Northern Territory Consolidated Regulations

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   1.01A.  Citation  
   1.01.   Definitions  
   1.02.   Application  
   1.03.   Jurisdiction not affected  
   1.04.   Proceedings in another Court  
   1.05.   Judgment in pending proceeding  
   1.06.   Payment into Court  
   1.07.   Amendment  
   1.08.   Costs  


   1.09.   Interpretation  


   1.09A.  Direction that Registrar may exercise Master's jurisdiction  


   1.10.   Exercise of power  
   1.11.   Procedure wanting or in doubt  
   1.12.   Act by corporation  
   1.13.   Corporation a party  
   1.14.   Power to act by solicitor  
   1.15.   Signature of solicitor  
   2.01.   Effect of non-compliance  
   2.02.   Originating process  
   2.03.   Application to set aside for irregularity  
   2.04.   Dispensing with compliance  
   3.01.   Calculating time  
   3.02.   Extension and abridgement  
   3.03.   Fixing time  
   3.04.   Process in vacation  
   3.05.   Proceedings after a year  
   3.06.   Vacations  
   3.07.   Registry  
   4.01.   How proceeding commenced  
   4.02.   Interlocutory application  
   4.03.   Names of parties  
   4.04.   When writ required  
   4.05.   When originating motion required  
   4.06.   Optional commencement by originating motion  
   4.07.   Continuance as writ of proceeding by originating motion  
   4.08.   Urgent case  
   5.01.   Definitions  
   5.02.   Form of originating process  
   5.03.   Appearance  
   5.04.   Endorsement of claim on writ  
   5.05.   Endorsement of claim on motion  
   5.06.   Endorsement as to capacity  
   5.07.   Address of parties  
   5.08.   Place of trial  
   5.09.   Stay on payment of costs  
   5.10.   Petition  
   5.11.   Filing of originating process  
   5.12.   Duration and renewal of originating process  
   6.001.  Application to companies  
   6.01.   When personal service necessary  
   6.02.   Personal service of originating process  
   6.03.   How personal service effected  
   6.04.   Service on particular defendants  
   6.05.   Address for service  
   6.06.   How ordinary service effected  
   6.07.   Identity of person served  
   6.08.   Acceptance of service by solicitor  
   6.09.   Substituted service  
   6.10.   Confirmation of informal service  
   6.11.   Service by filing  
   6.12.   Service on agent  
   6.13.   Service under agreement  
   6.14.   Recovery of vacant land  
   6.15.   Service of notice by the Court  
   6.16.   Affidavit of service  
   7.01.   Originating process that may be served outside Australia  
   7.02.   Application for leave to serve originating process outside Australia  
   7.03.   Service of other documents  
   7.04.   Application of other Orders  
   7.05.   Method of service  
   7.06.   Substituted service  
   7.07.   Proof of service  
   7.08.   Documents to be filed with Court  
   7.09.   Order for payment of expenses  
   7A.01.  Definitions  
   7A.02.  Provisions of this Order to prevail  
   7A.03.  Application of Part  
   7A.04.  Application for request for service abroad  
   7A.05.  How application to be dealt with  
   7A.06.  Procedure on receipt of certificate of service  
   7A.07.  Payment of costs  
   7A.08.  Evidence of service  
   7A.09.  Application of Part  
   7A.10.  Restriction on power to enter default judgment if certificate of service filed  
   7A.11.  Restriction on power to enter default judgment if certificate of service not filed  
   7A.12.  Setting aside judgment in default of appearance  


