Queensland Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


           Part 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Objectives
   3.      Act binds all persons
   4.      Application of Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 and related matter
   5.      General criterion for performance of functions etc.
   6.      Definitions

           Part 7--Offences

   63.     Prohibited item offences
   64.     Climbing onto, under, over or around barrier, etc.
   65.     Application of s 64 limited
   66.     Entering or climbing building or structure in view of security area with intent to cause injury, etc.
   67.     Lighting a fire in a security area
   68.     Failing to comply with requirement to disclose personal details
   69.     Failing to comply with direction
   70.     Unauthorised entry to restricted area
   71.     Unauthorised entry to motorcade area
   72.     Prohibited person not to enter security area
   73.     Unauthorised entry to security area by excluded person
   74.     Interfering with any part of the G20 meeting
   75.     Assaulting or obstructing appointed person

           Part 8--Exemptions from particular offence provisions

   76.     Application of Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995
   77.     Power to give emergency direction to disobey traffic provision

           Part 10--Compensation

   83.     Compensation for person normally residing in restricted area
   84.     Compensation for prohibited person normally residing in security area

           Part 11--Disclosure of information

   85.     Prohibition on unauthorised disclosure of restricted information
   86.     Disclosure of information in possession of police service
   92.     Return of identity card
   93.     Misuse of position as appointed person or of identity card
   94.     Special justification
   95.     Evidence
   98.     Review of Act
   100.    Regulation-making power

           Part 14--Expiry and provision if G20 meeting cancelled

   101.    Expiry
   102.    Regulation may provide that provisions do not operate if G20 meeting is cancelled

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