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INCOME TAX ASSESSMENT ACT 1997 No. 38 of 1997 - SECT 13.1

List of tax offsets
The provisions set out in the list allow you a *tax offset.

Provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 are identified in normal
text. The other provisions, in bold, are provisions of the
Income Tax Assessment Act 1936.

Aboriginal study assistance see social security and other benefit payments
annual leave see leave payments annuity see eligible termination payments
approved deposit funds (ADFs) see dividends averaging see primary production
bonuses see life assurance child
hardship                                             102AJ
increased tax payable under Part III Division 6AA, unreasonable
trust income                                         100(2)
child/housekeeper see dependants Commonwealth Savings Bank
payments by                                          160ABB
corporate unit trusts see dividends defence force
members serving overseas                             79B
child of person keeping house for the person         159J
housekeeper, caring for child, invalid relative or disabled spouse
invalid relative                                     159J

parents/parents in law                               159J

sole parent                                          159K

spouse                                               159J
see also medical expenses dividends franked, received by:
general                                              160AQU

beneficiaries of a trust                             160AQX

company through a partnership or trust               160APQ

life assurance companies                             160AQZA

partners                                             160AQZ
superannuation funds, approved deposit funds (ADFs) and pooled
superannuation trusts (PSTs)                         160AQYA

trustees                                             160AQY
received by:
company as shareholder                               46(2)
company as shareholder, part of dividend stripping operation
company through a partnership or trust               45Z

corporate unit trusts                                102L

public trading trust                                 102T
drought relief see social security and other benefit payments eligible
termination payments (ETPs)
eligible termination payment annuity, rebatable      159SU

superannuation contributions                         159SZ

superannuation pension, rebatable                    159SM

termination payments                                 159SA
see also leave payments films see foreign tax foreign tax
film income, credit for overseas tax paid            160AGA(3)

foreign income, credit for overseas tax paid         160AF

shipping income, credit for overseas tax paid        160AGB(3)
franked dividends see dividends hardship see child
heritage conservation                                159UQ to 159UT
housekeeper see dependants imputation see dividends inter-corporate dividends
see dividends interest
tax paid on by company                               127
invalid relative see dependants leave payments
annual leave, unused                                 159SA

long service leave, unused                           159SA
legal disability see trusts life assurance
bonus, receipt of                                    160AAB
loan interest securities issued before 1 November 1968, received on
160AB long service leave see leave payments
low income earner                                    159N
lump sum income arrears
receipt of                                           159ZRA, 159ZRB
medical expenses
payment of                                           159P
non-resident beneficiary see trusts non-resident trust estate see trusts
overseas defence force service see defence force overseas tax see foreign tax
parent/parent-in-law see dependants partnerships see dividends pension see
social security and other benefit payments pooled superannuation trusts (PSTs)
see dividends primary production
averaging of income                                  156
drought relief payments see social security and other benefit payments public
trading trust see dividends public unit trust see dividends rebatable ETP
annuity see eligible termination payments residents of isolated areas see zone
shipping income see foreign tax sickness benefits see social security and
other benefit payments social security and other benefit payments
Aboriginal study assistance scheme                   160AAA(3)

children, assistance for isolated                    160AAA(3)

drought relief, farm household support               160AAA(3)
pension, social security pension and veteran's pension
textile, clothing and footwear allowance             160AAA(3)
unemployment, sickness and other benefit payments under the Social 
Security Act 1991                                    160AAA(3)
sole parent see dependants spouse see dependants superannuation see eligible
termination payments superannuation funds see dividends tax credit see foreign
tax termination payments see eligible termination payments trustee see
dividends and trusts trusts
non-resident beneficiary                             98A(2)

non-resident trust estate, winding-up                102AAN

trust income of beneficiary with legal disability    100(2)
see also dividends United Nations forces salary, wages and allowances from
service as a member of
23AB(7) unemployment benefits see social security and other benefit payments
unit trusts see dividends winding-up of non-resident trust estates see trusts
residents of isolated areas                          79A

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