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FAIR WORK ACT 2009 (NO. 28, 2009) - SECT 169

Guide to this Part

This Part is about enterprise agreements. An enterprise agreement is made at the enterprise level and provides terms and conditions for those national system employees to whom it applies. An enterprise agreement can have terms that are ancillary or supplementary to the National Employment Standards.

Division 2 deals with the making of enterprise agreements about permitted matters. An enterprise agreement (including a greenfields agreement) may be a single‑enterprise agreement or a multi‑enterprise agreement.

Division 3 deals with the right of employees to be represented by a bargaining representative during bargaining for a proposed enterprise agreement. It also sets out the persons who are bargaining representatives for such agreements.

Division 5 deals with the mandatory terms of enterprise agreements relating to individual flexibility arrangements and consultation requirements.

Division 6 deals with the base rate of pay under an enterprise agreement.

Division 7 deals with the variation and termination of enterprise agreements.

Division 8 provides for FWA to facilitate bargaining by making bargaining orders, serious breach declarations, majority support determinations and scope orders. It also permits bargaining representatives to apply for FWA to deal with bargaining disputes.

Division 9 provides for the making of low‑paid authorisations in relation to proposed multi‑enterprise agreements. The effect of such an authorisation is that specified employers are subject to certain rules that would not otherwise apply (for example, bargaining orders that would not usually be available for multi‑enterprise agreements will be available). It also permits FWA to assist the bargaining representatives for such agreements.

Division 10 deals with single interest employer authorisations. The effect of such an authorisation is that the employers specified in the authorisation are single interest employers in relation to a proposed enterprise agreement.

Division 11 deals with other matters relating to enterprise agreements.

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