Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Functions of the ACC

                   The ACC has the following functions:

                     (a)  to collect, correlate, analyse and disseminate criminal information and intelligence and to maintain a national database of that information and intelligence;

                     (b)  to undertake, when authorised by the Board, intelligence operations;

                     (c)  to investigate, when authorised by the Board, matters relating to federally relevant criminal activity;

                    (ca)  to do any of the following (whether in its own name or through officers or members of staff of the ACC), as permitted or required for the purposes of Part IAB or IABA of the Crimes Act 1914 or any other law of the Commonwealth:

                              (i)  to apply for, and to grant, integrity authorities in relation to members of staff of the ACC;

                             (ii)  to conduct and participate in integrity operations in relation to members of staff of the ACC;

                            (iii)  to assist the Australian Federal Police, the Immigration and Border Protection Department or the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity in making applications for integrity authorities;

                            (iv)  to assist those agencies in the conduct of integrity operations;

                     (d)  to provide reports to the Board on the outcomes of those operations or investigations;

                     (e)  to provide strategic criminal intelligence assessments, and any other criminal information and intelligence, to the Board;

                      (f)  to provide advice to the Board on national criminal intelligence priorities;

                    (fa)  to provide systems and services relating to national policing information, including the following:

                              (i)  collecting, correlating and organising national policing information;

                             (ii)  providing access to national policing information;

                            (iii)  supporting and facilitating the exchange of national policing information;

                            (iv)  providing nationally coordinated criminal history checks on payment of a charge imposed by the Charges Act;

                     (g)  such other functions as are conferred on the ACC by other provisions of this Act or by any other Act.

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