Queensland Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


           Part 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Dictionary
   3.      Act binds all persons

           Part 2--The court

           Division 1--Composition and jurisdiction

   4.      Composition of the court
   5.      Divisions of the court
   6.      Acting judges
   7.      Jurisdiction not affected by vacancies
   8.      Business of the court
   9.      Court seal
   10.     Jurisdiction of the court not impaired etc.
   11.     Effect of repeal of Supreme Court Act 1995

           Division 2--Office of Chief Justice

   12.     Appointment of Chief Justice
   13.     Chief Justice continues in office while judge
   14.     Title of Chief Justice
   15.     Administrative responsibility of Chief Justice
   16.     Sittings
   17.     Practice directions
   18.     Supreme Court precincts
   19.     Annual report

           Division 3--Provisions relating to judges generally

   20.     Power to act throughout State
   21.     Retirement of judges
   22.     Accepting and holding other public offices
   23.     Judicial office subject to Constitution of Queensland 2001
   24.     Seniority
   25.     Temporary judicial office holders
   26.     Entitlements of temporary judicial office holders
   27.     Protection for administrative acts

           Part 3--The Court of Appeal

           Division 1--Composition, jurisdiction and powers

   28.     Composition
   29.     Jurisdiction and powers
   30.     Way in which court may be constituted
   31.     Constitution of court if 1 judge of appeal unable to continue
   32.     Arrangement of business of Court of Appeal
   33.     Annual report

           Division 2--Judges of appeal

   34.     Appointment
   35.     Judge of appeal continues to be judge
   36.     Judge of appeal continues in office while judge
   37.     Appointment of President
   38.     President continues in office while judge of appeal
   39.     Additional judges of appeal
   40.     Disqualification of judge of appeal
   41.     Presiding judge of appeal
   42.     Decision
   43.     Reserved judgments
   44.     Powers of judge of appeal

           Part 4--The Trial Division

           Division 1--Jurisdiction and powers

   45.     Composition, jurisdiction and powers of Trial Division
   46.     Single judge to constitute the court
   47.     Application if original judge unable to continue

           Division 2--Senior Judge Administrator and other judges

   48.     Appointment of Senior Judge Administrator
   49.     Senior Judge Administrator continues to be judge
   50.     Senior Judge Administrator continues in office while judge
   51.     Arrangement of business of Trial Division
   52.     Annual report

           Division 3--Regions and districts

   53.     Regions
   54.     Central Region
   55.     Northern Region
   56.     Far Northern Region
   57.     Districts

           Division 4--Commercial and other lists

   58.     Court may maintain lists
   59.     No appeal from entry on a list
   60.     Commercial list proceeding

           Part 5--Removal and remission

   61.     Removal and remission

           Part 6--Appeals to Court of Appeal

   62.     Appeal in proceedings in the court
   63.     Leave required to appeal from consent order
   64.     Leave required to appeal in relation to costs

           Part 7--Registry

   65.     Registry
   66.     Process returnable in office where issued but effective throughout State
   67.     Control
   68.     Registration of Acts

           Part 8--Court officers

   69.     Principal registrar, other registrars and officers
   70.     Delegation by registrar
   71.     Directions
   72.     Registrar of Magistrates Court
   73.     Sheriff of Queensland, deputy sheriffs and bailiffs
   74.     Powers of sheriff
   75.     Power of bailiffs
   76.     Enforcement officer's protection from liability
   77.     Associates

           Part 9--Use of video link facilities

   78.     Purpose of part
   79.     Definitions for part
   80.     Use of video link facilities in proceedings
   81.     Detainee taken to be before the court
   82.     Way video link facilities must be operated
   83.     Facilities for private communication
   84.     Variation or revocation of order

           Part 10--Rules of court for the Supreme Court, the District Court and the Magistrates Courts

   85.     Rule-making power
   86.     Admission guidelines
   87.     Rules committee may approve forms
   88.     Court rules are exempt from automatic expiry
   89.     Rules Committee

           Part 11--Miscellaneous

   90.     Court appearance
   91.     Finance
   92.     Regulation-making power

           Part 12--Transitional provisions

   93.     Outdated references
   94.     Transitional—abolition of Circuit Courts

           Part 1--General
           1. Jurisdiction generally

           Part 2--Civil proceedings
           2. Starting civil proceedings
           3. Parties and proceedings
           4. Notices of intention to defend
           5. Service of documents
           6. Pleadings
           7. Disclosure
           8. Preservation of rights and property
           9. Set off
           10. Ending proceedings early
           11. Court supervision
           12. Evidence
           13. Registrars
           14. Trials and other hearings
           15. Particular proceedings
           16. Assessment of accounts
           17. Probate
           18. Contempt of court
           19. Vexatious proceedings
           20. Trusts
           21. Costs
           22. Appeals, applications and cases stated to Court of Appeal
           23. Enforcement of money orders
           24. Reciprocal enforcement of foreign judgments
           25. Corporations
           26. Miscellaneous matters

           Part 3--Criminal proceedings
           27. Practice and procedure in criminal jurisdiction

           Part 4--Miscellaneous
           28. Matter used in proceedings
           -- CENTRAL REGION
           -- NORTHERN REGION
           -- DICTIONARY

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