Queensland Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


           Part 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Definitions
   4.      Classification under Commonwealth Act
   5.      Inspectors
   6.      Publications classification officer
   6A.     Delegation by publications classification officer
   7.      Approval of codes of conduct
   8.      Approved distributors

           Part 2--Classification of publications

   9.      Classification of publications
   9A.     Power to require publisher to submit application for classification of a publication
   9B.     Power to require certain advertisements to be submitted for approval
   9C.     Defence to prosecution under section 9A or 9B
   10.     Reclassification of publications
   11.     Review by QCAT of classification decision by publications classification officer

           Part 2A--Protection of children and families by conditions for displaying certain unrestricted publications

   11A.    Definitions for pt 2A
   11B.    Protection of children and families by order prohibiting display of unrestricted publication unless certain parts of its cover are concealed
   11C.    Publications for which display order may be made
   11D.    Lifting of display order, and review rights and procedure
   11E.    Register of display orders

           Part 3--Offences

   12.     Sale etc. of prohibited publication or child abuse photograph
   13.     Possession of prohibited publication
   14.     Possession of child abuse publication or child abuse photograph
   15.     Exhibition or display of prohibited publication or child abuse photograph
   16.     Leaving prohibited publication or child abuse photograph in or on public place
   17.     Producing prohibited publication
   18.     Procurement of minor for RC publication or child abuse photograph
   19.     Distributors, retail sellers and advertisers not liable in certain circumstances
   20.     Leaving prohibited publication or child abuse photograph in or on private premises
   20A.    Offence to publish a publication classified unrestricted without its determined markings
   20B.    Offence to publish a publication with a misleading or deceptive marking
   20C.    Offence to contravene a display order for an unrestricted publication
   20D.    Sale or delivery of publications contrary to conditions
   20E.    Consumer advice for unrestricted publications

           Part 4--Investigation and enforcement

   21.     Inspector to produce identity card
   22.     Entry and search—monitoring compliance
   23.     Entry and search—evidence of offences
   24.     General powers of inspector in relation to places
   25.     Monitoring warrants
   26.     Offence related warrants
   27.     Offence related warrant may be granted by telephone
   28.     Additional power of inspector to seize publications
   29.     Inspector may require name and address
   30.     Obstruction etc. of inspectors
   31.     False or misleading statements

           Part 5--Miscellaneous

   32.     Evidentiary provisions
   33.     Indictable offences and summary offences
   34.     Forfeiture
   35.     Return of seized publications or photographs
   36.     Unrestricted publication not indecent or obscene
   37.     Exemptions
   38.     Regulation-making power
   39.     Protection of officials from liability

           Part 6--Savings and transitional provisions

           Division 1--Act No. 78 of 1991

   40.     Savings and transitional

           Division 2--Consumer Law and Other Justice Legislation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1996

   41.     Existing classifications

           Division 3--Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2008

   42.     Definitions for div 3
   43.     Existing appeals
   44.     Existing entitlements to appeal

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