Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Voting power

             (1)  A reference in this Subdivision to the voting power in a company is a reference to the total rights of shareholders to vote, or participate in any decision-making, concerning any of the following:

                     (a)  the making of distributions of capital or profits of the company to its shareholders;

                     (b)  the constituent document of the company;

                     (c)  any variation of the share capital of the company;

                     (d)  any appointment of a director of the company.

             (2)  A reference in this Subdivision to control of the voting power in a company is a reference to control that is direct or indirect, including control that is exercisable as a result of or by means of arrangements or practices:

                     (a)  whether or not having legal or equitable force; and

                     (b)  whether or not based on legal or equitable rights.

             (3)  If the percentage of total rights to vote or participate in decision-making differs as between different types of voting or decision-making, the highest of those percentages applies for the purposes of this section.

             (4)  If a company:

                     (a)  is limited both by shares and by guarantee; or

                     (b)  does not have a share capital;

this section has effect as if the members or policy holders of the company were shareholders in the company.

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