of pt 6
   92DR.   References to land with asset attached
   92DS.   Entry to the land by local government workers
   92DT.   Landowner's obligations for asset

           Part 8--Workforce provisions—preservation of rights of employees

   92EI.   Application of pt 8
   92EJ.   Transfer has effect despite other laws and instruments
   92EK.   Continuity of employment

           Part 9--Dissolution of Allconnex

   92EQ.   Fixing dissolution day
   92ER.   Dissolution
   92ES.   Other provisions for dissolution

           Chapter 4--Customer water and wastewater code and other customer service provisions

           Part 1--General provisions about code

   93.     Minister's power to make code
   94.     Particular matters code may provide for
   94AA.   Gazettal and taking of effect of code
   94AB.   Tabling of code

           Part 2--Process for making or amending code

   95.     Public notice about availability of draft code
   96.     Preparing and approving final code
   97.     Amendment of code

           Part 3--Review of code

   99.     Review

           Part 4--Other customer service provisions

           Division 1--General provisions about standards of customer service

   99AB.   Obligation to comply with part
   99AC.   Application of complaints standard
   99AD.   Customer service charter
   99AE.   Updating charter
   99AEA.  Access to charter

           Division 2--Meters
           Subdivision 1--General provisions

   99AFA.  SEQ service provider may accept meter reading by customer
   99AG.   Meters must be read annually
   99AH.   Methods and basis of charging
   99AI.   Special meter readings
           Subdivision 2--Meter tests
   99AJ.   Meter accuracy test at customer's request
   99AK.   When meter taken to register accurately
   99AL.   Extent of inaccuracy
   99AM.   Notice of test results
   99AN.   Refund and adjustment if inaccuracy
   99AO.   Using testing instruments

           Division 3--Security and charges
           Subdivision 1--Restrictions on requesting security

   99AP.   Security may only be requested if subdivision complied with
   99AQ.   Residential customers
   99AR.   Non-residential customers
   99AS.   Maximum security that may be requested
   99ASA.  Annual notice of security
           Subdivision 2--Restricting water supply
   99AT.   Restricting water supply
           Subdivision 3--Publication of, and exemption from, charges
   99ATA.  Publication etc. of charges
   99ATB.  Exemption from charges
   99ATC.  Local government must provide information to distributor-retailer

           Division 4--Accounts

   99AU.   Application of div 4
   99AV.   Matters required to be stated in account
   99AW.   Requirements for accounts for rates notices

           Division 5--Miscellaneous provision

   99AX.   New owner's obligation to notify SEQ service provider

           Chapter 4A--SEQ design and construction code

           Part 1--General provisions about code

   99AY.   What is the SEQ design and construction code
   99AZ.   Requirement to have code
   99BA.   Particular matters for code

           Part 2--Process for making or amending code

   99BB.   Public notice about availability of draft code
   99BC.   Preparing final code
   99BD.   Adopting code
   99BE.   When code has effect
   99BF.   Amendment of code

           Part 3--Minister's powers in relation to code

   99BG.   Power of Minister to direct SEQ service provider to take action about code
   99BH.   Power of Minister if SEQ service provider does not comply with direction

           Chapter 4B--Water netserv plans

           Part 1--General provisions

   99BJ.   Requirement for SEQ service provider to adopt plan
   99BK.   Plan to be consistent with SEQ regional plan and planning assumptions
   99BL.   Requirement for SEQ service provider to review plan

           Part 2--Purposes, form and content of plan

   99BM.   Purposes of plan
   99BN.   Form of plan
   99BO.   Content of part A of plan
   99BOA.  Connections policy for distributor-retailers
   99BOB.  Charges schedules for distributor-retailers
   99BP.   Content of part B of plan

           Part 3--Particular provisions about plans

   99BQ.   Matters SEQ service provider must have regard to in making plan

           Part 4--Making and amendment

   99BR.   Process for making
   99BRAA. Process for amending plan
   99BRAB. Adoption of plan or amendment

           Chapter 4C--Water approvals and infrastructure

           Part 1--Services advice notices

   99BRAC. Obtaining notice
   99BRAD. Water approval still required

           Part 2--Water approvals

           Division 1--Application and decision process

   99BRAE. Operation of pt 2
   99BRAF. Applying for water approval
   99BRAG. Decision generally
   99BRAH. Other decision rules
   99BRAI. Decision notice

           Division 2--Conditions and charges
           Subdivision 1--Water approval conditions

   99BRAJ. Water approval conditions must be relevant and reasonable
   99BRAK. Power to amend
   99BRAL. Water approval condition agreements
   99BRAM. Water infrastructure agreement terms become water approval conditions
           Subdivision 2--Water approval charges
   99BRAN. Charges that may be levied

