Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Objective  
   4.      Application  
   5.      Interpretation  
   6.      Petroleum property of Crown  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   7.      Delegation  
   8.      Graticulation of earth's surface  
   9.      Reservation of blocks  
   10.     Dealings in reserved blocks  
   11.     Land subject of exploration permit or licence  
   12.     Grant of mining interest  
   13.     No negotiations without Minister's consent  
   14.     Applicant for licence to hold exploration permit  
   15.     Environmental consideration relating to certain parks and reserves  

           Division 2--Exploration permits for petroleum

   16.     Application for exploration permit  
   17.     More than one application for same block or blocks  
   18.     Notice of application for exploration permit  
   19.     Objections  
   20.     Determination of application for exploration permit  
   21C.    No grant of exploration permit for area if permit etc. already granted  
   21E.    Guidelines  
   22.     Term of exploration permit  
   23.     Application for renewal of exploration permit  
   24.     Application for renewal of exploration permit to be in relation to reduced area  
   24A.    Exemption from requirement to reduce permit area  
   25.     Grant or refusal of renewal of exploration permit  
   26.     Annual fee  
   27.     Conditions of exploration permit  
   28.     Variation etc. of condition of exploration permit  
   29.     Rights conferred by exploration permit  
   30.     Notice to apply for production licence  

           Division 3--Retention licences

   31.     Entitlement to apply for retention licence  
   32.     Application for retention licence  
   33.     Size of retention licence area  
   34.     Grant or refusal of retention licence  
   35.     Exploration permit not affected  
   36.     Term of retention licence  
   37.     Application for renewal of retention licence  
   38.     Grant or refusal of renewal of retention licence  
   39.     Annual fee  
   40.     Conditions of retention licence  
   41.     Variation, &c., of conditions of retention licence  
   42.     Rights conferred by retention licence  
   43.     Notice to apply for production licence  

           Division 4--Production licences

   44.     Applicant  
   45.     Application for production licence  
   46.     Size of production licence  
   47.     Grant of production licence  
   48.     Refusal to grant production licence  
   49.     Exploration permit or licence not affected  
   50.     Term of production licence  
   51.     Application for renewal of production licence  
   52.     Grant or refusal of renewal of production licence  
   53.     Annual fee  
   54.     Conditions of production licence  
   55.     Variation, &c., of conditions of production licence  
   56.     Rights conferred by production licence  
   57.     Declaration of restricted area  

           Division 5--Access authorities

   57A.    Access authorities  

           Division 6--Review of determinations

   57AB.   Application for review of determination  
   57AC.   Appointment of panel to conduct review  
   57AD.   Review procedure  
   57AE.   Decision following review  


   57B.    Prescribed petroleum acts  
   57C.    Application  
   57D.    Act valid if procedures complied with  
   57DA.   Prescribed petroleum acts covering both alternative provision area and other area  
   57E.    Form of application  
   57F.    Notification of native title holders etc.  
   57G.    Response to objections  
   57GA.   Agreement is anticipated and strongly encouraged  
   57H.    Consultation and mediation  
   57J.    Application to Tribunal  
   57K.    Inquiry by Minister  
   57KA.   Referral of objections to Tribunal by Minister  
   57KB.   Criteria for making recommendation  
   57L.    Compliance with recommendations of Tribunal  
   57M.    Judicial review  
   57N.    Procedure if no objections lodged, objections withdrawn, etc.  
   57NA.   Consultations may continue  
   57P.    Compensation  


   57R.    Interpretation  
   57S.    Application  
   57T.    Notification of application for exploration permit  
   57U.    Minister to have regard to objections and comments  
   57V.    Compensation  


           Division 1--Rights and duties of permittee or licensee

   58.     General conditions  
   58A.    Where acts may be done subject to conditions  
   59.     Annual reports  
   60.     Core samples to be lodged  
   61.     Release of information  
   62.     Project reports  
   63.     Payment of first year's annual fee in respect of exploration permit or licence  
   64.     Discovery of petroleum to be notified  
   65.     Access  
   66.     Exploration permit held by 2 or more persons  
   67.     Drilling and seismic surveys  
   68.     Fencing  
   69.     Unit development  

           Division 2--Actions by Minister

   70.     Gazettal of instruments  
   70A.    Notification of conditions relating to native title  
   71.     Directions by Minister  
   72.     Compliance with directions  

           Division 3--Surrender, cancellation, &c.

