Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Objects of Act  
   4.      Additional operation of Act  
   5.      Interpretation  
   6.      Meaning of chemical  
   7.      Meaning of industrial chemical  
   7A.     Meaning of value of relevant industrial chemicals etc.  
   8.      Application of Act  
   9.      Act to bind Crown  
   10.     Relationship to other Commonwealth laws etc.  
   10AA.   Application of Criminal Code  
   10A.    Consultation with Gene Technology Regulator  
   10B.    Director may seek advice about classes of GM products  
   10C.    Director to take advice into account  


           Division 1--Keeping of Inventory

   11.     Inventory  
   12.     Content of Inventory  
   13.     Conditions of use etc. of, and other information about, chemicals  
   13A.    Director to notify of inclusion or variation of particulars  
   13B.    Inclusion of new industrial chemical in non-confidential section of Inventory before 5 years  
   14.     Inclusion of new industrial chemical in Inventory after 5 years  
   15.     Inventory to be publicly available  
   15A.    Offence for failing to comply with conditions of use etc.  

           Division 1A--Inclusion of previously regulated chemicals in Inventory

   15AA.   Proposal to include previously regulated chemical in Inventory  
   15AB.   Inclusion of previously regulated chemical in Inventory  

           Division 2--Confidential Section of Inventory

   16.     Confidential section  
   17.     Holder of a confidence  
   18.     Effect of inclusion in confidential section  
   18A.    Transfer of industrial chemical from non-confidential section to confidential section  
   19.      Transfer of industrial chemical from confidential section to non-confidential section  

           Division 3--Amendment of Inventory

   20.     Amendment of Inventory  
   20AA.   Chemicals wrongly included in the Inventory  
   20AB.   Details of trade name products  


           Division 1--New Industrial Chemicals to be Assessed

   21.     Introduction of new industrial chemicals  
   21AA.   Annual reporting obligations for introductions under section 21  
   21AAA.  Exempt information supplied under section 21AA  
   21AB.   List of chemicals and summary of information  

           Division 1A--Commercial Evaluation Permit System

   21A.    Object of commercial evaluation permit system  
   21B.    Application for commercial evaluation permit or renewal of permit  
   21C.    Joint applications  
   21D.    Form of application etc.  
   21E.    Restrictions on applications  
   21F.    Director may request further information about application  
   21G.    Grant of commercial evaluation permit  
   21H.    Refusal of application  
   21J.    Notice of permit to be published in Chemical Gazette  
   21K.    Duration of commercial evaluation permit  
   21L.    Conditions of commercial evaluation permit  
   21M.    Additional operation of section 21L  
   21N.    Cancellation of commercial evaluation permit  
   21P.    Exempt information  

           Division 1B--Low Volume Chemicals Permit System

   21Q.    Object of permit system for low volume chemicals  
   21R.    Who may apply for permit or renewal of permit  
   21S.    How application is to be made  
   21SA.   Director may request further information about application  
   21T.    Applicant may withdraw or amend application  
   21U.    Determination of application  
   21V.    Duration of permit  
   21W.    Permit may be subject to conditions  
   21X.    Form of permit  
   21Y.    Notice of permit to be published in Chemical Gazette  
   21Z.    Notice of refusal of application  
   21ZA.   List of low volume chemicals  
   21ZB.   Exempt information  

           Division 1C--Controlled use permit system

   22A.    Object of controlled use permit system  
   22B.    Who may apply for permit or renewal of permit  
   22C.    How application is to be made  
   22D.    Director may request further information about application  
   22E.    Applicant may withdraw or amend application  
   22F.    Determination of application  
   22G.    Duration of permit  
   22H.    Permit may be subject to conditions  
   22I.    Offence for contravention of permit  
   22J.    Cancellation of permit  
   22K.    Form of permit  
   22L.    Notice of permit to be published in Chemical Gazette  
   22M.    Notice of refusal of application  
   22N.    List of controlled use chemicals  
   22O.    Exempt information  

