New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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New trustees

70 New trustees

(1) The Court may make an order for the appointment of a new trustee or new trustees either in substitution for or in addition to any existing trustee or trustees, or although there is no existing trustee.
(2) The appointment may be made whenever it is expedient to appoint a new trustee or new trustees, and it is inexpedient difficult or impracticable so to do without the assistance of the Court.
(3) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of any other provision of this section, the Court may make an order for the appointment of a new trustee in substitution for a trustee who is convicted of a serious indictable offence, or is a bankrupt, or being a corporation is in liquidation or is dissolved.
(4) In the case of any trust for a charity the Court may make an order for the appointment of a new trustee on such evidence of the trust as the Court deems sufficient.
(5) This section shall be deemed to authorise the Court to make an order for the reappointment of the continuing trustees alone as new trustees.
(6) An order under this section, and any consequential vesting order or conveyance, shall not operate further or otherwise as a discharge to any former or continuing trustee than an appointment of new trustees under any power for that purpose contained in any instrument would have operated.
(8) Every trustee appointed under this section shall, as well before as after the trust property becomes vested in the trustee, have the same powers authorities and discretions, and may in all respects act as if the trustee had been originally appointed a trustee by the instrument, if any, creating the trust.
(9) Nothing in this section shall give power to appoint an executor or administrator.

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