Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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   2.      Commencement.  
   3.      Interpretation.  
   4.      Establishment of Commission.  
   5.      Functions of the Commission.  
   6.      Duties of Commission.  
   7.      Minister may give directions to the Commission.  
   8.      Wireless telegraphy.  
   9.      Powers of the Commission.  
   10.     Particular powers of the Commission.  
   11.     Charges for telecommunications services and other charges.  
   12.     Reimbursement.  
   13.     Commission may authorize persons to erect, maintain and operate telecommunications installations.  
   14.     Commission may act as agent, &c.  
   15.     Power to enter lands and make surveys.  
   16.     Power to construct telecommunications installations.  
   17.     Trees may be cut or lopped.  
   18.     Commission may replace, repair and maintain installations, &c.  
   19.     Subdivider to pay cost of necessary alterations.  
   20.     Commission to do as little damage as possible and to pay compensation.  
   21.     Constitution of Commission.  
   22.     Composition of Commission.  
   23.     Period of appointment.  
   24.     Remuneration and allowances.  
   25.     Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Commission.  
   26.     Leave of absence.  
   27.     Resignation of Commissioner.  
   28.     Termination of appointments.  
   29.     Acting Commissioners.  
   30.     Acting Chairman and Deputy Chairman.  
   31.     Meetings of the Commission.  
   32.     Duties of the Managing Director.  
   33.     Delegation.  
   34.     Chief General Manager.  
   35.     Remuneration of Chief General Manager.  
   36.     Acting Chief General Manager.  
   37.     Duties of Chief General Manager.  
   38.     Establishment of Australian Telecommunications Commission Service.  
   39.     Officers.  
   40.     Appointments to be on probation.  
   41.     Re-appointment of persons who have resigned from the Service to become candidates at elections.  
   42.     Employees.  
   43.     Terms and conditions of employment.  
   44.     Creation and abolition of positions.  
   45.     Commission may alter designation or classification of positions.  
   46.     Filling of vacant positions.  
   47.     Selection of officers for promotion.  
   48.     Qualification for particular positions.  
   49.     Transfers and promotions to certain positions.  
   50.     Promotion of officers who complete courses of training for special positions.  
   51.     Appeals against promotions.  
   52.     Chairman of Promotions Appeal Boards.  
   53.     Promotions Appeal Boards.  
   54.     Tenure of office.  
   55.     Excess officers.  
   56.     Retirement, &c., on ground of inefficiency, incapacity, &c.  
   57.     Definitions.  
   58.     Disciplinary action.  
   59.     Suspension of officers.  
   60.     Removal and variation of suspension.  
   61.     Conviction by courts.  
   62.     Appeals.  
   63.     Disciplinary Appeal Boards.  
   64.     Review of findings.  
   65.     Forfeiture of office.  
   66.     Interpretation.  
   67.     Settlement of industrial disputes and determination of industrial matters in respect of the Service.  
   68.     Application of provisions of Conciliation and Arbitration Act.  
   69.     Awards deemed to be made under Conciliation and Arbitration Act.  
   70.     Public Service Arbitration Act not to apply.  
   71.     Capital.  
   72.     Borrowing by Commission.  
   73.     Financial policy of the Commission.  
   74.     Bank accounts.  
   75.     Application of moneys.  
   76.     Surplus revenue.  
   77.     Proper accounts to be kept.  
   78.     Estimates.  
   79.     Contracts.  
   80.     Exemption from taxation.  
   81.     Audit.  
   83.     Theft of telecommunications messages, &c.  
   84.     Forgery of telecommunications messages, &c.  
   85.     Sending false telecommunications messages.  
   86.     Interception of information.  
   87.     Fraudulent representation and devices.  
   88.     Interference with telecommunications services.  
   89.     Obstructing officers.  
   90.     Damage to installations, &c.  
   91.     Arrest without warrant.  
   92.     Charging for use of telecommunications service provided by Commission.  
   93.     Unauthorized directories.  
   94.     Persons other than the Commission not to construct, maintain or operate telecommunications installations.  
   96.     Work done by Commission to protect property.  
   97.     Superannuation.  
   98.     Service of notices, &c.  
   99.     Annual report.  
   100.    Further reports.  
   101.    Protection from actions.  
   102.    Offences how dealt with.  
   103.    Reward for information as to damage to property.  
   104.    Attachment of salaries.  
   105.    Telecommunications messages deemed to be property of the Commission.  
   106.    Contributions towards the provision of special services or facilities.  
   107.    Payment of tolls, &c.  
   108.    Grants of financial assistance.  
   109.    Consultative Council.  
   110.    Remission of charges.  
   111.    By-laws.  
   112.    Regulations.  

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