Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short Title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Repeal  
   4.      Definitions  
   5.      Application of Act  
   6.      Establishment of cemeteries  
   6A.     Nhulunbuy Public Cemetery  
   7.      Provision of public cemeteries according to religious denominations, etc.  
   8.      Board of Trustees of a cemetery  
   9.      Constitution of a Board  
   10.     Vacation of office  
   11.     Meetings of Board  
   12.     Board may delegate its powers  
   13.     Powers of Boards  
   13A.    By-laws  
   14.     Board or other person may erect etc. crematorium  
   14A.    Appointment of person to supervise crematorium  
   15.     Cremations  
   16.     Permit for cremation  
   17.     Interested persons not to certify  
   18.     Next of kin may object to cremation  
   19.     Officers may forbid cremation  
   20.     No cremation without permit or in contravention of notice  
   21.     Burial must be in cemetery  
   22.     Time for burials  
   23.     Manner of burial  
   24.     Place of burial  
   25.     Inspection of premises  
   26.     Interference with burial ceremonies  
   27.     Recognized head may object to certain matters  
   28.     Compliance with Board's order  
   29.     Burial allotments  
   30.     Ministers of religion may exercise spiritual functions  
   30A.    No exhumation without consent or authorisation  
   30B.    Guidelines in relation to exhumation etc.  
   30C.    Application for exhumation and removal of remains  
   30D.    Consent to exhumation and removal of remains  
   30E.    Minister may appoint employee to be present at exhumation  
   30F.    Minister may prescribe fees etc. in respect of exhumation  
   31.     Employment of staff  
   32.     Maintenance of cemeteries  
   33.     Accounts  
   34.     Audit  
   35.     Annual report  
   36.     Closing of cemeteries  
   37.     Burials in closed cemeteries  
   38.     Appointment of curators  
   39.     Minister may determine fees  
   39A.    Licences  
   39B.    Regulatory offences  
   40.     Regulations  

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