Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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   1.      Short title.  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Extension to external Territories  
   5.      Australian Broadcasting Corporation  
   6.      Charter of the Corporation  
   7.      Establishment of Australian Broadcasting Corporation Board  
   8.      Duties of the Board  
   9.      Managing Director  
   10.     Duties of the Managing Director  
   11.     Advisory Councils and committees  
   12.     Membership of Board  
   13.     Tenure of Managing Director  
   14.     Remuneration and allowances  
   15.     Leave of absence  
   16.     Resignation of non-executive Directors  
   17.     Disclosure of interests  
   18.     Termination of appointment of non-executive Directors  
   19.     Acting Chairman  
   20.     Acting Managing Director  
   21.     Acting non-executive Directors  
   22.     Meetings of the Board  
   23.     Delegation by Corporation  
   24.     Delegation by Managing Director  
   25.     General powers of Corporation  
   26.     Corporation to have regard to services of Special Broadcasting Service  
   27.     News services  
   28.     Orchestras, bands, concerts, &c.  
   29.     Publication of journals, &c., and making, &c., of sound recordings, &c.  
   30.     Children's television programs  
   31.     Advertisements  
   32.     Interpretation  
   33.     Officers and temporary employees  
   34.     Creation and abolition of positions  
   35.     Reclassification  
   36.     Filling of vacant positions  
   37.     Selection of officers for promotion  
   38.     Promotion of officers who complete courses of training for special positions  
   39.     Appeals against promotions  
   40.     Temporary performance of duties  
   41.     Promotions Appeal Boards  
   42.     Determination of appeals  
   43.     Day on which promotion takes effect, &c.  
   44.     Death of officer before appeal determined  
   45.     Cancellation of promotions  
   46.     Interpretation  
   47.     Persons in relation to whom Division applies  
   48.     Objects of Subdivision  
   49.     Approved criteria and procedures  
   50.     Efficient and economical use of staff  
   51.     Request for redeployment  
   52.     Notification of declaration  
   53.     Managing Director to attempt to redeploy declared employees  
   54.     Redeployment  
   55.     Invalidity precluding redeployment  
   56.     Appeals  
   57.     Tenure Appeal Board  
   58.     Retirement of employees upon or after attaining minimum retiring age  
   59.     Retirement of employees who cannot be redeployed  
   60.     Officers recommended for retirement on medical grounds may be declared unattached  
   61.     Retirement on ground of age  
   62.     Benefits  
   63.     Inconsistency with awards  
   64.     Disciplinary action for misconduct  
   65.     Appeals  
   66.     Disciplinary Appeal Board  
   67.     Moneys of the Corporation  
   68.     Application of moneys  
   69.     Estimates  
   70.     Limitation on contracts and lease-back arrangements  
   71.     Taxation  
   72.     Application to Corporation of Division 3 of Part XI of Audit Act  
   73.     Interpretation  
   74.     Provision of transmitting stations and technical equipment  
   75.     Transfer of assets  
   76.     Use by Corporation of satellite systems  
   77.     Lines for conveyance of electric current to transmitting stations  
   78.     Power of Minister to give directions to Corporation in the national interest  
   79.     Application of Broadcasting and Television Act  
   80.     Matters to be included in annual report  
   81.     Joint Consultative Committee  
   82.     Community Affairs Officers  
   83.     Regulations and rules  

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