Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   3A.     Effect of closure or cancellation of registration  
   4.      Repeal  
   5.      Act binds the Crown  
   6.      Application of Act  
   7.      Act not to apply to Defence Force ships etc.  
   8.      Australian-owned ships  
   9.      Ships on demise charter to Australian-based operators  
   10.     Determination of overall length and tonnage length of ship  
   11.     Registration of property in ships  
   11A.    Collective agreement with the seafarers' bargaining unit  


           Division 1--Registration

              Subdivision A--Obligation to register Australian-owned ships

   12.     Obligation to register Australian-owned ships  
   13.     Exemptions from registration  

              Subdivision B--The General Register

   14.     Ships that may be registered in the General Register  
   15.     Application for registration in the General Register  

              Subdivision C--The International Register

   15A.    Objects of the International Register  
   15B.    Ships that may be registered in the International Register  
   15C.    Application for registration in the International Register  
   15D.    Pre-registration inspection  

              Subdivision D--Registration

   15E.    Registration in the General Register  
   15F.    Registration in the International Register  
   16.     Tonnage measurement of ship before registration  
   17.     No multiple registrations  

           Division 2--Registration certificates

   19.     Grant of registration certificate  
   20.     Custody of registration certificate  
   21.     New certificates and provisional certificates  
   22.     Provisional certificates for ships becoming entitled to be registered when abroad  
   22A.    Provisional certificates granted by the Registrar  
   22B.    Provisional registration certificates not to be issued in certain circumstances  
   23.     Temporary passes  
   25.     Use of improper certificate  

           Division 3--Identification

   26.     Marking of ship  
   27.     Name of registered ship and change of name  
   28.     Power of Minister to disallow name proposed for ship  

           Division 4--Nationality and national Colours

   29.     Certain ships to have Australian nationality  
   30.     National colours and other flags  
   31.     Declaration of ship's nationality before clearance  
   32.     Improperly assuming Australian nationality  
   33.     Concealing Australian nationality  

           Division 5--Special provisions relating to the International Register

              Subdivision A--Conditions of registration in the International Register

   33A.    Conditions of registration in the International Register  

              Subdivision B--Cancellation of registration in the International Register

   33B.    Cancellation of registration in the International Register  

              Subdivision C--Basis of registration in the International Register

   33C.    Basis of registration in the International Register  


   34.     Interpretation  
   36.     Transfer of ship etc.  
   37.     Transmission of ship etc. by operation of law  
   37A.    Delivery of registration certificate on transfer etc.  
   45.     Powers of disposal by owner  
   46.     Trusts not recognized  
   47.     Equities not excluded  
   47A.    Caveat may be lodged forbidding registration of certain instruments  
   47B.    Notice of caveat  
   47C.    When caveat to lapse  
   47D.    No dealing to be registered while caveat in force  
   47E.    Compensation for lodging caveat without reasonable cause  


   48.     Registrar and Deputy Registrars of Ships  
   49.     Functions and powers of Registrar  
   50.     Appointment of Registrar and Deputy Registrars  
   51.     Acting Registrar and Deputy Registrars  
   52.     Delegation by Minister  
   53.     Delegation by Registrar  
   54.     Registration Office  
   55.     Seal of Registration Office and signature of Registrar  


   56.     The Registers  
   57.     Inspection of the Registers  
   58.     Obsolete or incorrect entries in the Registers  
   59.     Rectification of the Registers  
   59A.    Rectification of Personal Property Securities Register  
   60.     Correction of clerical errors in the Registers  
   61.     False entries in the Registers  


           Division 1--Application of other laws to International Register ships

   61AA.   Application of other laws to International Register ships  
   61AB.   When is a ship used to engage in international trading?  