   7A.13.  Application of Part  
   7A.14.  Certain documents to be referred back to Attorney-General's Department of Commonwealth  
   7A.15.  Service  
   7A.16.  Affidavit as to service  
   8.01.   Application  
   8.02.   Appearance before taking step  
   8.03.   Who to file appearance  
   8.04.   Time for appearance  
   8.05.   Mode of filing appearance  
   8.06.   Content of notice of appearance  
   8.07.   Late appearance  
   8.08.   Conditional appearance  
   8.09.   Setting aside writ or originating motion  
   9.01.   Joinder of claims  
   9.02.   Permissive joinder of parties  
   9.03.   Joinder of necessary parties  
   9.04.   Joinder inconvenient  
   9.05.   Effect of misjoinder or non-joinder of party  
   9.06.   Additional, removal, substitution of party  
   9.07.   Procedure for addition of party  
   9.08.   Defendant deceased at commencement of proceeding  
   9.09.   Change of party on death, bankruptcy  
   9.10.   Failure to proceed after death of party  
   9.11.   Amendment of proceedings after change of party  
   9.12.   Consolidation or trial together  
   9.13.   Conduct of proceeding  
   10.01.  Application of order  
   10.02.  When counterclaim allowed  
   10.03.  Counterclaim against plaintiff and another person  
   10.04.  Procedure after counterclaim against another person  
   10.05.  Trial of counterclaim  
   10.06.  Counterclaim inconvenient  
   10.07.  Stay of claim  
   10.08.  Counterclaim on stay, etc., of original proceeding  
   10.09.  Judgment for balance  
   11.01.  Claim by third party notice  
   11.02.  Statement of claim on third party notice  
   11.03.  Time for appearance  
   11.04.  Filing and service of third party notice  
   11.05.  Time for third party notice  
   11.06.  Leave to file third party notice  
   11.07.  Period of service  
   11.08.  Appearance by third party  
   11.09.  Defence of third party  
   11.10.  Counterclaim by third party  
   11.11.  Default by third party  
   11.12.  Discovery and trial  
   11.13.  Third party directions  
   11.14.  Judgment between defendant and third party  
   11.15.  Claim against another party  
   11.16.  Fourth and subsequent parties  
   11.17.  Counterclaim  
   12.01.  Definitions  
   12.02.  Stakeholder's interpleader  
   12.03.  Sheriff's interpleader  
   12.04.  Sheriff's summons to state claim  
   12.05.  Notice to execution creditor  
   12.06.  Admission of claim  
   12.07.  Interpleader summons  
   12.08.  Powers of Court  
   12.09.  Default by claimant  
   12.10.  Neutrality of applicant  
   12.11.  Order in several proceedings  
   12.12.  Trial of interpleader question  
   13.01.  Formal requirements  
   13.02.  Content of pleading  
   13.03.  Document or conversation  
   13.04.  Fact presumed true  
   13.05.  Condition precedent  
   13.06.  Implied contract or relation  
   13.07.  Matter which must be pleaded  
   13.08.  Subsequent fact  
   13.09.  Inconsistent pleading  
   13.10.  Particulars of pleading  
   13.11.  Order for particulars  
   13.12.  Admission and denials  
   13.13.  Denial by joinder of issue  
   13.14.  Money claim as defence  
   13.15.  Counterclaim  
   14.01.  Statement of claim endorsed on writ  
   14.02.  Statement of claim not endorsed on writ  
   14.03.  Alteration of claim as endorsed on writ  
   14.04.  Service of defence  
   14.05.  Reply  
   14.06.  Pleading after reply  
   14.07.  Defence to counterclaim  
   14.08.  Close of pleadings  
   14.09.  Order as to pleadings  
   14.10.  Filing of pleadings  
   15.01.  Interpretation  
   15.02.  Litigation guardian of person under disability  
   15.03.  Appointment of litigation guardian  
   15.04.  No appearance by person under disability  
   15.05.  Application to discharge or vary certain orders  
   15.06.  Pleading admission by person under disability  
   15.07.  Discovery  
   15.08.  Compromise of claim by person under disability  
   15.09.  Execution against money in Court  
   15.10.  Counterclaim and claim by third party notice  
   16.01.  Representation of unascertained persons  
   16.02.  Beneficiaries  
   16.03.  Deceased person  
   17.01.  Partners  
   17.02.  Disclosure of partners  
   17.03.  Service of originating process  
   17.04.  Appearance by partners  
   17.05.  No appearance except by partners  
   17.06.  Appearance under objection of person sued as partner  
   17.07.  Enforcement of judgment  
   17.08.  Enforcement between partners  
   17.09.  Attachment of debts  
   17.10.  Person using the business name  
   17.11.  Charge on partner's interest  
   18.01.  Application  
   18.02.  Proceeding by or against representative  
   18.03.  Order for representation by defendant  
   18.04.  Effect of judgment  
   19.01.  Definitions  
   19.02.  Notice  
   19.03.  Filing and service  
   20.01.  Notice of change  
   20.02.  Party appointing solicitor  
   20.03.  Solicitor ceasing to act  
   20.04.  Removal of solicitor from record  
   20.05.  Address for service  
   21.01.  Default of appearance  
   21.02.  Default of defence  
   21.03.  Judgment for recovery of debt, damages or property  
   21.04.  Judgment other than for recovery of debt, damages or property  
   21.05.  Proceeding continued against other defendants  
   21.06.  Default of defence to counterclaim  
   21.07.  Setting aside judgment  
   22.01.  Scope of Order  
   22.02.  Application for judgment  
   22.03.  Affidavit in support  
   22.04.  Defendant to show cause  
   22.05.  Affidavit in reply  
   22.06.  Hearing of application  
   22.07.  Cross-examination on affidavit  
   22.08.  Judgment on counterclaim  
   22.09.  Assessment of damages  
   22.10.  Judgment where debt amount unascertained  
   22.11.  Directions  
   22.12.  Continuing for other claim or against other defendant  
   22.13.  Judgment for delivery up of chattel  
   22.14.  Relief against forfeiture  
   22.15.  Setting aside judgment  
   23.01.  Stay or judgment in proceeding  
   23.02.  Striking out pleading  
   23.03.  Summary judgment for defendant  
   23.04.  Affidavit evidence  
   23.05.  Declaratory judgment  
   24.01.  Want of prosecution  
   24.02.  Failure to obey order  
   24.03.  Stay on non-payment of costs  
   24.04.  Counterclaim and third party claim  
   24.05.  Inherent jurisdiction  
   24.06.  Setting aside judgment  
   25.01A. Application of order  
   25.01.  Withdrawal of appearance  
   25.02.  Discontinuance or withdrawal of proceeding or claim  
   25.03.  Proceeding not commenced by writ  
   25.04.  Notice of discontinuance or withdrawal  
   25.05.  Costs  
   25.06.  Discontinuance or withdrawal no defence  
   25.07.  Stay on non-payment of costs  
   26.01.  Definitions  
   26.02.  Application  
   26.03.  Time for making, accepting, &c., offer  
   26.03.1.Offer involving payment  
   26.04.  Effect of offer  
   26.05.  Disclosure of offer to Court  
   26.06.  Party under disability  
   26.07.  Failure to comply with accepted offer  
   26.08.  Costs consequences of failure to accept  
   26.09.  Multiple defendants  
   26.10.  Offer to contribute  
   26.11.  Costs consequences in other cases  
   26.12.  Paying money into Court  
   26.13.  Interest  
   26.14.  Defendant to cross-claim  
   26.15.  Payment into Court not an admission  
   26.16.  Where tender before action pleaded  
   26.17.  Notice of deposit  
   26.18.  Order to allot  
   26.19.  Abandonment of cross-claim  
   26.20.  Withdrawal by defendant  
   26.21.  Acceptance by plaintiff  
   26.22.  Effect of acceptance  
   26.23.  Order for payment out after acceptance  
   26.24.  Money not accepted  
   26.25.  Non disclosure  
   26.26.  Effect of payment into Court  
   27.01.  Conformity with Rules  
   27.02.  Content of document  
   27.03.  Form of document  
   27.04.  Numbers  
   27.05.  Copies on request  
   27.06.  Proper officer refusing to seal or accept document  
   27.07.  Scandalous matter  
   28.01.  How document is filed  
   28.02.  Place of filing  
   28.03.  Date of filing  
   28.04.  Seal of Court  
   28.05.  Inspection of documents  
   29.01.  Application and definition  
   29.02.  Discovery  
   29.03.  List of documents  
   29.04.  Form of list of documents  
   29.05.  Order limiting discovery  
