New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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- As at 7 July 2017
- Act 22 of 1961


           Long Title

   1.      Name of Act and commencement
   2.      Repeals
   3.      Crown bound
   4.      Definitions
   5.      Appointment and constitution of the Board
   6.      Body corporate
   6A.     Staff
   7.      Delegation of powers
   7A.     Board may reconsider matters
   8.      Powers of Royal Commissioners exercisable by the Board
   9.      Financial year of the Board
   10.     Mine Subsidence Compensation Fund
   11.     Contributions to be paid by colliery proprietors to Fund
   12.     Claims for damage arising out of subsidence
   12A.    Claims arising out of actions to prevent or mitigate damage
   12B.    Appeals
   13.     Purchase of damaged improvements and effecting of remedial works by the Board
   13A.    Works for prevention or mitigation of damage from subsidence
   13B.    Acquisition of land for certain works
   13C.    Vacant land whose development affected by subsidence
   14.     Liability of proprietors of colliery holdings
   14A.    Recovery by Board in the case of unlawful mining operations
   15.     Mine subsidence districts
   15A.    (Repealed)
   15B.    Certificates of compliance
   15C.    Certificates of compensation claims paid
   15D.    Prevention of unauthorised work
   16.     Powers of members and staff
   16A.    Board may provide advice
   17.     Proceedings for offences etc
   18.     Regulations
   19.     (Repealed)
   20.     Validation
   21.     Savings, transitional and other provisions
   22.     Claims relating to classified roads
           SCHEDULE 1

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