           Division 2--Work agreements

              Subdivision A--Application of this Division

   61AC.   Application of this Division  

              Subdivision B--Requirements that apply to work agreements

   61AD.   Work agreement must comply with this Division  
   61AE.   Wages  
   61AF.   Paid annual leave  
   61AG.   Dispute resolution procedure  

              Subdivision C--Effect of other agreements on the work agreement

   61AH.   Effect of collective agreement with the seafarers' bargaining unit  
   61AI.   Effect of other agreements  

              Subdivision D--Enforcement of work agreement in relation to wages and annual leave

   61AJ.   Wages to be paid  
   61AK.   Annual leave may be taken  

           Division 3--Protection against victimisation of seafarers

   61AL.   Protection against victimisation  

           Division 4--Injury etc

   61AM.   Compulsory insurance for death or long-term disability  
   61AN.   Liability for medical attendance etc.  
   61AO.   Liability for wages of sick or injured seafarers  

           Division 5--Enforcement of this Part

   61AP.   Some provisions of the Navigation Act apply for enforcement of this Part  


           Division 1--Civil penalty provisions

              Subdivision A--Obtaining a civil penalty order

   61BA.   Civil penalty orders  
   61BB.   Civil enforcement of penalty  
   61BC.   Conduct contravening more than one civil penalty provision  
   61BD.   Multiple contraventions  
   61BE.   Proceedings may be heard together  
   61BF.   Civil evidence and procedure rules for civil penalty orders  
   61BG.   Contravening a civil penalty provision is not an offence  

              Subdivision B--Civil proceedings and criminal proceedings

   61BH.   Civil proceedings after criminal proceedings  
   61BI.   Criminal proceedings during civil proceedings  
   61BJ.   Criminal proceedings after civil proceedings  
   61BK.   Evidence given in civil proceedings not admissible in criminal proceedings  

              Subdivision C--Miscellaneous

   61BL.   Ancillary contravention of civil penalty provisions  
   61BM.   Mistake of fact  
   61BN.   State of mind  
   61BO.   Civil penalty provisions contravened by employees, agents or officers  
   61BP.   Continuing contraventions of civil penalty provisions  

           Division 2--Infringement notices, voluntary enforceable undertakings and injunctions

              Subdivision A--Infringement notices

   61BQ.   When an infringement notice may be given  
   61BR.   Matters to be included in an infringement notice  
   61BS.   Extension of time to pay amount  
   61BT.   Withdrawal of an infringement notice  
   61BU.   Effect of payment of amount  
   61BV.   Effect of this Division  

              Subdivision B--Enforceable undertakings

   61BW.   Acceptance of undertakings  
   61BX.   Enforcement of undertakings  

              Subdivision C--Injunctions

   61BY.   Grant of injunctions  
   61BZ.   Interim injunctions  
   61BZA.  Discharging or varying injunctions  
   61BZB.  Certain limits on granting injunctions not to apply  
   61BZC.  Other powers of a relevant court unaffected  

           Division 3--Civil jurisdiction of courts

   61BZD.  Civil jurisdiction of courts  


   62.     Interpretation  
   63.     Liabilities of ships not registered  
   64.     Registered agent  
   65.     Alterations to ships  
   66.     Ships lost etc. or ceasing to be entitled to be registered  
   67.     Power to inquire into ownership of registered ship  
   68.     Unregistered ships not to leave Australia  
   69.     Unregistered ships not to leave foreign ports  
   70.     Proceedings on forfeiture  
   71.     Detention of ships  
   72.     Taking officers to sea  
   73.     False statements etc.  
   74.     Offences--general  
   75.     Prosecution of offences  
   76.     Joinder of charges and penalties for certain offences  
   77.     Admissibility of documents in evidence  
   78.     AAT review of certain decisions  
   78A.    Internal review of certain decisions  
   79.     Preservation of State and Territory legislation  
   80.     References in other laws  
   81.     Jurisdiction of Territory Supreme Courts  
   82.     Appeals  
   83.     Regulations  


   84.     Interpretation  
   85.     Additional operation of Part  
   86.     Ships registered in Australia under previous law deemed registered under this Act  
   87.     Transfer of registration from foreign ports of ships entitled to be registered  
   88.     Instruments etc. made under previous law or corresponding foreign law continue in force  
   89.     Applications under previous law  
   90.     Certificates of registry may be recalled  
   91.     Registers kept under previous law in Australia incorporated with Register  
   92.     Verification of particulars--Registers kept under previous law etc.  
   93.     Ships deemed to be registered to cease to be registered if not entitled to be registered  
   94.     Registrar may defer registration etc.  
   95.     Regulations for transitional purposes  

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