Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   3AA.    When a New Zealand AOC with ANZA privileges is in force for Australia  
   3A.     Main object of this Act  
   4.      Application to state aircraft  
   4A.     Application to aircraft subject to 83 bis agreements  
   5.      Act to bind Crown  
   6.      Extension to external Territories  
   7.      Extra-territorial application  
   7A.     Application of the Criminal Code  


   8.      Establishment of CASA  
   9.      CASA's functions  
   9A.     Performance of functions  
   11.     Functions to be performed in accordance with international agreements  
   11A.    Compliance with Australian Airspace Policy Statement  
   12.     Directions  
   12A.    Minister may give the Board notices about its strategic direction etc.  
   12B.    Minister may direct CASA to give documents and information to nominee  
   13.     CASA's powers  
   16.     Consultation  


           Division 1--General regulatory provisions

   19.     Civil Air Ensign  
   20AA.   Flying unregistered aircraft etc.  
   20AB.   Flying aircraft without licence etc.  
   20AC.   Purported issue of authorisation  
   20.     Defence aerodromes  
   20A.    Reckless operation of aircraft  
   21.     Interference with aeronautical facilities  
   22.     Interception etc. of aircraft  
   23.     Dangerous goods  
   23A.    Statements of the contents of cargo  
   23B.    Training relating to dangerous goods  
   24.     Interference with crew or aircraft  
   25.     Non-scheduled flights by foreign registered aircraft  
   26.     Aircraft on international flights to have permission  

           Division 1A--General provisions about mutual recognition under the ANZA mutual recognition agreements

   26A.    Guide to how this Act deals with mutual recognition between Australia and New Zealand  
   26B.    Disclosure of information by CASA to the Director of CAA New Zealand  
   26C.    Obligation to consult Director of CAA New Zealand before taking certain actions  
   26D.    Delegation of Australian powers to employees of CAA New Zealand  
   26E.    Delegation of New Zealand powers and functions to CASA officers  

           Division 2--Air Operators' Certificates (AOCs)

              Subdivision A--General

   27.     AOCs  

              Subdivision B--Application for AOC

   27AA.   Application in approved form  
   27AB.   Lodgment of manuals  
   27AC.   CASA may require information etc. and inspections etc.  
   27AD.   CASA may require proving flights etc.  
   27AE.   Application for foreign aircraft AOC  
   27AF.   CASA not required to consider application until requirements complied with  

              Subdivision C--Operation of a foreign registered aircraft without AOC

   27A.    Permission for operation of foreign registered aircraft without AOC  

              Subdivision D--Issue of AOCs

   28.     CASA must issue AOC if satisfied about certain matters  
   28A.    Additional conditions for issue of AOC in relation to certain foreign registered aircraft  
   28AA.   Matters that CASA may have regard to in issuing an AOC in relation to certain flights by foreign registered aircraft  
   28B.    Additional conditions for issue of an Australian AOC with ANZA privileges  

              Subdivision E--Conditions of AOC

   28BA.   General conditions  
   28BAA.  Certain conditions for grant of AOC also have effect as ongoing conditions on the AOC  
   28BB.   CASA may impose and vary AOC conditions  
   28BC.   Limits on CASA's powers in relation to suspension, cancellation and AOC conditions  
   28BD.   Compliance with civil aviation law  
   28BE.   Duty to exercise care and diligence  
   28BF.   Organisation, personnel etc.  
   28BG.   Operations headquarters and suitable buildings  
   28BH.   Reference library  
   28BI.   Personal injury liability insurance  

              Subdivision F--Other provisions relating to Australian and New Zealand AOCs with ANZA privileges

   28C.    Certain documents and information to be given to CASA by holder of New Zealand AOC with ANZA privileges  
   28D.    Director's power to give an Australian temporary stop notice to holder of New Zealand AOC with ANZA privileges  
   28E.    Revocation of an Australian temporary stop notice  
   28F.    CASA's obligation on receiving copy of a New Zealand temporary stop notice  
   28G.    Disapplying regulations that would otherwise apply to the holder of a New Zealand AOC with ANZA privileges  

