Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Act to bind Crown  
   5.      Extent of Act  
   6.      Registrar of Plant Variety Rights  
   7.      Delegation  
   8.      Certain persons not to acquire plant variety rights  
   9.      Register of Plant Variety Rights  
   10.     Genetic resources centres  
   11.     Public notice  
   12.     Plant variety rights  
   13.     Plant variety rights to be granted in relation to certain varieties only  
   14.     Plant variety rights not to be granted in respect of varieties previously sold  
   15.     Application for plant variety rights  
   16.     Form of application  
   17.     Names of new plant varieties  
   18.     Lodging of applications  
   19.     Variation of application  
   20.     Objections to grant of plant variety rights  
   21.     Inspection of applications and objections  
   22.     Provisional protection  
   23.     Characteristics of plant varieties originated outside Australia  
   24.     Test growing of plant varieties  
   25.     Withdrawal of application  
   26.     Grant of plant variety rights  
   27.     Entry of grant of plant variety rights  
   28.     Notice of grant of plant variety rights  
   29.     Effect of grant on certain persons  
   30.     Nature of plant variety rights  
   31.     Assignment of plant variety rights  
   32.     Duration of plant variety rights  
   33.     Supply of reproductive material, &c.  
   34.     Plant variety rights subject to conditions  
   35.     Revocation of plant variety rights  
   36.     Surrender of plant variety rights  
   37.     Entry of particulars of revocation, &c.  
   38.     Plant variety rights not to restrict sales for food, fibre, fuel, &c.  
   39.     Protection of public interest in new plant varieties  
   40.     Infringement of plant variety rights  
   41.     Actions for infringement of plant variety rights  
   42.     Declaration as to non-infringement  
   43.     Jurisdiction of Court  
   44.     Establishment of Advisory Committee  
   45.     Membership of Advisory Committee  
   46.     Remuneration and allowances  
   47.     Disclosure of interests  
   48.     Meetings  
   49.     Inspection of Register  
   50.     Agents may act in plant variety rights matters  
   51.     Service of documents  
   52.     Offences  
   53.     Applications for review  
   54.     Statement to accompany notice of decisions  
   55.     Regulations  

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