Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Filing date: incomplete specifications

             (1)  This regulation applies if the information mentioned in subregulation 3.5(1) has been filed in respect of a patent application (other than a PCT application) but a part of the patent specification is missing.

             (2)  If the Commissioner notices that a part of the specification is missing, the Commissioner must give the applicant notice in writing:

                     (a)  telling the applicant that a part of the specification is missing; and

                     (b)  asking the applicant to file the missing part.

             (3)  The missing part must be incorporated into the specification if, within the period applying under subregulation (4), the applicant:

                     (a)  files the missing part; or

                     (b)  if the applicant claims priority from an earlier basic application or associated provisional application--files:

                              (i)  the missing part; and

                             (ii)  a copy of the earlier application that contains, and indicates the location of, the missing part; and

                            (iii)  if the earlier application is not in English--a translation of the application into English together with a related certificate of verification.

             (4)  For subregulation (3), the period is:

                     (a)  if a notice is given under subregulation (2)--2 months from the date of the notice; or

                     (b)  in any other case--the period ending on the earlier of:

                              (i)  2 months after the filing date; and

                             (ii)  the time of acceptance.

             (5)  For section 30 of the Act, the filing date of the application is:

                     (a)  if paragraph (3)(a) applies--the date on which the missing part is filed; and

                     (b)  if paragraph (3)(b) applies--the date that would have been the filing date if the missing part had not been incorporated.

             (6)  If paragraph (5)(a) applies, the Commissioner must tell the applicant of the new filing date.

             (7)  Despite paragraph (5)(a), if within 1 month after being told of the new filing date, the applicant withdraws the missing part from the specification, the filing date of the application, for section 30 of the Act, is the date that would have been the filing date if the missing part had not been incorporated.

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