   29.06.  Co-defendants and third party  
   29.07.  Order for discovery  
   29.08.  Order for particular discovery  
   29.09.  Inspection of documents referred to in list of documents or affidavit  
   29.10.  Inspection of documents referred to in pleadings and affidavits  
   29.11.  Order for discovery  
   29.12.  Direction as to documents  
   29.13.  Inspection of document by Court  
   29.14.  Default on discovery  
   29.15.  Copy list or affidavit to be filed  
   29.16.  Discovery a continuing obligation  
   30.01.  Definitions  
   30.02.  Service of interrogatories  
   30.03.  Statement as to who to answer  
   30.04.  Filing interrogatories and time for answers  
   30.05.  Source for answers to interrogatories  
   30.06.  How interrogatories to be answered  
   30.07.  Ground of objection to answer  
   30.08.  Who to answer interrogatories  
   30.09.  Failure to answer interrogatories  
   30.10.  Non-compliance with order  
   30.11.  Answers as evidence  
   31.01.  Definitions  
   31.02.  When is examination available  
   31.03.  Application for and consent to examination  
   31.04.  Effect of consent or order  
   31.05.  Examination of corporations  
   31.06.  Examiner  
   31.07.  Attendance on examination  
   31.08.  Powers of examiner  
   31.09.  Record of examination  
   31.10.  How party to be examined  
   31.11.  Order to answer question  
   31.12.  Costs of examination  
   32.01.  Definitions  
   32.02.  Privilege  
   32.03.  Discovery to identify a defendant  
   32.04.  Party an applicant  
   32.05.  Discovery from prospective defendant  
   32.06.  Party an applicant  
   32.07.  Discovery from non-party  
   32.08.  Procedure  
   32.09.  Inspection of documents  
   32.10.  Directions as to documents  
   32.11.  Costs  
   33.01.  Application  
   33.02.  Counterclaim  
   33.03.  Definitions  
   33.04.  Notice for examination  
   33.05.  Expenses  
   33.06.  Report of examination  
   33.07.  Service of reports  
   33.08.  Time for service  
   33.09.  Proceeding against medical expert  
   33.10.  Material for Court  
   33.11.  Medical report admissible  
   33.12.  No evidence unless disclosed in report  
   33.13.  Medical report generally not admissible unless this Order complied with  
   34.01.  Powers of Court  
   34.03.  Admissions and agreements  
   34.04.  Duty to obtain directions  
   35.01.  Definition  
   35.02.  Voluntary admission of facts  
   35.03.  Notice for admission of facts  
   35.04.  Judgment on admissions  
   35.05.  Notice for admission of documents  
   35.07.  Restrictive effect of admission  
   35.08.  Notice to produce documents  
   36.01.  General  
   36.02.  Failure to amend within time limited  
   36.03.  Amendment of pleading  
   36.04.  Disallowance of pleading amendment  
   36.05.  How pleading amendment made  
   36.06.  Pleading to an amended pleading  
   36.07.  Amendment of judgment or order  
   37.01.  Inspection, detention, etc., of property  
   37.02.  Inspection from prospective defendant  
   37.03.  Procedure  
   37.04.  Disposal of perishable property  
   37.05.  Payment into Court in discharge of lien  
   37.06.  Interim distribution of property or income  
   37.07.  Jurisdiction of Court not affected  
   37A.01. Definitions  
   37A.02. Freezing order  
   37A.03. Ancillary order  
   37A.04. Respondent need not be party to proceeding  
   37A.05. Order against judgment debtor, prospective judgment debtor or third party  
   37A.06. Jurisdiction  
   37A.07. Service outside Australia of application for freezing order or ancillary order  
   37A.08. Costs  
   37B.01. Definitions  
   37B.02. Search order  
   37B.03. Requirements for grant of search order  
   37B.04. Jurisdiction  
   37B.05. Terms of search order  
   37B.06. Independent solicitors  
   37B.07. Costs  
   38.01.  When Court may grant  
   38.02.  Application before trial  
   38.03.  Costs and expenses of non-party  
   38.04.  Ouster of office  
   39.01.  Application and definitions  
   39.02.  Appointment of receiver  
   39.03.  Service of order  
   39.04.  Consent of receiver  
   39.05.  Security by receiver  
   39.06.  Remuneration of receiver  
   39.07.  Receiver's accounts  
   39.08.  Default by receiver  
   39.09.  Directions to receivers  
   40.01.  Definition  
   40.02.  Evidence of witness  
   40.03.  Contrary direction as to evidence  
   40.04.  Examination on affidavit  
   40.05.  Evidence of particular facts  
   40.06.  Revocation or variation of order  
   40.07.  Deposition as evidence  
   40.08.  Proof of Court documents  
   40.09.  Evidence of consent  
   40.10.  Defamation  
   40.11.  Subsequent use of evidence at trial  
   40.12.  Attendance and production  
   40.13.  View  
   40.14.  Preservation of exhibits  
   41.01.  Order for witness examination  
   41.02.  Documents for examiner  
   41.03.  Appointment for examination  
   41.04.  Conduct of examination  
   41.05.  Examination of additional persons  
   41.06.  Objection  
   41.07.  Taking of depositions  
   41.08.  Authentication and filing  
   41.09.  Report of examiner  
   41.10.  Default of witness  
   41.11.  Witness allowance  
   41.12.  Perpetuation of testimony  
   41.13.  Letter of request  
   41.14.  Translation  
   41.15.  Undertaking  
   41.16.  Order for payment of expenses  
   42.01.  Interpretation  
   42.02.  Issuing of subpoena  
   42.03.  Form of subpoena  
   42.03A. Alteration of date or time for attendance or production  
   42.04.  Setting aside or other relief  
   42.05.  Service  
   42.06.  Compliance with subpoena  
   42.07.  Production otherwise than upon attendance  
   42.08.  Removal, return, inspection, copying and disposal of documents and things  
   42.09.  Inspection of, and dealing with, documents and things produced otherwise than on attendance  
   42.10.  Disposal of documents and things produced  
   42.11.  Costs and expenses of compliance  
   42.12.  Failure to comply with subpoena – contempt of court  
   42.13.  Documents and things in the custody of a court  
   43.01.  Form of affidavit  
   43.02.  Affidavit by illiterate or blind person  
   43.03.  Content of affidavit  
   43.04.  Affidavit by 2 or more deponents  
   43.05.  Alterations  
   43.06.  Annexures and exhibits  
   43.07.  Time for making affidavit  
   43.08.  Irregularity  
   43.09.  Filing  
   43.10.  Affidavit witnessed by party  
   44.01.  Definition  
   44.02.  Application  
   44.03.  Service of statement of expert evidence  
   44.04.  Making statement of other party evidence  
   44.05.  Expert witnesses giving evidence on same or similar question  
   45.01.  Definition  
   45.02.  Evidence by affidavit  
   45.03.  Judgment where no appearance  
   45.04.  Proceedings after appearance  
   45.05.  Special procedure  
   46.01.  Application  
   46.02.  Application by summons  
   46.03.  Notice of application  
   46.04.  Form and filing of summons  
   46.05.  Service  
   46.05.1.Day for hearing  
   46.06.  Adjournment  
   46.07.  Absence of party to summons  
   46.08.  Setting aside  
   47.01.  Place of trial  
   47.02.  Mode of trial  
   47.03.  Jury procedure  
   47.04.  Separate trial of question  
   47.05.  Judgment after determination of preliminary question  
   48.01.  Definitions  
   48.02.  Application  
   48.03.  Directions by Registrar  
   48.04.  Convening initial directions hearing  
   48.05.  Notice of initial directions hearing  
   48.06.  Categorising proceedings  
   48.07.  Category C and D proceedings  
   48.08.  Category A, B and E proceedings  
   48.09.  Notice of adjourned or further directions hearings  
   48.10.  Party to attend directions hearing  
   48.11.  Non-attendance at directions hearing  
   48.12.  Settlement conference  
   48.13.  Mediation  
   48.14.  Costs of directions hearings, settlement conferences and mediations  
   48.15.  Papers for trial Judge  
   48.16.  Listing hearing  
   48.17.  Listing for trial  
   48.18.  Matters to be considered before listing for trial  
   48.19.  Cost of listing hearing  
   48.20.  Trial lists  
   48.21.  Fixing hearing dates  
   48.22.  Pre-trial directions hearing before trial Judge  
   48.23.  Proceedings commenced in Alice Springs  
   48.24.  Other proceedings  