           Division 3--Effect of water approvals

   99BRAO. When approval takes effect
   99BRAP. When approval lapses
   99BRAQ. Approval attaches to land
   99BRAR. Notice about conditions, fees and charges
   99BRAS. Authority to make a connection
   99BRAT. Assessment of connections, water approvals and works

           Part 3--Standard connections

   99BRAU. Requests for standard connections
   99BRAV. Charges that may be levied

           Part 4--Reviews and appeals

           Division 1--Preliminary

   99BRAW. Meaning of interested person and original decision
   99BRAX. Other definitions for pt 4

           Division 2--Internal reviews

   99BRAY. Appeal process starts with internal review
   99BRAZ. Who may apply for review
   99BRBA. Requirements for making internal review application
   99BRBB. Review decision
   99BRBC. Notice of review decision
   99BRBD. Internal review stops particular actions

           Division 3--Appeals to a building and development committee

   99BRBE. Appeals about applications for connections—general
   99BRBF. Appeals about applications for connections—particular charges
   99BRBFA.Appeals against refusal of conversion application
   99BRBG. Application of relevant committee appeal provisions
   99BRBH. Notice of appeal
   99BRBI. Respondent for appeals
   99BRBJ. Who must prove case for appeals
   99BRBK. Registrar must ask distributor-retailer for material in particular proceedings
   99BRBL. Lodging appeal stops particular actions
   99BRBM. Appeals may be combined with appeals under the Planning Act

           Division 4--Appeals to the Planning and Environment Court

   99BRBN. Appeals about applications for connections—general
   99BRBO. Appeals about applications for connections—particular charges
   99BRBOA.Appeals against refusal of conversion application
   99BRBP. Appeals about water connection compliance notices
   99BRBQ. Application of relevant court provisions
   99BRBR. Notice of appeal to other parties
   99BRBS. Stay of operation of water connection compliance notice
   99BRBT. Respondent for appeals
   99BRBU. Who must prove case for appeals
   99BRBV. Lodging appeal stops particular actions
   99BRBW. Appeals may be combined with appeals under the Planning Act

           Part 5--Offences

   99BRBX. Connections without water approval
   99BRBY. Requirement to comply with standard conditions
   99BRBZ. Requirement to comply with conditions of water approvals

           Part 6--Enforcement proceedings

   99BRCA. Starting proceeding for enforcement order
   99BRCB. Application of Water Supply Act enforcement order provisions

           Part 7--Water infrastructure

           Division 1--Preliminary

   99BRCC. Definitions for pt 7

           Division 2--Infrastructure charges schedule

   99BRCD. Operation of div 2
   99BRCE. Schedule of charges to be adopted

           Division 3--Charges for trunk infrastructure
           Subdivision 1--Power to adopt charges

   99BRCF. Power to adopt charges by board decision
           Subdivision 2--Board decision
   99BRCG. Matters for board decision
   99BRCH. Working out cost of infrastructure for offset or refund
   99BRCHA.Criteria for deciding conversion application
           Subdivision 3--Levying charges
   99BRCI. When charge may be levied and recovered
   99BRCJ. Limitation of levied charge
   99BRCK. Requirements for infrastructure charges notice
           Subdivision 4--Payment
   99BRCL. Payment triggers generally
   99BRCM. Agreements about payment or provision instead of payment
           Subdivision 5--Changing charges
   99BRCN. Application of Planning Act, ch 8, pt 2, div 1, sdiv 5
           Subdivision 6--Miscellaneous
   99BRCO. Distributor-retailer may supply different trunk infrastructure from that identified in a water netserv plan

           Division 4--Water approval conditions about trunk infrastructure
           Subdivision 1--Conditions for necessary trunk infrastructure

   99BRCP. Application and operation of sdiv 1
   99BRCQ. Necessary infrastructure condition for infrastructure identified in water netserv plan
   99BRCR. Necessary infrastructure condition for other infrastructure
   99BRCS. Deemed compliance with reasonable or relevant requirement
   99BRCT. Offset or refund requirements
           Subdivision 2--Conditions for additional trunk infrastructure costs
   99BRCU. Power to impose
   99BRCV. Content of additional payment condition
   99BRCW. Restriction if connection completely in connection area and future connection area
   99BRCX. Other area restrictions
   99BRCY. Refund if connection in connection area and future connection area
   99BRCZ. Refund if water approval ceases
   99BRDA. Additional payment condition does not affect other powers
           Subdivision 3--Miscellaneous provisions
   99BRDB. No conditions on State infrastructure suppliers
   99BRDC. Working out cost for required offset or refund

           Division 5--Miscellaneous provisions about trunk infrastructure
           Subdivision 1--Conversion of particular non-trunk infrastructure before construction starts

   99BRDD. Application of sdiv 1
   99BRDE. Application to convert infrastructure to trunk infrastructure
   99BRDF. Deciding conversion application
   99BRDG. Notice of decision
   99BRDH. Effect of and action after conversion
           Subdivision 2--Other provisions
   99BRDI. Application of levied charge