           Division 2--Notification Procedures before Assessment

   22P.    Object and overview of assessment certificates  
   23.     Application for a non-self-assessed assessment certificate for any chemical  
   23A.    Application for a self-assessed assessment certificate for certain chemicals  
   24.     Variation of requirements of section 23  
   24A.    Variation of requirement for notification statement in case of polymers of low concern  
   25.     Exempt information about new industrial chemical  
   26.     Withdrawal of application  
   27.     Director may require further information  
   28.     Applicants to give further information  
   29.     Further exempt information  
   30.     Permits allowing introduction before assessment  
   30A.    Application for early introduction of non-hazardous chemicals  
   30AA.   Dual applications for introduction permits  
   30B.    Exempt information about early introduction  
   30C.    Revocation of permit  

           Division 3--Assessment, self-assessment and reports

   31.     Assessment of chemical  
   31A.    Time periods for applications for non-self-assessed assessment certificates under section 23  
   31B.    Time periods for applications for self-assessed assessment certificates under section 23A  
   32.     Nature of non-self-assessed assessment  
   33.     Contents of non-self-assessed assessment report  
   33A.    Nature of self-assessed assessment  
   33B.    Contents of self-assessed assessment report  
   33C.    Moving from the self-assessed system to the non-self-assessed system  
   34.     Public report of assessment  
   36.     Notice to applicant on completing report  
   37.     Application for variation of assessment report  
   38.     Publication of report  
   39.     Giving of assessment certificates  
   40.     Application for variation of public report  

           Division 3A--Extension of original assessment certificates

   40A.    Application for extension of original assessment certificate to cover other importers or manufacturers  
   40B.    Requests for additional information  
   40C.    Applicants to give further information  
   40D.    Exempt information  
   40E.    Director to prepare modifications of original assessment report  
   40F.    Variation of additional information  
   40G.    Publication of modifications  
   40H.    Extensions of original assessment certificate  
   40J.    Withdrawal of application  

           Division 3B--Obligations relating to certain permits and self-assessed assessment certificates

   40K.    Record keeping requirements  
   40L.    Director may obtain information and documents  
   40M.    Self-incrimination  
   40N.    Annual reports  

           Division 4--Effect of Other Notification Schemes

   41.     Approved State and Territory notification procedures  
   42.     Exempt information given under section 41  
   43.     Approved foreign scheme  
   44.     Chemical notified and assessed under approved foreign scheme  
   45.     Exempt information given under section 44  
   46.     Interim Notification Scheme  

           Division 5--Priority Existing Chemicals

              Subdivision A--Application

   47.     Application of Division  

              Subdivision B--Information for decision on recommendation

   48.     Information about use and introduction of chemicals  
   50.     Exempt information supplied under section 48  
   50A.    Summary of information given under section 48  

              Subdivision C--Declaration of priority existing chemicals

   50B.    Recommendation of declaration of priority existing chemical  
   51.     Declaration of priority existing chemicals  
   54.     List of priority existing chemicals  

              Subdivision D--Assessment of priority existing chemicals

   55.     Applications for assessment of priority existing chemicals  
   56.     Introduction of priority existing chemicals  
   57.     Assessment of priority existing chemical  
   58.     Obtaining information for assessment  
   59.     Time for compliance with varied notice  
   60.     Exempt information about priority existing chemical  
   60A.    Nature of assessment  
   60B.    Contents of assessment reports  
   60C.    Draft assessment report  
   60D.    Checking draft assessment report for errors  
   60E.    Variation of draft assessment report  
   60F.    Publication of final assessment report  
   61.     Prohibition of priority existing chemical until assessment complete  
   62.     Publication of final assessment report revokes declaration  
   63.     Removal of priority existing chemical from Inventory  

           Division 6--Secondary Notification after Assessment

   64.     Introducer to notify Director of certain matters  
   65.     Secondary notification  
   66.     Exempt information about chemicals subject to secondary notification  
   67.     Failure to comply with secondary notification requirements  
   68.     Secondary notification assessment of new industrial chemicals  
   68A.    Assessment of existing chemicals of which secondary notification required  
   69.     Obtaining information for purposes of assessment  
   70.     Variation of assessment certificate on secondary notification  
   71.     List of chemicals requiring secondary notification  
   72.     Revocation of requirement for secondary notification  

