Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Appointment of inspector or poundkeeper  
   5.      Establishment of pounds  
   6.      Pound to be enclosed and kept in good order  
   7.      Diseased cattle to be kept in separate enclosure  
   8.      Destruction of diseased cattle  
   9.      Constant supply of water to be maintained  
   10.     Taking cattle out of pound for grazing or watering  
   11.     Pound book  
   12.     Board setting out fees to be maintained at pound  
   13.     Accounting for money received by poundkeeper  
   14.     Powers of impounding cattle  
   14A.    Transport to pound  
   15.     Impounding unlawfully or in an unauthorized place  
   16.     Fees to be paid to the poundkeeper  
   18.     Person impounding not liable to fees  
   19.     Payment of fees on seizure for impounding  
   20.     Notice to be given by person impounding cattle  
   21.     Duty and responsibility of poundkeeper  
   22.     Posting of notice of cattle impounded  
   23.     Notice of impounding to be given to owner  
   24.     If cattle not claimed notice to be published in newspaper  
   25.     Cattle to be released on payment of fees, &c.  
   26.     Power of sale of cattle by poundkeeper  
   27.     Time of sale of impounded cattle  
   28.     Mode of sale of impounded cattle  
   29.     Poundkeeper to act as auctioneer  
   30.     Number of cattle to be put up for auction in one lot  
   31.     Persons forbidden to purchase impounded cattle  
   32.     Powers of poundkeeper where no bid made at sale  
   33.     Disposal of proceeds of sale after deducting poundage fees  
   34.     Pound rescues or breaches  
   35.     Owners of straying cattle liable to penalty  
   36.     Compensation for trespass on enclosed land  
   36A.    Certain fines paid to local government council  
   36B.    Offences and penalties  
   37.     Regulations  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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