Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Decisions under Act are final

             (1)  A privative clause decision:

                     (a)  is final and conclusive; and

                     (b)  must not be challenged, appealed against, reviewed, quashed or called in question in any court; and

                     (c)  is not subject to prohibition, mandamus, injunction, declaration or certiorari in any court on any account.

             (2)  In this section:

"privative clause decision " means a decision of an administrative character made, proposed to be made, or required to be made, as the case may be, under this Act or under a regulation or other instrument made under this Act (whether in the exercise of a discretion or not), other than a decision referred to in subsection (4) or (5).

             (3)  A reference in this section to a decision includes a reference to the following:

                     (a)  granting, making, varying, suspending, cancelling, revoking or refusing to make an order or determination;

                     (b)  granting, giving, suspending, cancelling, revoking or refusing to give a certificate, direction, approval, consent or permission (including a visa);

                     (c)  granting, issuing, suspending, cancelling, revoking or refusing to issue an authority or other instrument;

                     (d)  imposing, or refusing to remove, a condition or restriction;

                     (e)  making or revoking, or refusing to make or revoke, a declaration, demand or requirement;

                      (f)  retaining, or refusing to deliver up, an article;

                     (g)  doing or refusing to do any other act or thing;

                     (h)  conduct preparatory to the making of a decision, including the taking of evidence or the holding of an inquiry or investigation;

                      (i)  a decision on review of a decision, irrespective of whether the decision on review is taken under this Act or a regulation or other instrument under this Act, or under another Act;

                      (j)  a failure or refusal to make a decision.

             (4)  For the purposes of subsection (2), a decision under a provision, or under a regulation or other instrument made under a provision, set out in the following table is not a privative clause decision:


Decisions that are not privative clause decisions



Subject matter of provision


section 213

Liability for the costs of removal or deportation


section 217

Conveyance of removees


section 218

Conveyance of deportees etc.


section 222

Orders restraining non-citizens from disposing of property


section 223

Valuables of detained non-citizens


section 224

Dealing with seized valuables


section 252

Searches of persons


section 259

Detention of vessels for search


section 260

Detention of vessels/dealing with detained vessels


section 261

Disposal of certain vessels


Division 14 of Part 2

Recovery of costs


section 269

Taking of securities


section 272

Migrant centres


section 273

Detention centres


Part 3

Migration agents registration scheme


Part 4

Court orders about reparation


Division 7 of Part 5

Part-5 reviewable decisions: offences


Division 6 of Part 7

Part-7 reviewable decisions: offences


regulation 5.35

Medical treatment of persons in detention

             (5)  The regulations may specify that a decision, or a decision included in a class of decisions, under this Act, or under regulations or another instrument under this Act, is not a privative clause decision.

             (6)  A decision mentioned in subsection 474(4), or specified (whether by reference to a particular decision or a class of decisions) in regulations made under subsection 474(5), is a non-privative clause decision .

             (7)  To avoid doubt, the following decisions are privative clause decisions within the meaning of subsection 474(2):

                     (a)  a decision of the Minister not to exercise, or not to consider the exercise, of the Minister's power under subsection 37A(2) or (3), section 48B, paragraph 72(1)(c), section 91F, 91L, 91Q, 195A, 197AB, 197AD, 198AE, 351 or 417 or subsection 503A(3);

                     (d)  a decision of the Minister under Division 13A of Part 2 to order that a thing is not to be condemned as forfeited.

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