           Division 3--General offences in relation to aircraft

   29.     Offences in relation to aircraft  
   30.     Weather etc. to be a defence  
   30A.    Court may impose exclusion period if offence committed  
   30B.    Variation and termination of exclusion order  
   30C.    Court to give CASA details of exclusion orders  

           Division 3A--Serious and imminent risks to air safety

              Subdivision A--Preliminary

   30DA.   Engage in conduct  

              Subdivision B--Suspension for contravening the serious and imminent risk prohibition

   30DB.   Serious and imminent risk prohibition  
   30DC.   Suspension  
   30DD.   CASA may suspend despite other processes  

              Subdivision C--Court order in relation to the serious and imminent risk prohibition

   30DE.   Application for and making of order  
   30DF.   Court may vary period of order  

              Subdivision D--Investigation and further action by CASA

   30DG.   CASA must investigate circumstances giving rise to suspension decision  
   30DH.   CASA may give a show cause notice within 5 days after end of order  
   30DI.   CASA may vary, suspend or cancel an authorisation within 5 days after end of show cause period  
   30DJ.   When a suspension under section 30DC ends  

           Division 3B--Enforceable voluntary undertakings

   30DK.   Enforceable voluntary undertakings  

           Division 3C--Protection from administrative action for voluntary reporting

              Subdivision A--Preliminary

   30DL.   Definitions  
   30DM.   Prescribed person  
   30DN.   Voluntary reporting scheme  

              Subdivision B--Protection from administrative action

   30DO.   Protection for reporting a reportable contravention  
   30DP.   Proof of report  
   30DQ.   Only protected once every 5 years  
   30DR.   Use of information  

           Division 3D--Demerit points scheme

              Subdivision A--Preliminary

   30DS.   Definitions  
   30DT.   Regulations may prescribe offences that the demerit points scheme applies to  
   30DU.   Classes of civil aviation authorisations  
   30DV.   Other regulations  

              Subdivision B--Incurring demerit points

   30DW.   When demerit points are incurred  
   30DX.   Demerit points are incurred in relation to a class of authorisations  

              Subdivision C--Consequences of incurring demerit points

   30DY.   First-time demerit suspension notice  
   30DZ.   Second-time demerit suspension notice  
   30EA.   Details in a demerit suspension notice  
   30EB.   Suspension period not to be served concurrently  
   30EC.   Demerit cancellation notice  
   30ED.   Details in a demerit cancellation notice  
   30EE.   Expiry of demerit points  

              Subdivision D--Reinstatement of civil aviation authorisation in special circumstances

   30EF.   CASA may reinstate if satisfied that holder's livelihood depends on authorisation  

              Subdivision E--Administration of the demerit points scheme

   30EG.   CASA must maintain a demerit points register  
   30EH.   CASA may maintain other records  
   30EI.   Demerit points incurred to be included in register  
   30EJ.   Expired points to be removed from register  

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   31.     Review of decisions  
   31A.    Automatic stay of certain reviewable decisions  
   31B.    Stay ends if application is withdrawn  
   31C.    Tribunal's ordinary powers not affected  
   31D.    CASA may still suspend for a serious and imminent risk  
   32.     Powers and functions under State and Territory laws  


           Division 1--Appointment of investigators and issue of identity cards

   32AA.   Appointment of investigators  
   32AB.   Identity cards  

           Division 2--Powers of investigators

              Subdivision A--Searches without a warrant

   32AC.   Search with consent to monitor compliance  
   32ACA.  Search with consent for evidence in relation to civil aviation offences  
   32ACB.  Consent to enter premises  

              Subdivision B--Applying for and issuing a warrant

   32AD.   Monitoring warrants  
   32AF.   Offence related warrants  
   32AG.   Warrants may be granted by telephone  
   32AH.   Seizures related to civil aviation offences  

