Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Schedule(s)  
   4.      Regulations  
           SCHEDULE 1 Repeals
           SCHEDULE 2 Overarching Schedule about transitional matters
           SCHEDULE 3 Continued existence of awards, workplace agreements and certain other WR Act instruments
           SCHEDULE 3A Treatment of State awards and State employment agreements of Division 2B referring States
           SCHEDULE 4 National Employment Standards
           SCHEDULE 5 Modern awards (other than modern enterprise awards and State reference public sector modern awards)
           SCHEDULE 6 Modern enterprise awards
           SCHEDULE 6A State reference public sector modern awards
           SCHEDULE 7 Enterprise agreements and workplace determinations made under the FW Act
           SCHEDULE 8 Workplace agreements and workplace determinations made under the WR Act
           SCHEDULE 9 Minimum wages
           SCHEDULE 10 Equal remuneration
           SCHEDULE 11 Transfer of business
           SCHEDULE 12 General protections
           SCHEDULE 12A Unfair dismissal
           SCHEDULE 13 Bargaining and industrial action
           SCHEDULE 14 Right of entry
           SCHEDULE 15 Stand down
           SCHEDULE 16 Compliance
           SCHEDULE 17 Amendments relating to the Fair Work Divisions of the Federal Court and the Federal Magistrates Court
           SCHEDULE 18 Institutions
           SCHEDULE 19 Dealing with disputes
           SCHEDULE 20 WR Act transitional awards etc.
           SCHEDULE 21 Clothing Trades Award 1999
           SCHEDULE 22 Registered organisations
           SCHEDULE 23 Other amendments of the FW Act

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