   48.25.  Witness statements  
   48.26.  Evidence at trial by videoconference  
   48.27.  Self-executing orders  
   48.28.  Experimental rules  
   49.01.  Order of evidence and addresses  
   49.02.  Absence of party  
   49.03.  Adjournment of trial  
   49.04.  Death before judgment  
   49.05.  Certificate of Associate  
   50.01.  Reference to referee  
   50.02.  Directions as to procedure  
   50.03.  Report on reference  
   50.05.  Committal  
   50.06.  Remuneration of referee  
   51.01.  Mode of assessment  
   51.02.  Notice to other party  
   51.03.  Procedure on assessment  
   51.04.  Order for damages  
   51.05.  Default judgment against some defendants  
   51.06.  Continuing cause of action  
   51.07.  Value of goods  
   52.01.  Account or inquiry at any stage  
   52.02.  Directions for account  
   52.03.  Form and verification of account  
   52.04.  Filing and service of account  
   52.05.  Notice of charge, error in account  
   52.06.  Allowances  
   52.07.  Delay  
   52.08.  Fund distribution before all entitled ascertained  
   53.01.  Application  
   53.02.  Originating process  
   53.03.  Who to be defendant  
   53.04.  Affidavit in support  
   53.05.  Service  
   53.06.  Occupier made a party  
   53.07.  Judgment for possession  
   53.08.  Warrant of possession  
   54.01.  Definitions  
   54.02.  Relief without general administration  
   54.03.  Parties  
   54.04.  Notice of proceeding and judgment  
   54.05.  Relief in proceeding by originating motion  
   54.06.  Judgment in administration proceeding  
   54.07.  Conduct of sale  
   55.01.  Definition  
   55.02.  Power to order sale  
   55.03.  Notice of application  
   55.04.  Manner of sale  
   55.05.  Certifying result of sale  
   55.06.  Mortgage, exchange or partition  
   55A.01. Publication of notice of proposed application  
   55A.02. Application  
   56.01.  Judgment or order instead of writ  
   56.02.  Time for commencement of proceeding  
   57.01.  Definition  
   57.02.  Application for writ  
   57.03.  Order on application  
   57.04.  Further application for writ  
   57.05.  Service  
   57.06.  Disobedience  
   57.07.  Return to the writ  
   57.08.  Person detained before Court  
   57.09.  Production of person in confinement, to testify  
   59.01.  General relief  
   59.02.  Date of effect  
   59.03.  Time for compliance  
   59.04.  Statement of reasons for judgment  
   59.05.  Notice of judgment to non-party  
   59.06.  Consent orders  
   60.01.  When authentication required  
   60.02.  Mode of authentication  
   60.03.  Drawing up of judgment or order  
   60.04.  Order signed by Judge or Master  
   60.05.  Recitals in judgments and orders  
   60.06.  Drawing up and settling  
   60.07.  Copy of judgment or order  
   60.08.  Form of judgment or order  
   62.01.  Definitions  
   62.02.  When to give security  
   62.03.  Manner of giving security  
   62.04.  Failure to give security  
   62.05.  Variation or setting aside  
   63.01.  Interpretation  
   63.02.  Application  
   63.03.  General rule  
   63.04.  Time for order for costs, taxation and payment  
   63.05.  Costs of question or part of proceeding  
   63.06.  By whom costs to be taxed  
   63.07.  Other orders for payment of costs  
   63.08.  Cost on writ and on default judgment  
   63.09.  Costs in Local Court, &c.  
   63.10.  No order for taxation required in certain cases  
   63.11.  No order for costs required in certain cases  
   63.12.  Enforcement of order of taxing Master  
   63.13.  Costs in account  
   63.14.  Order for payment  
   63.15.  Offer of compromise  
   63.16.  Non-admission of fact or document  
   63.17.  Interlocutory injunction  
   63.18.  Interlocutory application  
   63.19.  Inquiry as to ownership of property  
   63.20.  Costs reserved  
   63.21.  Costs liability of legal practitioner  
   63.22.  Money claim in wrong Court, &c.  
   63.23.  Trustee or mortgagee  
   63.24.  Application  
   63.25.  Bases of taxation  
   63.26.  Standard basis  
   63.27.  Indemnity basis  
   63.28.  General basis  
   63.29.  Where indemnity basis applicable  
   63.30.  Party as trustee  
   63.31.  Costs payable to solicitor where money claimed by or on behalf of person under disability  
   63.32.  Ascertaining costs on a taxation  
   63.33.  Powers of taxing Master  
   63.34.  Costs of taxation  
   63.35.  Application  
   63.36.  Summons for taxation  
   63.37.  Filing of bill  
   63.38.  Service of bill  
   63.39.  Defendant not appearing  
   63.40.  Content of bill  
   63.41.  Disbursement or fee not paid  
   63.42.  Charge of lawyer out of Territory  
   63.43.  Amendment of bill  
   63.44.  Agreement as to part of bill  
   63.45.  Objection to bill  
   63.46.  Discretionary costs  
   63.47.  Taxation where no objection  
   63.48.  Attendance of parties  
   63.49.  Reference to Judge  
   63.50.  Notice to person interested in fund  
   63.51.  Application by person liable to pay  
   63.52.  Solicitor at fault  
   63.53.  Cross costs  
   63.54.  Order on taxation  
   63.55.  Objection, reconsideration and review  


