Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Objects of Act  
   4.      Guiding principles  
   5.      Definitions  
   6.      Parent of child  
   7.      Parental responsibility  
   8.      Daily care and control  
   9.      Attending school  
   10.     Child living independently  
   11.     Second or subsequent offence  
   12.     Act binds Crown  
   13.     Application of Criminal Code  


           Division 1--Role of Minister

   14.     Administration of Act  
   15.     Minister to provide services  
   16.     Provision of offshore education, training or related services  
   17.     CEO subject to Ministerial direction and control  
   18.     Delegation  

           Division 2--Advisory councils

   19.     General power to establish advisory councils  
   20.     Procedures of advisory council  
   21.     Provision of support to advisory council  

           Division 3--CEO's report

   22.     Report by CEO  


   23.     Definitions  
   24.     Establishment of Board  
   25.     Functions of Board  
   26.     Powers of Board  
   27.     Staff and costs etc. of Board  
   28.     Composition of Board and appointment of members  
   29.     Term of appointment  
   30.     Acting chairperson  
   31.     Vacation of office  
   32.     Termination of appointment  
   33.     Meetings of Board  
   34.     Committees of Board  
   35.     Issue of certificates by Board  
   36.     Board subject to Ministerial direction  
   37.     Reports  


           Division 1--Compulsory education

   38.     Compulsory school age  
   39.     Compulsory enrolment  
   40.     Compulsory attendance at school  
   41.     Student not to attend school in certain circumstances  
   42.     Compulsory participation at distance education centre  
   43.     Enrolment in distance education centre by Australian resident  
   44.     Exemption by CEO  

           Division 2--School register

   45.     Register of enrolments and attendances  

           Division 3--Home education

   46.     Home education  
   47.     Inspection program for home education  
   48.     Cessation of home education  
   49.     Power to cancel approval of home education  

           Division 4--Children with special learning needs

   50.     Application of Division  
   51.     Minister may provide for education of children with special learning needs  
   52.     Parent or principal may request special arrangements  
   53.     CEO's power to make special arrangements  
   54.     Special arrangements to include provision for visits  
   55.     Disability standards  
   56.     Anti-Discrimination Act not affected  

           Division 5--Mature age students

   57.     Interpretation  
   58.     Application of Division  
   59.     Applicant must submit application to vetting entity  
   60.     Review of criminal record report for disqualifying offence  
   61.     Discretion of CEO if report shows offence other than disqualifying offence  
   62.     Matters to be considered by principal of Government school  
   63.     Provisions applying to application for enrolment in Government school  
   64.     Review of decision of principal of Government school  
   65.     Power to cancel enrolment of mature age student in Government school  

           Division 6--International students

   66.     Enrolment of international students  
   67.     Fees  

           Division 7--Enrolment of non-Territory students in distance education centres

   68.     Enrolment in distance education centre by overseas student  
   69.     Fees for distance education centres  

           Division 8--Further education or training

   70.     Parents to ensure participation in eligible option  
   71.     Inquiries about participation in eligible option  
   72.     Requirement to notify changes in participation in eligible option  


           Division 1--Declaration

   73.     Declaration of school as Government school  
   74.     Designation of independent public schools  

           Division 2--Cost of Government school education

   75.     Government school education to be free  
   76.     Government schools may charge non-Government schools  

           Division 3--Enrolment

   77.     Guidelines  
   78.     Priority enrolment areas  
   79.     School enrolment management plan  
   80.     Direction about enrolment  
   81.     Conditions on enrolment for behaviour management purposes  

           Division 4--Allocation of Government school education

   82.     Standard allocation  
   83.     Additional allocation  
   84.     Cancellation of additional allocation  

           Division 5--Instruction in Government schools

   85.     Responsibility of CEO for curricula  
   86.     Religious instruction in Government schools  
   87.     Student may be withdrawn from specified course  
   88.     Guidelines on flexible education provision  

           Division 6--Medical and dental inspections

   89.     Medical and dental inspections  

           Division 7--Managing behaviour

   90.     Management of behaviour  

           Division 8--Suspension, exclusion and expulsion

   91.     Suspension by principal  
   92.     Exclusion by CEO  
   93.     Expulsion by Minister  
   94.     Parent to ensure non-attendance  
   95.     Re-enrolment after expulsion  

           Division 9--Amalgamation or closure of Government schools

   96.     Amalgamation or permanent closure of Government school  
   97.     Consultation before amalgamation or permanent closure  
   98.     Gazette notice required for permanent closure  
   99.     Permanent closure for safety or welfare reasons  
   100.    Temporary closure of Government school  

