Queensland Consolidated Acts

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46 Member may act for a Minister

(1) Without limiting section 45, the Governor, by proclamation, may appoint a member of the Legislative Assembly to act as a Minister for any or all periods the Minister is—

(a) absent from the State in the course of the duties of the office; or
(b) absent on leave given under section 47.

(2) The member may be appointed to perform all or any of a Minister's functions and exercise all or any of a Minister's powers.

(3) The member, before entering on the duties of the office, must take or make the oath or affirmation of allegiance and of office in schedule 1.

(4) The oath must be taken or the affirmation made in the presence of the Governor or a person authorised by the Governor to administer the oath or affirmation.

(5) A person who is already a Minister may not be appointed under subsection (1).

(6) An appointment under subsection (1) has effect despite section 43(4).

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