Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Exemptions  


   5.      Delegation  
   6.      Fees  
   7.      Register  
   8.      Declarations by Commissioner  


           Division 1--Application for licence

   9.      Application for licence  
   10.     General restrictions on grant of licence  
   10AA.   Restriction on grant of category H sports shooter's licence  
   10AB.   Restriction on grant of firearms dealer licence  
   10AC.   Restriction on grant of firearms collector licence  
   10AD.   Restriction on grant of paintball operator licence  
   10A.    General restrictions on grant of firearms corporate licence, firearms museum licence and firearms club licence  
   11.     Genuine reason for licence  

           Division 2--General provisions

   12.     Form of licence  
   13.     General conditions of licence  
   14.     Period of licence  

           Division 3--Shooter's licence

   15.     Shooter's licence  

           Division 3A--Category H sports shooter's licence

   15A.    Category H sports shooter's licence  
   15B.    Procedure for obtaining licence  
   15C.    Conditions of licence  

           Division 4--Firearms dealer licence

   16.     Firearms dealer licence  
   16A.    Information about close associates of firearms dealers  
   17.     Security measures required by dealer  
   18.     Records and returns to be kept by dealers  
   19.     Production of firearms  
   20.     Restriction on employing certain persons  
   21.     Interstate transactions between dealers  

           Division 5--Firearms armourer licence

   22.     Firearms armourer licence  
   22A.    Records to be kept by firearms armourer  
   23.     Production of firearms and records  

           Division 6--Firearms collector licence

   24.     Firearms collector licence  
   25.     Use of firearm under firearms collector licence  

           Division 6A--Antique firearms collector licence

   25A.    Antique firearms collector licence  

           Division 7--Firearms corporate licence

   26.     Firearms corporate licence  

           Division 8--Firearms employee licence

   27.     Firearms employee licence  

           Division 9--Firearms club junior licence

   28.     Firearms club junior licence  

           Division 10--Firearms museum licence

   29.     Firearms museum licence  

           Division 11--Firearms heirloom licence

   30.     Firearms heirloom licence  

           Division 12--Firearms club licence

   30A.    Firearms club licence  
   30B.    Records to be kept by firearms clubs  

           Division 13--Firearms instructor licence

   30C.    Firearms instructor licence  

           Division 14--Licences for paintball

              Subdivision 1--Paintball operator licences

   30D.    Effect of licence  

              Subdivision 2--Paintball employee licences

   30E.    Effect of licence  
   30F.    Licence expires if holder ceases to be employee  
   30G.    Disclosure of information by Commissioner to approved paintball operator  


   31.     Grant of permits  
   32.     Application for permit  
   33.     General restrictions on granting permits  
   33A.    Possession and use of firearms by international competitors  
   34.     General provisions relating to permits  
   35.     Permits to purchase or acquire firearms  
   35A.    Permits for category H sports shooters  
   35B.    Limits on firearm ownership under category H sports shooter's licence  
   35C.    Permits under firearms collector licence  
   35D.    Restriction on granting paintball operator permit  


   36.     Registration of firearms  
   37.     Duration of registration  


   38.     Suspension of licence, permit or registration  
   39.     Suspension on making of interim domestic violence order  
   40.     Revocation of licence, permit or registration  
   40A.    Revocation on basis of criminal intelligence  
   40B.    Seizure of firearms on revocation  
   41.     Surrender by holder  
   42.     Suspension by police officer or Commissioner  
   43.     Refusal or revocation by Commissioner  
   44.     Disposal of firearms  


   46.     Storage and safe keeping requirements  
   47.     Seizure of firearms if storage requirements not met  


   48.     Premises used by firearms clubs and for shooting activities  
   49.     Approval of premises used by firearms clubs and for shooting activities  
   49A.    Approval of premises for use as paintball range  


   50.     Firearms Appeal Tribunal  
   51.     Notice of appeal  
   52.     Powers of Tribunal  
   54.     Determination of appeals  
   54A.    Tribunal can make order for costs in certain cases  
   54B.    Procedure of Tribunal  
   54C.    Appeal to Supreme Court  