   73.     Surrender  
   74.     Cancellation  
   75.     Report on ceasing to hold exploration permit or licence area  
   76.     Well completion report  
   77.     Removal of property on surrender, expiry or cancellation  
   78.     Sale of property  

           Division 4--Securities and compensation

   79.     Security for compliance with Act and conditions of petroleum interest  
   80.     Security for compensation that may be payable to native title holders  
   81.     Compensation to owners  
   82.     Compensation for right of access  
   83.     Conditions about compensation for effect on native title  

           Division 5--Royalties

   84.     Royalties  
   85.     Late or non-payment of royalties  
   86.     Suspension etc. of annual fee or royalty  

           Division 6--Inspectors

   87.     Inspectors  
   88.     Powers of inspectors  
   89.     No action against inspector or assistants  


   90.     Registrar and Register of instruments  
   91.     Particulars to be entered in Register  
   91A.    Application of Law of Property Act  
   92.     Memorials to be entered of exploration permits etc. cancelled etc.  
   93.     Approval of transfers  
   93A.    Registration of transfers  
   94.     Entries in Register on devolution of title  
   95.     Interests not to be created, &c., except by instruments in writing  
   96.     Approval of instruments creating, &c., interests  
   97.     Minister not concerned with certain matters  
   98.     Power of Minister to require information as to proposed dealings  
   99.     Production and inspection of documents  
   100.    Inspection of Register and documents  
   101.    Rectification of Register  
   102.    Evidentiary provisions  
   103.    Applications in relation to Register  
   104.    Registrar not liable to certain actions  


           Division 1--General

   105.    Licences required to explore and recover petroleum  
   106.    Offences generally  
   107.    Continuing offences  
   108.    Offence by body corporate  
   109.    False statements  
   110.    Offences in relation to Register  
   111.    Certain operations prohibited  
   112.    Time for commencing proceedings  
   113.    Forfeiture  
   114.    Delivery to Minister  
   115.    Notice to claim  
   116.    Failure to claim  
   117.    Determination of claim  

           Division 2--Environmental offences

   117AAA. Application  
   117AAB. Interpretation  
   117AAC. Environmental offences  
   117AAD. Defences to environmental offences  
   117AAE. Alternative verdicts available  

           Division 3--Liabilities of employers and employees etc. under Division 2

   117AAF. Actions etc. of employee or agent of body corporate are those of body corporate  
   117AAG. Director may be liable for offence of body corporate  
   117AAH. Liability for managers, employees and agents  


   117AA.  Establishment of Trust Fund  
   117AB.  Payments into Trust Fund  
   117AC.  How trust amounts to be dealt with  


   117AD.  Object of Part  
   117AE.  Definitions  
   117AF.  Australian Geodetic Datum  
   117AG.  Current datum and previous datum  
   117AH.  Use of current datum  
   117AI.  Use of previous datum  
   117AJ.  Variation of petroleum interests etc.  
   117AK.  Variation of applications for petroleum interests  
   117AL.  No change to actual position of point, line or area  
   117AM.  Transitional Regulations  


   117AMA. Licence etc. not personal property  
   117A.   Compensation: time limit on claims  
   117B.   Service of documents  
   117C.   Complaints procedure  
   118.    Regulations  
   119.    Application, savings and transitional  


           Division 1--Petroleum Amendment and Related Matters Act 2010

   120.    Definitions  
   121.    Determination of competing applications  
   122.    Minister's powers and functions  
   123.    Inspector's powers and functions  

           Division 2--Petroleum Amendment Act 2013

   124.    Existing applications for grant of exploration permit  

           Division 3--Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Conferral of Jurisdiction Amendments) (No. 2) Act 2014

   125.    Application or referral before former Tribunal  

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