   63.56.  Application  
   63.57.  Basis of taxation of costs payable by client  
   63.58.  Basis of taxation of costs payable otherwise than by client  
   63.59.  Costs payable to solicitor by his own client  
   63.60.  Contentious business  
   63.60.1.Costs in grant of probate or administration  
   63.61.  Procedure on taxation  
   63.62.  Appointment to tax  
   63.63.  Reference for taxation  
   63.64.  Failure to serve bill or tax  


   63.65.  Application  
   63.66.  Increased allowance  
   63.67.  Service of several documents  
   63.68.  Inclusion in bill of disbursement not made  
   63.69.  Defendants with same solicitor  
   63.70.  Certain cost to be included in witnesses allowance  
   63.71.  Negotiations  
   63.72.  Counsel's fees  
   63.73.  Barrister and solicitor  
   63.74.  Interest on costs  
   63.75.  GST  
   64.01.  Definitions  
   64.02.  Application  
   64.03.  Party having carriage of proceeding  
   64.04.  Draft of the case  
   64.05.  Form and contents  
   64.06.  Settling the case  
   64.07.  Objections  
   64.08.  Signing the case  
   64.09.  Stating the case  
   64.10.  Extension of time  
   64.11.  Filing the case  
   64.12.  Setting down for hearing  
   64.13.  Documents  
   64.14.  Inferences  
   64.15.  Insufficient case  
   64.16.  Disputed facts  
   65.01.  Application  
   65.02.  Mode of application  
   65.03.  Service of document  
   65.04.  Documents for application  
   65.05.  Procedure on application  
   66.01.  Definitions  
   66.02.  Payment of money  
   66.03.  Possession of land  
   66.04.  Delivery of goods  
   66.05.  Doing or abstaining from doing an act  
   66.06.  Attendance of natural person  
   66.07.  Attendance of corporation  
   66.08.  Attendance before another Court, etc.  
   66.09.  Contempt  
   66.10.  Service before committal or sequestration  
   66.11.  Substituted performance  
   66.12.  Enforcement by or against non-party  
   66.13.  Non-performance of condition  
   66.14.  Matters occurring after judgment  
   66.15.  Order in aid of enforcement  
   66.16.  Stay of execution  
   67.01.  Definitions  
   67.02.  Order for examination or production  
   67.03.  Corporation  
   67.04.  Procedure  
   67.05.  Record of examination  
   68.01.  Definitions  
   68.02.  Leave to issue warrant  
   68.03.  Separate execution for costs  
   68.04.  Issue of warrant of execution  
   68.05.  Duration  
   68.06.  Costs of prior execution  
   68.07.  Provision for enforcing payment of money  
   68.08.  Form of warrant of execution  
   69.01.  Definitions  
   69.02.  Application  
   69.03.  New enforcement process  
   69.04.  Two or more warrants  
   69.05.  Order of sale  
   69.06.  Time and place of sale  
   69.07.  Advertisement of sale  
   69.08.  Notional possession of goods  
   70.01.  Payment of money  
   70.02.  Removal of goods on warrant of possession  
   71.01.  Definitions and application  
   71.02.  What debts attachable  
   71.03.  Bank account  
   71.04.  Filing and service of garnishee summons  
   71.05.  Evidence on application for garnishee summons  
   71.06.  Garnishee summons  
   71.07.  Service of summons  
   71.08.  What debts attached, when and to what extent  
   71.09.  Payment to judgment creditor  
   71.10.  Dispute of liability by garnishee  
   71.11.  Claim by other person  
   71.12.  Discharge of garnishee  
   71.13.  Money in Court  
   71.14.  Costs  
   72.01.  Definitions  
   72.02.  Application for attachment of earnings order  
   72.03.  Making of order  
   72.04.  Attendance of or information about judgment debtor  
   72.05.  Contents of order  
   72.06.  Service of orders  
   72.07.  Employer to make payments  
   72.08.  Attachment of earnings in place of other orders  
   72.09.  Execution after attachment of earnings  
   72.10.  Discharge or variation of order  
   72.11.  Cessation of attachment of earnings order  
   72.12.  Two or more orders in force  
   72.13.  When varied order taken to be made  
   72.14.  Notice to judgment debtor of payments  
   72.15.  Determination of earnings  
   72.16.  Service  
   73.01.  Definitions  
   73.02.  Order charging securities  
   73.03.  Filing and service of charging summons  
   73.04.  Evidence on application for charging summons  
   73.05.  Charging summons  
   73.06.  Service of summons  
   73.07.  Effect of service of summons  
   73.08.  Order on summons hearing  
   73.09.  Effect and enforcement of charge  
   73.10.  Variation or discharge of order  
   73.11.  Order charging funds in Court  
   73.12.  Stop order for funds in Court  
   73.13.  Stop notice on corporation stock not in Court  
   73.14.  Effect of stop notice  
   73.15.  Withdrawal or discharge of stop notice  
   73.16.  Prohibition of transfer of or payment on stock  
   74.01.  Procedure  
   74.02.  Appointment of receiver by way of equitable execution  
   75.01.  Definition  
   75.02.  Contempt in face of the Court  
   75.03.  Procedure on hearing of charge  
   75.04.  Custody pending disposal of charge  
   75.05.  Application  
   75.06.  Procedure  
   75.07.  Application by Registrar  
   75.08.  Arrest of respondent  
   75.09.  Warrant for arrest  
   75.10.  Application  
   75.11.  Punishment for contempt  
   75.12.  Discharge  
   75.13.  Warrant for committal  
   75.14.  Costs  
   76.01.  Definitions  
   76.02.  Enforcement by sequestration  
   76.03.  Order for sequestration  
   76.04.  Application  
   77.01.  Authority in civil proceedings  
   77.02.  Limitation on authority  
   77.03.  Master to hear application  
   77.04.  Reference by Master to Judge  
   78.01.  Directions in judgment  
   78.02.  Claims  
   78.03.  Interest on debts  
   78.04.  Interest on legacies  
   78.05.  Account or inquiry by Master  
   78.06.  Master's order  
   79.01.  Application  
   79.02.  Litigants' Fund  
   79.03.  Particulars of payment  
   79.04.  Other application of moneys  
   79.05.  Money in Court or to be paid into Court for person under disability  
   79.06.  Delay  
   79.07.  Investment of moneys paid into Court  
   79.07.1.Unclaimed money  
   79.08.  Payment under order  
   79.09.  Inquiry by bank unnecessary  
   80.01.  Application  
   80.02.  Documents required  
   80.03.  Service  
   80.04.  Affidavit of service  
   80.05.  Certificate  
   81.01.  Procedure  
   81.02.  Examiner  
   81.03.  Conduct of examination  
   81.04.  Attendance of non-party  
   81.05.  Deposition and exhibits  
   81.06.  Certificate  