   55.     Firearms Advisory Council  
   56.     Functions and powers of Council  
   57.     Meetings of Council  


           Division 1--Possession or use of firearms

   58.     Possession or use of firearms  
   58A.    Obligation of supervisor  
   58B.    Obligation of firearms club  

           Division 2--Offences relating to registration

   59.     Firearms to be registered  
   60.     Alteration of certificate of registration  

           Division 2A--Certain offences outside Territory

   60A.    Conspiring to commit and aiding etc. commission of offence outside Territory  

           Division 2B--Offences relating to paintball

   60B.    Definition  
   60C.    Prohibition of carrying on business of paintball operator without authority  
   60D.    Information about close associates, representatives and employees  
   60E.    Records and returns  
   60F.    Prohibition on employing certain persons  
   60G.    Production of firearms  
   60H.    Possession and use of paintball firearm only at approved paintball range  
   60J.    Restrictions on children playing paintball  
   60K.    Paintball player must sign declaration and give identification  
   60L.    Certain persons prohibited from playing paintball  

           Division 3--General offences

   61.     Manufacture of firearms  
   61A.    Repair or modification of firearms  
   62.     Purchase of firearms  
   63.     Sale of firearms  
   63A.    Trafficking in firearms  
   63B.    Advertising firearm for sale  
   64.     Use of mail for sending firearms  
   65.     Use of mail for sending firearms outside the Territory  
   66.     Transporting firearms  
   67.     Disposal of firearms by unauthorised holders  
   68.     Altering firearms  
   68A.    Sale and purchase of ammunition  
   69.     Possession of ammunition  
   70.     Pawning of firearms prohibited  
   71.     Misuse of licences and permits  
   73.     Hiring or leasing firearms  
   74.     Alteration of identification marks  
   75.     Toy guns  
   76.     Unsafe firearms  
   77.     Silencers and machine-guns  
   78.     Carrying firearms in public places  
   79.     Discharge of firearms on certain land  
   80.     Possession of firearms on certain land  
   81.     Restriction on possession and use of firearms on certain vacant Crown land  
   82.     Discharge of firearms on roads  
   83.     Prohibited use of firearms  
   84.     Discharge of firearm causing danger  
   85.     Breach of conditions  
   86.     Persons under influence of alcohol or drugs  
   87.     Delivery of firearms to certain persons  
   88.     Delivery of firearms to unlicensed persons  
   89.     False or misleading statements  
   90.     Matters to be notified  
   91.     Requirements and directions to be complied with  
   91A.    Notice of change of representative of certain licence and permit holders  


           Division 1--Recognition of Interstate licences

   92.     Temporary recognition of interstate licences for shooting competition  
   93.     Interstate residents moving to the Territory  

           Division 1A--Revocation, disqualification, forfeiture

   93A.    Revocation and disqualification  
   93B.    Disqualification if aggravating circumstance  
   93C.    No grant of licence or permit  
   93D.    Court may order forfeiture  
   93E.    No effect on general power  

           Division 2--General

   93F.    No review of certain decisions by Commissioner  
   94.     Commissioner may require firearm to be lodged  
   95.     Police may request names and addresses  
   96.     Police may require production of licences and permits  
   96A.    Police may require production of firearm  
   97.     Searches in emergencies  
   98.     Seizure  
   98A.    Seizure etc. of firearm includes ammunition  
   99.     Retention of certain seized firearms  
   99A.    Storage of certain firearms  
   100.    Protection from liability  
   101.    Report to be made in certain circumstances  
   102.    Disclosure of information by Commissioner in certain circumstances  
   103.    Duplicate certificates and licences  
   104.    Averments  
   104A.   Evidence by certificate  
   105.    Evidentiary – meaning of possession of a firearm etc.  
   106.    Service of notices and documents  
   106A.   Conduct of representatives  
   106B.   Criminal liability of executive officer of body corporate  
   107.    Criminal liability of executive officer of body corporate – deemed liability if body corporate commits offence  
   107A.   Offences by representatives of licence and permit holders  
   108.    Commencement of prosecutions  
   109.    Regulatory offences  
   110.    Certain category H firearms to be produced to Commissioner  
   110A.   Voluntary surrender of category H firearms  
   111.    Regulations  
   112.     Review of Act  


           Division 1--Firearms Amendment Act 2003

   113.    Transitional  

           Division 2--Statute Law Amendment (Directors' Liability) Act 2015

   114.    Offences – before and after commencement  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 7

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