Queensland Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


           Part 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Definitions
   4.      Meaning of state building
   4A.     Meaning of belongings

           Part 2--Protective security service

   5.      Establishment of protective security service
   6.      Administration of protective security service
   7.      Appointment of protective security officers
   8.      Training of senior protective security officers
   9.      Standard of fitness and propriety
   10.     Appointment of senior protective security officers
   10A.    Identity cards for security officers
   10B.    Security officers to be in uniform except in limited circumstances
   10C.    Security officer to give notice of damage
   10D.    Compensation
   11.     Officers employed under Public Service Act
   13.     Oath of protective security officer
   14.     Oath of senior protective security officer
   15.     Justice to administer oaths
   16.     Taking of oath deemed to make agreement

           Part 3--Functions and powers of officers

           Division 1--Functions

   18.     Functions of security officers

           Division 2--Powers of senior protective security officers

   18A.    Powers only to be exercised by senior protective security officers
   19.     Powers of senior protective security officer
   20.     Authority to demand identification
   21.     State buildings with electronic screening devices and use of the devices
   21A.    Security officer may ask entrant to remove outer garment etc.
   21B.    Examination of entrant and outer garments and other matters
   21C.    Examination by person of same sex
   21D.    Direction by senior protective security officer to leave building
   21E.    Security officer to return entrant's deposited belongings

           Division 3--Limitation on exercise of certain powers under div 2

   21F.    Entrant to be told about refusing to be examined or asking for examination to stop
   21G.    Power to examine must not be exercised in certain circumstances
   21H.    Various limits on security officer examining outer garment
   21I.    Limits on touching garments worn by entrant
   21J.    Warning to comply with demand or direction

           Division 4--Other miscellaneous powers and provisions

   22.     Seizure of firearms etc.
   23.     Refusal of entry to and removal from building
   24.     Authority to detain offenders and suspects
   28.     Prescribed powers additional to other powers
   29.     Offence to assault or resist officer

           Part 4--Miscellaneous provisions

   29A.    Security services provided by other than the protective security service
   30.     Officer to surrender equipment
   31.     Exclusion of liability
   32.     Offence provision and proceedings therefor
   33.     Regulation-making power

           Part 5--Transitional provisions

   34.     References to Law Courts and State Buildings Protective Security Act 1983

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