   81A.01. Interpretation  
   81A.02. Application  
   81A.02A.Authority of Master in criminal proceedings  
   81A.03. Dispensing with compliance  
   81A.04. Time  
   81A.05. Private practitioner acting for accused to notify Court  


   81A.06. How document is filed  
   81A.07. Place of filing  
   81A.08. Date of filing  
   81A.09. Inspection of documents  
   81A.10. Service  


   81A.11. Applications generally  


   81A.12. Proceeding for breach of bail  


   81A.14. Arraignments  
   81A.15. Fixing time for pre-trial conference  
   81A.16. Pre-trial conference  
   81A.17. Powers of criminal registrar at pre-trial conference  
   81A.18. Pre-trial hearing  
   81A.19. Tendering documents at pre-trial conference or pre-trial hearing  


   81A.20. Definition  
   81A.21. Duty to disclose risk  
   81A.22. Court may order disclosure to Sheriff and officer in charge of prison  
   81A.23. Sheriff to be informed of and explain order  
   81A.24. "At risk" to be written on warrants  


   81A.25. Subpoenas  
   81A.26. Evidence by videoconferencing  
   81A.27. Victim impact statements and victim reports  


   81A.27A.Special hearing  
   81A.27B.Accused to plead  
   81A.27C.Objection to admissibility of evidence  
   81A.27D.Special hearing may be re-opened  
   81A.27E.Duplicate of recording to be made  
   81A.27F.Editing of recording  
   81A.27G.Access to recording  
   81A.27J.Other matters  


   81A.28. Discovery, inspection and preservation of property  
   81A.29. Inspection, detention and preservation of property  
   81A.30. Rights of person affected by ex parte orders  


   81A.31. Return of preliminary exhibits  
   81A.32. Preservation of exhibits  
   81A.33. Court of trial may permit conditional release of documents etc.  
   81A.34. Release of documents etc. tendered in pursuance of section 189 of Evidence (National Uniform Legislation) Act  
   81A.35. Destruction of uncollected documents etc.  
   81A.36. Custody of property of person found guilty  
   81A.37. Order for security to be given  
   81A.38. Consequential orders  


   81A.38A.Submissions on sentencing or sentencing by videoconference by the Judge's own motion  
   81A.38B.Submissions on sentencing or sentencing by videoconference by application  


   81A.39. Record of proceedings and recording of orders  


   81A.40. Certificate of conviction  
   81A.41. Form of warrants, orders etc.  



