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Classification of Computer Games and Images Act 1995



           Part 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   2A.     Application of Act
   3.      Definitions

           Part 2--Classification of computer games

   8A.     Calling in computer game for reclassification by board
   8B.     Obtaining copies for review
   8C.     Calling in unclassified computer game for classification

           Part 3--Demonstration of computer games

   9.      Prohibition against demonstration of unclassified computer game
   10.     Restriction on public demonstration of MA 15+ or R 18+ computer game
   10AA.   Restriction on private demonstration of R 18+ computer game
   10A.    Prohibition against demonstration of certain classified computer games
   10B.    Computer game available for playing on pay and play basis to bear determined markings and consumer advice

           Part 4--Advertising and supply of computer games

   11.     Publishing advertisements
   12.     Advertisement to contain determined markings and consumer advice
   13.     False advertising of computer games
   13A.    Prohibition against advertising certain computer games
   13B.    Power to require certain advertisements to be submitted for approval
   13C.    Defence to prosecution under s 13B
   14.     Markings and consumer advice on containers
   15.     Display of classifications notices
   16.     Classified computer games containing advertisements for other computer games
   17.     Display for sale of MA 15+ or R 18+ computer game
   18.     Restriction on sale of MA 15+ or R 18+ computer game
   19.     Sale of unclassified computer games prohibited
   20.     Sale of improperly marked unclassified computer games prohibited
   21.     Sale of improperly marked classified computer games
   21A.    Prohibition against selling certain classified computer games

           Part 5--Objectionable computer games

   22.     Public demonstration of objectionable computer game
   23.     Demonstration of an objectionable computer game before a minor
   24.     Sale of objectionable computer game prohibited
   25.     Keeping together of classified and objectionable computer games
   26.     Possession of objectionable computer game
   27.     Making objectionable computer game
   28.     Obtaining minor for objectionable computer game
   29.     No liability in certain circumstances

           Part 6--Investigation and enforcement

           Division 1--Administration generally

   30.     Appointment of inspectors
   31.     Terms of appointment of inspectors
   32.     Identity cards
   33.     Production or display of inspector's identity card

           Division 2--Inspector's entry to places and vehicles

   34.     Entry to place by inspectors
   35.     Consent to entry
   36.     Warrants
   37.     Warrants—applications made other than in person
   38.     General powers after entering places
   39.     Entry and search of vehicles etc.
   40.     Power to enable vehicle to be entered

           Division 3--Power to seize evidence

   41.     Power to seize evidence
   42.     Additional power of inspector to seize computer games
   43.     Powers supporting seizure
   44.     Receipt for seized things
   45.     Return of seized things
   46.     Access to seized things

           Division 4--General powers

   47.     Power to require name and address
   49.     Power to require information

           Division 5--Other enforcement matters

   50.     False or misleading statements
   51.     Obstructing inspector
   53.     Impersonating inspectors
   54.     Inspector to give notice of damage
   55.     Compensation

           Part 8--Miscellaneous

   62.     Evidentiary provisions
   63.     Indictable offences and summary offences
   64.     Forfeiture
   65.     Dealing with forfeited things
   66.     Particular computer games and advertisements not indecent or obscene
   67.     Regulation-making power
   69.     Chief executive may approve forms
   69A.    Protection of officials from criminal liability

           Part 9--Transitional provisions

           Division 1--Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development Legislation Amendment Act 2005

   70.     Conversion of particular classifications of computer games to equivalent new classifications

           Division 2--Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2008

   71.     Definitions for div 2
   72.     Existing appeals
   73.     Existing entitlements to appeal
   74.     Existing proceedings for offences relating to advertisements for computer games

           Division 3--Classification of Computer Games and Images and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013

   75.     Definitions for div 3
   76.     Classification or reclassification under ss 5 and 6
   77.     Classification applying to particular films
   78.     Applications for exemption under s 57
   79.     Applications for exemption under s 59
   80.     Existing exemptions under ss 58 and 59
   81.     Entitlement to review by QCAT
   82.     Review by QCAT

           Division 4--Court and Civil Legislation Amendment Act 2017

   83.     Definition for division
   84.     Classification of computer games under repealed s 5
   85.     Application of particular modifications of computer games for ss 10A and 21A
   86.     Ending of exemptions given under repealed s 58 or 59

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