           Division 7--Assessment Certificates

   73.     Transfer of assessment certificates  
   74.     Record of assessment certificates  

           Division 8--Confidentiality

   75.     Exempt information  
   76.     Confidentiality by Director etc.  

           Division 9--Access to Assessment Information

   78.     Safety Data Sheets to be available  
   79.     Disclosure of exempt information in certain circumstances  
   80.     Notice of disclosure of information  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   80A.    Overview of this Part  
   80B.    Person must be registered to introduce relevant industrial chemicals  

           Division 2--The Register

   80C.    Establishment of Register  
   80D.    Content of Register  

           Division 3--Registration

   80E.    Applying for new registration  
   80F.    Application for new registration  
   80G.    Grant of application for new registration  
   80H.    Certificate of registration  
   80J.    Registration period  
   80K.    Applying for renewal of registration  
   80KA.   Renewal applications made for next year  
   80KB.   Late renewal applications are subject to a penalty  
   80KC.   Director must give notice of renewal decision  
   80L.    Withdrawal of application  
   80M.    Time for dealing with applications  
   80N.    Director may require further information  
   80P.    Cancellation or endorsement of registration in certain cases  
   80Q.    Certain registered persons to provide final statements concerning introduction  
   80QA.   Assessment of registration charge by Director in respect of certain registered persons  
   80QB.   Fresh assessments  
   80QC.   Reconsideration and review of assessments  
   80QD.   Retention of records by certain registered persons  
   80R.    Transfer of registration  

           Division 4--Registration charge

   80S.    Registration charge  
   80T.    Amount of charge  
   80U.    Waiver or remission of charge  

           Division 5--Miscellaneous

   80W.    Power of the Director to obtain information  


   81.     Setting standards  
   81A.    Complying with standards  


           Division 1--Offences, injunctions and charge recovery

   82.     Knowledge of chemical to which charge relates  
   83.     Injunctions  
   83A.    Recovery of registration charge  

           Division 2--Inspectors

   84.     Appointment of inspectors  
   85.     Identity cards  
   86.     Searches to monitor compliance with Act etc.  
   87.     Offence-related searches and seizures  
   88.     Power to require information and documents  
   89.     Exempt information given to inspectors  


   90.     Director  
   91.     Functions of Director  
   92.     Terms and conditions of appointment of Director  
   93.     Remuneration of Director  
   94.     Leave of absence of Director  
   95.     Resignation of Director  
   96.     Termination of appointment of Director  
   97.     Acting Director  
   98.     Disclosure of interests of Director  
   99.     Arrangements relating to staff of the Department  
   100.    Arrangements relating to staff of Departments  
   100A.   Industrial Chemicals Account  
   100B.   Credits to Account  
   100C.   Purposes of the Account  


           Division 1--Definitions

   100D.   Definitions  

           Division 2--Notification of final regulatory action

   100E.   Notification of final regulatory action  

           Division 3--Exchange of certain information about industrial chemicals

   100F.   Exchange of certain information about industrial chemicals  

           Division 4--Information gathering

   100G.   Director may obtain information and documents  
   100H.   Self-incrimination  
   100J.   Copies of documents  
   100K.   Director may retain documents  


   101.    Legal proceedings not to lie  
   102.    Application for review  
   103.    Statement to accompany notice of decisions  
   104.    Delegation by Minister  
   104A.   Delegation by Director  
   105.    Variation of Schedule  
   106.    International agreements or arrangements on movements of industrial chemicals into or out of Australia  
   107.    Chemical Gazette  
   108.    Annual report  
   109.    Conduct by employees or agents  
   110.    Fees  
   110A.   Late renewal penalties  
   110B.   Approved forms may be electronic  
   110C.   Chemical Gazette to be publicly available  
   111.    Regulations  
           SCHEDULE Matters to be dealt with in notification statement about chemical

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