   82.01.  Definitions  
   82.02.  Relief from rules and non-compliance  
   82.03.  Proceedings wanting or in doubt  


   82.04.  Service  
   82.05.  Signing of documents  
   83.01.  Definitions  
   83.02.  Appeals generally  
   83.03.  Application  
   83.04.  Time for appeal  
   83.05.  Institution of appeal  
   83.06.  Contents of notice of appeal  
   83.07.  Parties  
   83.08.  Filing with tribunal below  
   83.09.  Stay  
   83.10.  Service of notice of appeal  
   83.11.  Security for costs  
   83.12.  Notice of appearance  
   83.13.  Directions  
   83.14.  Date for hearing of appeal  
   83.15.  Amendment  
   83.16.  Cross-appeal  
   83.17.  Setting down for hearing  
   83.18.  Tribunal to produce records  
   83.19.  Want of prosecution  
   83.20.  Procedure at hearing  


   83.21.  Application of Part  
   83.22.  Procedure  
   83.23.  Time for filing application  
   83.24.  Time for service  
   83.25.  Appearance  
   83.26.  Time for filing and service of affidavits  
   83.27.  Directions  
   83.28.  Application of other Rules  
   84.01.  Application  
   84.02.  Title of proceedings, &c.  
   84.03.  Appointment to settle  
   84.04.  Appearance  
   84.05.  Amendment by supplementary notice  
   84.06.  Cross-appeal  
   84.07.  Draft index of appeal papers  
   84.08.  Settlement  
   84.09.  Collection of papers  
   84.10.  Preparation of appeal papers  
   84.11.  Setting down appeal  
   84.12.  Expediting appeals  
   84.13.  Want of prosecution  
   84.14.  Stay  
   84.15.  Discontinuance of appeal  
   84.16.  Competency of appeal  
   84.17.  List of authorities, summary of submissions etc.  
   84.18.  List of authorities  
   84.19.  Summary of submissions  
   84.20.  Costs  
   84.22.  Chronology  
   84.23.  Further evidence on appeal  
   84.24.  Directions by Master or Registrar  
   84.25.  Interlocutory applications  
   84.26.  Form of orders  
   85.01.  Definitions  
   85.02.  Form of application and time for filing  
   85.03.  Affidavit in support of application  
   85.04.  Service of application  
   85.05.  Response to application  
   85.06.  Determination of application in first instance  
   85.07.  Determination of application if leave refused  
   85.07A. Procedure if leave granted  
   85.08.  Interpretation  
   85.09.  Form and filing of notice of appeal  
   85.10.  Title of proceeding  
   85.11.  Parties  
   85.12.  Time for filing and service of notice of appeal  
   85.13.  Security for costs  
   85.14.  Written submissions  
   85.15.  Directions on written submissions  
   85.16.  Preparation of written submissions  
   85.17.  Filing and lodgement of written submissions  
   86.01.  Definitions  
   86.02.  Title of proceedings, &c.  
   86.03.  Signing of documents  
   86.04.  Certificate of trial Judge  
   86.05.  Appeals where fine only imposed  
   86.08.  Limitation on grounds of appeal  
   86.09.  Consequential orders  
   86.09B. Entitlement to hearing when restitution order made  
   86.10.  Form of application for leave to appeal  
   86.11.  Form of application for extension of time  
   86.12.  Time for service  
   86.13.  Director may respond in writing to argument in support of application  
   86.14.  Matter to be dealt with by way of written submissions  
   86.14A. Urgent applications for leave or for extension of time to be heard in court  
   86.14B. Grounds of appeal  
   86.14C. Setting down for hearing  
   86.14D. Application for leave taken to be notice of appeal  
   86.14E. Certain powers to be exercised by single Judge  


   86.15.  Form of notice of appeal  


   86.16.  Reservation of points of law  
   86.17.  Applications  
   86.18.  References, &c.  


   86.20.  Report of Judge of Court of trial  
   86.21.  Furnishing of depositions, indictment, &c.  
   86.21B. Hearing of application under section 429 of Criminal Code  
   86.22.  Procedure where Judge deals with application under section 429 of Criminal Code  
   86.23.  Written argument  
   86.25.  Inspection of exhibits  
   86.26.  Bail  
   86.27.  Failure to appear  
   86.28.  Notifying results of appeal  
   86.29.  Witnesses before Court of Criminal Appeal  
   86.30.  Duties of Registrar, &c.  
   86.31.  Register  
   86.32.  Service of orders and notices  
   87.01.  Definitions  
   87.02.  Preparation of case  
   87.03.  Institution of reference  
   87.04.  Notice of appeal  
   87.05.  Grounds of appeal  
   87.06.  Amendment  
   87.07.  Service and filing of notice  
   87.08.  Mode of service  
   87.09.  Appearance  
   87.09A. Cross-appeal  
   87.10.  Stay of proceedings  
   87.11.  Costs  



   88.01.  Application  
   88.01.1.Validation of will  
   88.02.  Interpretation  
   88.03.  Transition  
   88.04.  Heading and title  


   88.05.  Powers of Registrar  


   88.05A. Application by minor for authorisation to make etc. will  
   88.05B. Application for leave to apply for order regarding will of person without testamentary capacity  
   88.05C. Application for order to rectify will  
   88.05D. Application under section 18, 20 or 27 of Wills Act to be heard by Judge  


