Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Security Providers Act 1993



           Part 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   2A.     Relationship with Fair Trading Inspectors Act 2014
   3.      Definitions
   4.      Who is a security provider
   4A.     Who is a bodyguard
   5.      Who is a crowd controller
   6.      Who is a private investigator
   6A.     Who is a security adviser
   6B.     Who is a security equipment installer
   7.      Who is a security officer
   7A.     Who is a relevant person
   8.      What is a security firm
   8A.     What is security equipment

           Part 2--Licences

           Division 1--Requirement for licence

   9.      Requirement to be licensed

           Division 2--Application for licence

   10.     Application
   11.     Entitlement to licences—individuals
   12.     Inquiries about person's appropriateness to hold licence
   12AA.   Costs of criminal history report
   12A.    Notice of change in criminal history
   12B.    Use of information obtained under s 12 or 12A
   13.     Entitlement to licences—corporations or firms
   14.     Decision on application
   14A.    Continuation of restricted licence

           Division 3--Conditions and term of licence

   14B.    Statutory conditions
   15.     Imposed conditions
   16.     Term of licence

           Division 4--Amendment of licence

   17.     Amendment of licence on application
   18.     Amendment of licence by chief executive
   19.     Notice to return licence for recording amendment

           Division 5--Other provisions about licence

   20.     Renewal of unrestricted licence
   21.     Grounds for suspension, cancellation or refusal to renew
   21A.    Approved security industry association must give notice of persons whose membership of the association ends
   22.     Procedure for suspension, cancellation or refusal to renew
   23.     Return of suspended or cancelled licence
   24.     Automatic cancellation
   25.     Replacement licences
   25A.    Production of licence
   25B.    Approval of security industry associations

           Division 6--Review of licence decisions

   26.     Review by QCAT of particular decisions of chief executive

           Division 7--Fingerprint procedures

   27.     Fingerprints to be taken
   28.     Chief executive must refuse to grant, or renew, licence if fingerprints have not been taken
   29.     Commissioner to give chief executive information about a person's identity derived from fingerprints
   30.     Use of fingerprints by Commissioner
   31.     Destruction of fingerprints

           Part 2A--Temporary permits

   31A.    Purpose of temporary permit
   31B.    Term of temporary permit
   31C.    Application for temporary permit
   31D.    Application of pt 2 to temporary permit
   31E.    What temporary permit must state
   31F.    Permit holder taken to hold appropriate licence if complying with conditions

           Part 4--General

   47.     Identification to be worn by crowd controller
   48.     Exchange of information
   48A.    Confidentiality
   49.     Protection from liability
   49A.    False or misleading documents
   50.     Offences are summary offences
   51.     Evidentiary provisions
   52.     Delegation by chief executive
   53.     Approved forms
   54.     Regulation-making power

           Part 5--Transitional provisions for Security Providers Amendment Act 2007

   55.     Definitions for pt 5
   56.     References to crowd controller licence
   57.     Existing crowd controller licence
   58.     Requirement to be licensed—security adviser or security equipment installer
   59.     Application of s 9 penalty
   60.     Existing application for licence
   61.     Existing conditions on licence
   62.     Existing application for renewal of licence
   63.     Existing proceedings

           Part 6--Declaratory provision

   64.     Declaratory provision for s 29

           Part 7--Transitional provisions for Fair Trading (Australian Consumer Law) Amendment Act 2010

   65.     When provisions relating to application for licence, or renewal of unrestricted licence, do not apply
   66.     Deferral of application of provisions relating to application for renewal of unrestricted licence

           Part 8--Transitional provision for Weapons Amendment Act 2011

   67.     Meaning of disqualifying offence

           Part 9--Transitional provision for Criminal Law (Criminal Organisations Disruption) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013

   68.     Applications not finally decided

           Part 10--Transitional provisions for Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Act 2016

   69.     Applications not finally decided
   70.     Show cause process not finally decided
   71.     Proceedings not finally decided

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