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This legislation has been repealed.


- As at 21 September 2005
- Act 18 of 1999


           Long Title


   1.      Name of Act
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Definitions
   4.      Notes


           Division 1 - Road transport legislation

   5.      What is the road transport legislation?

           Division 2 - Inter-relationship between road transport legislation and other law

   6.      General relationship with other laws

           Division 3 - Responsible persons for vehicles under road transport legislation

   7.      Who is a responsible person for a vehicle
   8.      Rights, liabilities and obligations of multiple responsible persons

           Division 4 - Alteration of scope of operation of road transport legislation

   9.      Power to include or exclude areas in road transport legislation
   10.     Power to exclude vehicles, persons or animals from road transport legislation
   11.     Consultation required with Minister administering Motor Accidents Act 1988 in certain cases
   12.     Application orders and emergency orders
   13.     Authority to maintain database of declarations and orders made under this Division

           Division 5 - Authority documents

   14.     Authority may issue single authority document to authorised officers


           Division 1 - Penalty notices

   15.     Penalty notices for certain offences
   16.     Service of penalty notices
   17.     Payment of penalty notices
   18.     Effect of Division on other kinds of proceedings

           Division 2 - Production of licences and identification of drivers and passengers

   19.     Authorised officer may require production of driver licence and name and address from driver or rider
   20.     Authorised officer may require production of driver licence and name and address from certain passengers
   21.     Authorised officer may require responsible person for vehicle and others to disclose identity of driver who commits offence
   22.     Production of driver licence to court
   23.     Unauthorised demand for production of driver licence

           Division 3 - Licence disqualification

              Subdivision 1 - General

   24.     Court may impose penalty and disqualify driver on conviction
   25.     Disqualification for certain major offences

              Subdivision 2 - Use of interlock devices as alternative to disqualification

   25A.    Interpretation
   25B.    Subdivision does not apply to habitual traffic offenders
   25C.    Disqualification period may be suspended for participation in interlock program
   25D.    When person may participate in interlock program
   25E.    Entitlement to apply for interlock driver licence
   25F.    When disqualification suspension order has effect
   25G.    Participation in an interlock program
   25H.    Effect of successful participation in interlock program

              Subdivision 3 - Effect of disqualification

   26.     Effect of disqualification

           Division 4 - Habitual traffic offenders

   27.     Relevant offences
   28.     Declaration of persons as habitual traffic offenders
   29.     Warning to be given to persons liable to be declared habitual traffic offenders
   30.     Period of disqualification of habitual traffic offender
   31.     Quashing of declaration and bar against appeals
   32.     Disqualification in addition to any other penalty

           Division 5 - Suspension of licences and visiting driver privileges

   33.     Suspension of licence by Commissioner of Police
   34.     Immediate suspension of licence in certain circumstances
   35.     Suspension of driving privileges of visiting driver

           Division 6 - Downgrading of licences

   36.     Downgrading of driver licences

           Division 7 - Compensation orders by courts in respect of offences under road transport legislation

   37.     Court may order compensation for damages and other losses
   38.     Compensation for loss of time

           Division 8 - Detention, impounding and forfeiture of vehicles

   39.     Removal and impounding of vehicles used for certain offences
   40.     Impounding or forfeiture of vehicles on finding of guilt or admission of offence
   41.     Search warrants

           Division 9 - Imputed liability for certain offences under road transport legislation

   42.     Directors and managers liable for offences committed by corporations
   43.     Liability of responsible person for vehicle for designated offences

           Division 10 - Service of documents

   44.     Service of documents on persons generally
   45.     Lodgment of documents with Authority

           Division 11 - Evidentiary provisions in relation to road transport legislation

   46.     Certificate evidence and other evidentiary provisions

           Division 12 - Proceedings for offences under road transport legislation

   47.     Proceedings for offences

           Division 13 - Review of decisions under road transport legislation

   48.     Review by Administrative Decisions Tribunal of certain decisions made under road transport legislation

           Division 14 - Personal liability for carrying out duties under road transport legislation

   49.     Indemnity from personal liability for honest and good faith carrying out of duties


           Division 1 - Police powers

   50.     Power of entry for tracing stolen motor vehicles or trailers or their parts
   51.     Use of tyre deflation devices in police pursuits

           Division 2 - Unauthorised use of vehicles

   52.     Motor vehicles or trailers not to be used without consent of owner
   53.     Procuring or hire of motor vehicle or trailer by fraud or misrepresentation

           Division 3 - Written off and wrecked motor vehicles

   54.     Object of this Division
   55.     Definitions
   56.     Meaning of “wrecked”
   57.     Meaning of “written off”
   58.     Register of written off and wrecked motor vehicles
   59.     Insurers to provide written off motor vehicle information to Authority
   60.     Auto-dismantlers to provide wrecked motor vehicle information to Authority
   61.     Dealers to provide motor vehicle information to Authority
   62.     Regulations may extend obligation to provide information under this Division to others
   63.     False or misleading information
   64.     Unauthorised access to or interference with register
   65.     Unauthorised disclosure of information
   66.     Removal of vehicle identifiers
   67.     Authority may refuse to register motor vehicle that has written off or wrecked vehicle identifier
   68.     Variations to Division
   69.     Exemptions


   70.     Act to bind Crown
   71.     Regulations
   72.     Regulations may exclude vehicles, animals and persons from this Act or the regulations
   73.     Unpaid charges and fees
   74.     Savings, transitional and other provisions
   75.     Review of Act
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 1A
           SCHEDULE 2

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