Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Matters concerning which the Executive has power to govern the Territory



Section 37

Remuneration, allowances and other entitlements in respect of services of members of the Assembly, the Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers, the Presiding Officer, the Deputy Presiding Officer, and the holders of offices established by or under Assembly Law


Territory insurance

Territory banking


Provision of rural, industrial and home finance credit and assistance

The public service

Legal aid

Correctional and remand services

Private law

Administration of estates and trusts

Civil liberties and human rights

Inquiries and administrative reviews (including matters relating to a Territory Ombudsman)

Markets and marketing

Consumer affairs

Sales and leases of goods, supply of services, and security interests in or over goods

Control of prices and of rents

Industry, including primary production

Regulation of businesses, professions, trades and callings (excluding the legal profession)


Printing and publishing

Industrial relations (including training and apprenticeship and workers' compensation and compulsory insurance)

Occupational health and safety

Exploration for, and recovery of, minerals in any form, whether solid, liquid or gaseous

Territory Land as defined in the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988

Use, planning and development of land

Civil aviation

Regulation of transport on land and water (including traffic control, carriers, roads, tunnels and bridges, vehicle registration and compulsory third party insurance, driver licensing and road safety)

Environment protection and conservation (including parks, reserves and gardens and preservation of historical objects and areas)

Flora and fauna

Fire prevention and control

Water resources

Use and supply of energy

Public utilities

Public works

Registration of instruments

Registration of births, deaths and marriages

Local government


Public health

Public safety


Territory Archives

Welfare services

Territory museums, memorials, libraries and art galleries

Scientific research

Recreation, entertainment and sport

Community, cultural and ethnic affairs



Firearms, explosives and hazardous and dangerous substances

Civil defence and emergency services

Territorial censorship, except classification of materials

Landlord and tenant

Co-operative societies

The Public Trustee and the Youth Advocate

Matters in respect of which the Assembly may make laws under section 24

Matters in respect of which powers or authorities are expressly conferred on the Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister, a Minister or a member of the public service by or under any law in force in the Territory (including an enactment or subordinate law) or an agreement or arrangement referred to in paragraph 37(c)

Matters provided for by or under a law made by the Assembly under another Act that expressly provides for the making of such a law

Making instruments under enactments or subordinate laws

Matters arising under instruments made under enactments or subordinate laws

Entering into, and implementing, agreements and arrangements with the Commonwealth, a State or the Northern Territory

Matters incidental to the exercise of any power of the Executive

Law and Order

Legal practitioners

Magistrates Court and Coroners Court

Courts (other than the Magistrates Court and Coroners Court)

The formation of corporations, corporate regulation and the regulation of financial products and services

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