           Division 6--Non-trunk infrastructure

   99BRDJ. Conditions distributor-retailers may impose

           Division 7--Water infrastructure agreements

   99BRDK. Water infrastructure agreement
   99BRDL. Obligation to negotiate in good faith
   99BRDM. Content of water infrastructure agreement
   99BRDMA.Copy of water infrastructure agreement to be given to local government
   99BRDN. When water infrastructure agreement binds successors in title
   99BRDO. Water infrastructure agreement prevails over water approval and infrastructure charges notice
   99BRDP. Agreement for infrastructure partnerships

           Part 8--Miscellaneous provisions

   99BRDQ. SEQ service provider's guarantees to provide connection
   99BRDR. Ch 4C does not limit Water Supply Act

           Chapter 5--Miscellaneous provisions

           Part 1--Public access to information

   99BT.   Keeping particular documents available for inspection and purchase
   99BU.   Requirements for infrastructure charges register
   99BV.   SEQ service provider may charge for copies of documents

           Part 3--Portability of long service leave

   99BY.   Definition for pt 3
   99BZ.   Application of pt 3
   99BZA.  Continuation of accrued rights to long service leave
   99BZB.  Recognition of previous periods of employment
   99BZC.  Payment by former employer to new employer towards long service leave entitlements accrued with former employer

           Part 4--Other matters

   99BZD.  Compensation by local governments for particular matters
   100.    Liability for Commonwealth and State tax equivalents
   100A.   Trade waste management plans and plans for managing wastewater services
   100B.   Distributor-retailer to prepare statement about capital works
   100C.   Chief executive may make guidelines
   100D.   Application of Water Supply Act internal and external review provisions for decisions under Act
   100DA.  Requirement for SEQ service provider to give information
   100E.   Offences against Act are summary
   100F.   Application of Water Supply Act enforcement provisions for particular offences
   100G.   Documents and information about water approvals and development approvals
   101.    Approved forms
   102.    Regulation-making power

           Chapter 6--Transitional provisions

           Part 1--Transitional provisions for Act No. 46 of 2009

   103.    Appointment of first chief executive officer
   104.    Interim participation agreement
   106.    Provision for market rules

           Part 2--Transitional provisions for South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

   107A.   Declaratory provision for s 83
   108.    Public entity approvals taken to be given for existing water infrastructure work
   109.    Deferral of distributor-retailer's liability for additional public entity road work expenses
   110.    Existing authorised persons

           Part 3--Transitional provisions for the Water and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

   111.    Definition for pt 3
   112.    Amendments to ss 53AE and 53AS
   113.    Publication of participation agreement etc.
   114.    Refund of certain charges
   115.    Matters relating to first making of code

           Part 4--Transitional provisions for Fairer Water Prices for SEQ Amendment Act 2011

   116.    Application of s 99ATA for charges applying in capped prices period
   117.    Application of s 99AV to accounts for charges

           Part 5--Transitional provision for amendments under Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011

   118.    Trade waste officers

           Part 6--Transitional provisions for South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012

   119.    What is a transitional matter
   120.    Price mitigation plans of withdrawn councils
   120A.   Authorised exchange of information
   121.    Customer water and wastewater code amendments for transitional matters
   121A.   Application of s 99ATA to withdrawn councils and Allconnex
   122.    Deferral of application of s 99AV

           Part 7--Transitional provisions for South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Amendment Act 2012

   124.    Definitions for pt 7
   125.    Cessation of staff support framework
   126.    Retransfer staff support framework taken never to have had effect
   127.    Effect of former s 92EE on staff support framework
   128.    Application of particular provisions of Local Government (Operations) Regulation 2010 to withdrawn councils' employees

           Part 8--Transitional provision for South East Queensland Water (Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012

   130.    Effect of SEQ design and construction code

           Part 9--Transitional provisions for Water Supply Services Legislation Amendment Act 2014

           Division 1--Preliminary

   131.    Definitions for pt 9

           Division 2--Provisions about delegations

   132.    Delegations for concurrence agency functions
   133.    Delegations related to functions under the Planning Act, ch 9, pt 7A, div 4 continue
   134.    Delegation of functions under the Planning Act, ch 9, pt 7A, div 5

           Division 3--Provisions about development approvals

   135.    Water connection aspect of development approvals under the Planning Act

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   137.    SEQ service providers to adopt interim connections policy
   138.    Documents and information about water approvals and development approvals under former s 53
   139.    Overdue charges
   140.    Schedule of works for distributor-retailers before 1 October 2014

           Part 10--Transitional provisions for Sustainable Planning (Infrastructure Charges) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014

   140B.   Definitions for pt 10
   140C.   Development application for development approval—distributor-retailers
   140D.   Existing notices
   140E.   Power to give infrastructure charges notice for particular existing development approvals
   140F.   Adopted infrastructure charges at commencement continue in effect

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