Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title etc.  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Amendment of title  
   4.      Interpretation  
   5.      Repeal of Part II and substitution of new Part  
   6.      Omission of heading to Part III and substitution of new heading  
   7.      Repeal of section 14 and substitution of new sections and headings  
   8.      Notice seeking counselling  
   9.      Repeal of section 16A and substitution of new sections  
   10.     Provision of certain documents  
   11.     Repeal of section 18  
   12.     Oath or affirmation of secrecy  
   13.     Omission of headings to Part IIIA and Division 1 of that Part and substitution of new headings  
   14.     Request for mediation - request made through court  
   15.     Insertion of new section  
   16.     Court may refer matters for mediation  
   17.     Insertion of new section  
   18.     Repeal of section 19C  
   19.     Omission of heading to Division 2 of Part IIIA and substitution of new heading  
   20.     Omission of heading to Division 3 of Part IIIA and substitution of new heading  
   21.     Repeal of section 19H  
   22.     Advice about mediation and arbitration  
   23.     Oath or affirmation by court mediator or community mediator  
   24.     Protection of mediators and arbitrators  
   25.     Insertion of new Division  
   26.     Powers of Judicial Registrars  
   27.     Delegation of powers to Registrars  
   28.     Principles to be applied by courts  
   29.     Institution of proceedings  
   30.     Decree absolute where children  
   31.     Repeal of Part VII and substitution of new Part  
   32.     Setting aside of orders altering property interests  
   33.     Registered maintenance agreements  
   34.     Operation of maintenance agreements entered into in substitution for rights under Act  
   35.     Intervention by Attorney-General  
   36.     Intervention by other persons  
   37.     Intervention in child abuse cases  
   38.     Leave to appeal needed in some cases  
   39.     Restrictions on examination of children  
   40.     Insertion of new section  
   41.     Inter-State enforcement of child bearing expenses order  
   42.     Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction  
   43.     Insertion of new section  
   44.     Interpretation  
   45.     Meaning of "contravene an order"  
   46.     Meaning of "reasonable excuse for contravening an order"  
   47.     Sanctions for failure to comply with orders  
   48.     Recognizances  
   49.     Repeal of section 112AJ  
   50.     Repeal of section 112AL  
   51.     Operation of State and Territory laws  
   52.     Repeal of section 114M and substitution of new section  
   53.     Family Law Council  
   54.     Costs  
   55.     Reparation for certain losses and expenses relating to children  
   56.     Offers of settlement  
   57.     Rules of Court  
   58.     Regulations  
   59.     Transitional matters  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           (Assented to 16 December 1995)

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