   88.06.  Application of Part  
   88.07.  Commencement of proceedings  
   88.08.  Hearing  
   88.09.  Publication of notice of intended application  
   88.10.  Delay  
   88.11.  Domicile out of the Territory  
   88.12.  Identity  
   88.13.  Renunciation  
   88.14.  Evidence of attestation  
   88.15.  Testator's knowledge and approval of contents  
   88.16.  Further evidence as to execution  
   88.17.  Date of execution  
   88.18.  Interlineations, obliterations and alterations  
   88.19.  Documents referred to or attached  
   88.20.  Part of will paper torn off or cut off  
   88.21.  Burning, tearing or other sign of revocation  
   88.22.  Inoperative will  
   88.23.  Evidence and documents in applications for probate  
   88.24.  Evidence and documents in applications for administration  
   88.25.  Evidence and documents in applications for administration with will annexed  
   88.26.  Evidence and documents in applications for resealing  
   88.27.  Affidavit of assets and liabilities  


   88.28.  Administration during minority  
   88.29.  Elected guardians  
   88.30.  Assigned guardians  


   88.31.  Leave to commence proceedings  
   88.32.  Citations  
   88.33.  Proceeding for leave  


   88.34.  Applications in small estates  
   88.35.  Directions  
   88.36.  Record of death  


   88.37.  Form of application  


   88.38.  Application of Division  
   88.39.  Commencement of proceeding  
   88.40.  Claims of interest  


   88.41.  Deposit of grant  
   88.42.  Commencement of non-contentious proceedings  
   88.43.  Commencement of contentious proceedings  


   88.44.  Cross-claim  
   88.45.  Intervention  


   88.46.  Request for issue  
   88.47.  Citation to be settled  
   88.48.  Seal  
   88.49.  Registrar to file copy  
   88.50.  Citation to bring in abolished  
   88.51.  Citation to pray for administration  
   88.52.  Citation to take probate  
   88.53.  Citation to see proceeding  
   88.54.  Proceeding where executor neglects to prove will  
   88.55.  Time for answer to a citation  
   88.56.  Service  
   88.57.  Appearance by person cited to see  
   88.58.  Election to be respondent  
   88.59.  Person under disability  
   88.60.  Person under disability elects to become defendant  
   88.61.  Proof of service of citation to see  


   88.62.  Caveat in respect of grant  
   88.63.  Caveat for solemn form  
   88.64.  Duration  
   88.65.  Leave to withdraw caveat – no proceeding for grant  
   88.66.  Leave to withdraw caveat – proceeding for grant  
   88.67.  Withdrawal  
   88.68.  Recoupment of costs  
   88.69.  Citation of caveator to see  
   88.70.  Order that caveat cease to be in force  
   88.71.  Proceeding by a writ or originating motion  


   88.74.  Service of notice or summons under section 91  
   88.75.  Extension of time  
   88.76.  Order to file, &c., accounts  
   88.77.  Commencement of proceeding for passing or commission  
   88.78.  Proceeding for passing accounts, &c.  
   88.79.  Uncontested proceeding for passing accounts  
   88.80.  Affidavits in support of commission  
   88.81.  Renunciation  
   88.82.  Notice  
   88.83.  Review  
   88.84.  Accounting party  
   88.85.  Public Trustee  


   88.86.  Applications under Probate Act and these Rules  
   88.87.  Notice of appearance  
   88.88.  Notice of intended distribution  
   88.89.  Registrar not to deal with application for representation in certain cases  
   88.90.  Solemn form  


   89.01.  Application  
   89.02.  Definitions  
   89.03.  Form of documents  
   89.04.  Application by Attorney-General  
   89.05.  Removal of proceeding  
   89.06.  Notice  
   89.07.  Service out of Territory  
   89.08.  Procedure after transfer  
   89.09.  Conduct of proceeding  
   89.10.  Directions  
   89.11.  Applications made to Judge  


   90.01.  Interpretation  
   90.02.  Registrar and Marshall  
   90.03.  Operation of Chapters 1 and 2  
   90.04.  Marshall may charge fees  



   91.01.  Definitions  
   91.02.  Application of Chapter 1  
   91.03.  Commencement of proceedings  
   91.04.  Jurisdiction of the Master  
   91.05.  Court assistance in taking evidence  
   91.06.  Subpoenas  
   91.07.  Application to determine a question of law  
   91.08.  Application to set aside an arbitral award  
   91.09.  Appeal on a question of law  
   91.10.  Enforcement of award  


   91.11.  Application of Part  
   91.12.  Offer of compromise  
   91.13.  Time for making or accepting an offer  
   91.14.  Offer without prejudice  
   91.15.  Time for payment  
   91.16.  Withdrawal of acceptance  
   91.17.  Disclosure of offer to arbitrator  
   91.18.  Failure to comply with accepted offer  
   91.19.  Costs if the offer is not accepted  


   91.20.  Transitional matters  


   92.01.  Interpretation  
   92.02.  Application  
   92.03.  Application ex parte  
   92.04.  Application on notice  
   92.05.  Application in relation to deceased person  
   92.06.  Evidence by affidavit  
   92.07.  Affidavit of service  
   92.08.  Discovery  
   92.09.  Examination  
   92.10.  Secrecy provisions in relation to examinations and matters generally  
   92.11.  Damages  
   92.12.  Registration of interstate orders  
   92.13.  Objection  
   92.14.  Restraining order ceasing to have effect  
   92.15.  Forms  


   93.01.  Definitions  
   93.02.  Applications for bail or review of bail  
   93.03.  Application of provisions of Chapter 1A  


   94.01.  Interpretation  
   94.02.  Application  
   94.03.  Application under section 6 by originating motion  
   94.04.  Affidavit  
   94.05.  Security for costs may be ordered  
   94.06.  Order on application  
   94.07.  Notice of registration  
   94.08.  Application to set aside  
   94.09.  Enforcement of judgment  
   94.10.  Certified copy of judgment  
   94.11.  Certificates  
   94.12.  Master  


   95.01.  Full Court to exercise jurisdiction of Court in certain matters relating to lawyers  


   96.01.  Notice of particulars  
   96.02.  Objection to interpreter  


   97.01.  Form of application for waiver or deferral of fee  
   97.02.  Fee waiver – requirement for certificate of Registrar  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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