Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Vote to be marked in private

             (1)  Except as otherwise prescribed the voter upon receipt of the ballot paper shall without delay:

                     (a)  retire alone to some unoccupied compartment of the booth, and there, in private, mark his or her vote on the ballot paper;

                     (b)  fold the ballot paper so as to conceal his or her vote and:

                              (i)  if the voter is not an absent voter--deposit it in the ballot-box; or

                             (ii)  if the voter is an absent voter--return it to the presiding officer; and

                     (c)  quit the booth.

             (2)  A presiding officer shall enclose each ballot paper of an absent voter returned to the presiding officer under subsection (1) in the envelope bearing the declaration made by the voter under subsection 222(1) or (1A), securely fasten the envelope and place it in the ballot-box.

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