           Division 10--Accommodation

   101.    Compliance with boarding school standard  


           Division 1--Objects of Part

   102.    Objects of Part  
   103.    Establishment of school representative body  
   104.    Independent public school boards  
   105.    Restrictions on school representative body  
   106.    Incorporation of school representative body  
   107.    Functions of school representative body  
   108.    Powers of, and terms of reference and model constitution for, school representative body  
   109.    Power to make grants  
   110.    Money of school representative body  
   111.    Financial records  
   112.    Guidelines  
   113.    Powers of CEO with respect to school representative body  
   114.    Abolition of school representative body  
   115.    Non-application of other Acts  
   116.    Establishment of parent consultative group  
   117.    Functions of parent consultative group  
   118.    Establishment of school or multi-school management council  
   119.    Functions of management council  
   120.    Non-application of other Acts  


           Division 1--Preliminary matters

   121.    Definitions  
   122.    Consistency with basic principles  
   123.    Registrar of non-Government schools  

           Division 2--Requirement for registration

   124.    Non-Government school must be registered  
   125.    Registration requirements  
   126.    Consequences of operation if not registered  
   127.    Misrepresentation of status of school  

           Division 3--Application for registration

   128.    Preliminary assessment  
   129.    Application for registration  
   130.    Matters to be addressed in application  
   131.    Notice to applicant  
   132.    Registrar may require further information  

           Division 4--Registration Assessment Panel

   133.    Registration Assessment Panel  
   134.    Functions of Panel  
   135.    Publication of application  
   136.    Matters to be considered  

           Division 5--Registrar's power in relation to application

   137.    Registrar's decision  
   138.    Imposition of conditions of registration  
   139.    Lapse of registration  

           Division 6--Financial assistance and other support

   140.    Provision of financial assistance and other support  

           Division 7--Operation of registered non-Government schools

   141.    Compliance with registration requirements and conditions of registration  
   142.    Student records and reports  
   143.    Financial records and annual financial statements  
   144.    Annual report  
   145.    Annual self-assessment  

           Division 8--Assessment and investigation

   146.    Appointment of assessors  
   147.    Routine assessment and special investigation  
   148.    Assessor's powers  
   149.    Assessor's report  
   150.    Identity card  
   151.    Return of identity card  
   152.    Code of conduct  

           Division 9--Variation, suspension or cancellation of registration

   153.    Variation, suspension or cancellation of registration by agreement  
   154.    Variation of registration by application  
   155.    Variation, suspension or cancellation for breach of registration requirement or condition of registration  

           Division 10--Review

   156.    Reviewable decision  

           Division 11--Other matters

   157.    Register of non-Government schools  
   158.    Confidentiality of information  
   159.    Misleading information  
   160.    Display of certificate of registration  

           Division 12--Review of Part

   161.    Review of Part  


           Division 1--Corporal punishment

   162.    Corporal punishment prohibited  

           Division 2--Offences and evidentiary matters

   163.    Employment of children  
   164.    Obstruction of authorised officer  
   165.    Giving misleading information to authorised officer  
   166.    Evidentiary certificates  

           Division 3--Administrative matters

   167.    Authorised persons  
   168.    Identity card  
   169.    Return of identity card  
   170.    Information sharing  

           Division 4--Enforcement powers

   171.    Information notice  
   172.    Compliance notice  
   173.    Compulsory conference  
   174.    Truancy from school or eligible option  
   175.    Authorised person may require information about enrolment or eligible option  
   176.    Authorised person may direct enrolment of child  

           Division 5--Review by Tribunal

   177.    Meaning of Tribunal reviewable decision  
   178.    Meaning of affected person  
   179.    Jurisdiction of NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal  

           Division 6--Other matters

   180.    Recovery of amounts payable to the Commonwealth  
   181.    Power to exempt, waive or refund fees  
   182.    Consent for prosecution  
   183.    Approved forms  
   184.    Protection from liability  
   185.    Regulations  


           Division 1--Acts repealed

   186.    Acts repealed  

           Division 2--Transitional matters for Education Act 2015

   187.    General transitional provisions  
   188.    Transitional matters for repeal of Education Act  
   189.    Northern Territory Board of Studies  
   190.    Advisory councils  
   191.    Home education  
   192.    Authorised persons  
   193.    Non-Government schools  
   194.    Transitional regulations  
           SCHEDULE 1

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