              Subdivision C--General provisions about executing a warrant

   32AHA.  Announcement before entry  
   32AHB.  Assistance and force in executing a warrant  
   32AHC.  Copy of warrant to be shown to occupier etc.  
   32AHD.  Occupier entitled to watch search  
   32AHE.  Specific powers available to investigator executing a warrant  
   32AHF.  Use of equipment to examine or process things  
   32AHG.  Use of electronic equipment at premises without expert assistance  
   32AHH.  Use of electronic equipment at premises with expert assistance  
   32AHI.  Person with knowledge of a computer or a computer system to assist access etc.  
   32AHJ.  Accessing data held on other premises--notification to occupier of those premises  
   32AHK.  Compensation for damage to electronic equipment  
   32AHL.  Copies of seized things to be provided  
   32AHM.  Receipts of things seized under warrant  
   32AHN.  Retention of seized things  
   32AHO.  Magistrate may permit a thing to be retained  
   32AJ.   Power to require persons to answer questions and produce documents  
   32AK.   Powers in relation to aircraft etc.  
   32AL.   Destruction or disposal of certain goods  
   32AM.   Compensation for acquisition of property  

           Division 3--Offences

   32AMA.  Making false statements in warrants  
   32AMB.  Offence for stating incorrect names in telephone warrants  
   32AMC.  Offence for unauthorised form of warrant  
   32AMD.  Offence for executing etc. an unauthorised form of warrant  
   32AME.  Offence for giving unexecuted form of warrant  

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   32AMF.  Other laws about search and seizure not affected  
   32AMG.  Magistrates--personal capacity  


   32AN.   Definitions  
   32AO.   Definition of CVR or cockpit voice recording  
   32AP.   Copying or disclosing CVR information  
   32AQ.   CVR information no ground for disciplinary action  
   32AR.   Admissibility of CVR information in criminal proceedings against crew members  
   32AS.   Admissibility of CVR information in civil proceedings  
   32AT.   Examination by a court of CVR information under subsection 32AS(3)  
   32AU.   Where a court makes an order under subsection 32AS(3)  


           Division 1--Definitions

   33.     Definitions  

           Division 2--Regulations

   34.     General regulation-making power  
   35.     Drug and alcohol management plans  
   36.     Drug or alcohol tests  
   37.     Conferral of administrative powers  
   38.     Conferral of power to make legislative instruments  
   39.     General regulation-making power not limited  


   44.     Corporate plan  
   45.     Minister's response to corporate plan  


   46.     CASA to be paid money appropriated by Parliament  
   47.     Application and investment of money  
   49.     Extra matters to be included in annual report  
   50.     Taxation  


           Division 1--Establishment and functions

   51.     Establishment  
   52.     Membership  
   53.     Functions  

           Division 2--Appointment etc

   54.     Appointment  
   55.     Term of appointment  
   56.     Remuneration and allowances  
   57.     Leave of absence  
   58.     Outside employment  
   59.     Resignation  
   60.     Termination of appointment  
   61.     Other terms and conditions  
   62.     Acting Chair  
   63.     Acting Board members  

           Division 3--Board procedures

              Subdivision A--Meetings

   64.     Times and places of meetings  
   65.     Presiding at meetings  
   66.     Quorum  
   67.     Voting at meetings etc.  
   68.     Conduct of meetings  
   69.     Minutes  

              Subdivision B--Decisions without meetings

   70.     Decisions without meetings  
   71.     Record of decisions  


           Division 1--Appointing the Director

   72.     Director  
   73.     Duties  
   74.     Appointment  
   75.     Term of appointment  
   76.     Remuneration and allowances  
   77.     Leave of absence  
   78.     Outside employment  
   79.     Other terms and conditions  
   80.     Resignation  
   81.     Termination of appointment  
   82.     Acting Director  

           Division 2--Staff of CASA

   83.     Staff of CASA  
   84.     Consultants  


   94.     Delegation by the Director  
   95.     Delegation by Board  
   95A.    Delegation by Secretary of the Department  
   96.     Tabling of directions, notices etc. of the Minister  
   97.     Payment of prescribed fees  
   97AA.   Prescribed fees payable to CASA  
   97AB.   Charging of fees by external service providers  
   97A.    Conduct by directors, employees and agents  
   98.     Regulations etc.  

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