Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Saving of other laws and remedies

             (1)  This Part is not intended to exclude or limit the concurrent operation of any law, whether written or unwritten, of a State or a Territory.

             (2)  Section 73 of the Australian Consumer Law does not operate in a State or a Territory to the extent necessary to ensure that no inconsistency arises between:

                     (a)  that section; and

                     (b)  a provision of a law of the State or Territory that would, but for this subsection, be inconsistent with that section.

             (3)  Despite subsection (1):

                     (a)  if an act or omission of a person is both:

                              (i)  an offence against this Part or the Australian Consumer Law; and

                             (ii)  an offence against a law of a State or a Territory; and

                     (b)  the person is convicted of either of those offences;

he or she is not liable to be convicted of the other of those offences.

             (4)  Except as expressly provided by this Part or the Australian Consumer Law, nothing in this Part or the Australian Consumer Law is taken to limit, restrict or otherwise affect any right or remedy a person would have had if this Part and the Australian Consumer Law had not been enacted.

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