Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Inland terminals

             (1)  The Minister may, by legislative instrument, declare that a specified facility is an inland terminal for the purposes of this Part.

             (2)  The facility must be in Australia, but outside a designated port area.

             (3)  In making a declaration under subsection (1), the Minister must have regard to the following matters:

                     (a)  whether the facility is under the control of a person who is, or of persons each of whom is:

                              (i)  an ocean carrier; or

                             (ii)  a person who provides services at the facility at the request of an ocean carrier;

                     (b)  whether the facility is used for either or both of the following purposes:

                              (i)  assembling export cargoes for transport to a port terminal located at the port where the cargoes are to be loaded onto ships for export;

                             (ii)  delivering imported cargoes to importers or their representatives;

                     (c)  any other matters that the Minister thinks are relevant.

             (4)  In making a declaration under subsection (1), the Minister must not give preference (within the meaning of section 99 of the Constitution) to one State or part of a State over another State or part of a State.

             (5)  A declaration under subsection (1) has effect accordingly.

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